Season 9 Episode 20

The One with the Soap Opera Party

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 24, 2003 on NBC

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  • Chandler watches a lesbian play and the others go to a rooftop party with the cast of Days of Our Lives.

    I just loved this episode. It gioes like this:
    Every year Joey sends the gang on a trip but he nevers goes because at that time he is having a secret rooftop party with the Days Of Our lives cast. Rachel discovers this and tells all the gang but Chandler because he's not there. So Chandler has to go to watch a play because he was never told about the party, the play turns out to be a horrible play.
    In the meantime the gang is embarasing Joey at the party and Rachel gets a lot of phone numbers. Ross is also with a girl he is trying to date but his date (Charlie) ends up making up with Joey at the same time Rachel decides to go and kiss Joey but she and Ross see Jpey and Charlie kissing.
  • Joey has a party on top of the roof.

    Great episode! Joey has the gang go to a play so he can go to his party. Rachel soon finds out and ends up faking sick but everyone else finds out except Chandler who ends up going. Ross meets Charlie another professor and then and other which they later ditch. That was so funny when Monica was like take off your robe to Joey and he does and he is naked. Chandler sure got Monica and Phoebe back when they ended up going to the play and then he ditched them. Nice Chandler! I was so shocked to see Joey and Charlie kissing. That was a total shock!!
  • funny, but sad

    Joey doesn't tell the gang about his plans to throw a party on the roof of the building. He also hides the fact that he's invited the "Days of Our Lives" cast, since the girls embarrass him when they meet stars. Rachel discovers the truth about the party and soon, everybody knows (except for Chandler). Ross meets a new colleague and, instantly attracted to her, invites her to the party. Rachel and Monica go the party and act like crazed fans while Ross is intimidated by Charlie's former boyfriends. Meanwhile, Chandler is at a play alone. At the end of the party, Rachel is looking for Joey and Ross is looking for Charlie, and they find Joey and Charlie kissing.