Season 1 Episode 2

The One with the Sonogram at the End

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 29, 1994 on NBC

Episode Recap

The gang is at Central Perk is discussing women's placing far higher value on kissing than men do.
The next scene is at the Museum of Prehistoric History. Ross and coworker Marsha are setting up an exhibit about pre-historic man. Ross does not like how the cave-people mannequins are displayed; to him they seem angry. The two argue about whether cave men and women had gender issues, then Marsha notices Ross' ex-wife Carol entering.
Ross does his best to ignore Marsha and say it's not Carol, until he relents and waves to her (she is standing just a few feet away) and has Marsha go work on the Ice Age exhibit so he and Carol can talk. He asks her why she suddenly shows up at his place of work out of the blue. She tells Ross she is pregnant.
At Monica & Rachel's apartment, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, & Monica are watching "Three's Company." Chandler tells everyone this is the episode where the three roommates have a misunderstanding (which describes pretty much all "Three's Company" plots). Phoebe says in that case, she has already seen that episode, and turns off the television. Monica enters her neat-freak mode. She sees that Joey has an empty glass on the table and wonders why he hasn't cleaned it up yet. Then she asks why there is a small paper ball on the floor. Chandler confesses he did it. Monica gives him a dirty look before she begins to fluff a pillow. Phoebe tells Monica the pillow has already been fluffed, but Monica gives her the evil eye and Phoebe shuts up.
Monica apologizes to her friends, her parents are coming over and she doesn't want her parents to be critical about how dirty her apartment may be, despite it being the cleanest apartment in the city. Joey and Phoebe tell Monica to calm down, Ross doesn't act this way so why should she? Monica answers them by saying Ross is their favorite child and can do no wrong.
Immediately Chandler is at the big bay window acting disgusted. Monica asks what's wrong and he says the Ugly Naked Guy is using a Thighmaster. Everyone gags as they watch.
Rachel enters the living room and asks if anyone has seen her engagement ring, the one she got from Barry. No one has, and Rachel immediately has a panic attack as she looks under cushions and behind objects. Apparently, tomorrow she is meeting Barry to give him back the ring and she is already stressed out because this will be their first encounter since she left him at the altar.
Monica tells Rachel to take it easy, the gang will find the ring. Joey asks where was the last place she had the ring. Rachel says she remembers she had it on early this morning when she was in the kitchen making lasagna. She looks at the baked lasagna sitting out on the counter. Monica is upset, as this was the one job she gave to Rachel and now the dinner for her parents was ruined.
Monica picks up the lasagna dish and looks through the dish, trying to see the ring. She can't bring herself to actually tear it apart. Chandler, Joey & Phoebe pick through the lasagna while Ross knocks on the door and enters, a bit dumbfounded. He tells everyone Carol is pregnant. Everyone is stunned, except for Phoebe, who found the engagement ring.
Rachel asks what role Ross will have in the raising of his child. Ross tells his friends that Carol and Susan want him to be involved, but only if he is comfortable with that. Ross informs the group that Carol and Susan invited him to go to their first sonogram appointment tomorrow and he has no idea what he is going to do. He is still processing the fact that he has become a father, and he doesn't know where he fits in with two lesbian mothers.
Everyone turns around because they hear Joey voraciously eating the lasagna, giving him an incredulous look. Joey responds by saying it was ruined anyway, so it might as well not go to waste.
Later on, in the apartment, Monica & Ross are pouring wine for their parents. Their mom is eating Monica's food and tells her that Martha Ludwin's daughter is going to call her because she just graduated and wants to do something in the cooking field. Mrs Geller lied and told the Ludwin's that Monica owned her own restaurant, rather than just working in one. Mrs Geller then moves to the couch and fluffs the pillows.
Monica and Ross go to the kitchen to help prepare the spaghetti. Mrs Geller is surprised that her daughter is making "something so easy." Monica drags Ross to the kitchen so she can yell at him for not bringing up the lesbian baby issue, so her parents, mainly her mother, would lighten up on Monica.
The Gellers are eating dinner. Mrs Geller asks whatever happened to Rachel; she ran into Rachel's parents at the club the other day and they were not "playing very well." Mr. Geller mentions they spent $40,000 for Rachel's wedding, to which Mrs. Geller says at least Rachel had the chance to get married in the first place. This remark completely upsets Monica, who has been single for a long time and realizes her mother is disappointed.
Mr. Geller tells Monica not to worry, she has always been independent, ever since Monica was a fat kid without friends, spending all her time in her room reading books. Obviously this hits a sour note with Monica, who looks like she wants to either die or kill her parents. Her dad continues, saying that Ross is the type of person who would never settle for anything less than the best, which is why he is a published paleontologist. Meanwhile, other people are comfortable in more menial jobs, referring to Monica and her life Later, Mr Geller is still ranting about the career-driven woman and how he thanks God his daughter "doesn't have that problem."
Monica, wanting to finally get out of the hot seat, asks what is new with Ross. She digs her elbow into his hand until he responds. Ross caves and tells his parents about the real situation with his marriage and divorce. He tells them Carol is a lesbian and is living with Susan, her girlfriend; moreover, she is pregnant with Ross' baby and the two women plan on raising the baby. The room is completely silent and stunned for a moment. Then, Mrs Geller turns to Monica and throws the book at her for not telling on her brother sooner. So once again, it's always Monica's fault.
The third scene is back at Central Perk with the entire gang present. Monica and Ross are telling their friends about the disaster with their parents, and how they are experts at deconstructing the lives of others, especially if it's Monica. Ross leaves to use the bathroom. All of a sudden Phoebe comes out and announces that it's worse for her because she is a twin, shocking the group. Apparently her identical twin sister, Ursula, is a waitress in Manhattan. The two don't speak at all because Ursula is "this high-powered, driven career type." (This was the first mention of Ursula, a role played by Kudrow on another series running concurrently.)
Monica asks Chandler what it's like being an only child, does he have any issues with his parents? He says he had an imaginary friend growing up, to compensate the lack of siblings, and it turns out his parents preferred the imaginary friend over Chandler. Rachel is trying to close up Central Perk, as it is very late. She corrals everyone to leave and has Joey turn off the lights.
Everyone has left Central Perk except for Rachel and Ross, who just came out of the bathroom. Rachel begins to sweep the floor. Ross notices the lights are off and everyone left and asks if she needs any help cleaning up. She hands him a broom and lets him do the work while she sits down.
Ross, trying desperately to start a conversation with his crush, asks her if she is nervous about seeing Barry tomorrow. She confesses she is very nervous and wonders if Ross has any advice because he has been recently dumped. Ross tells Rachel not to use the word "dumped" because he will already be depressed as it is. Also, she should not look too good. He has an idea. He will give Barry back the ring and she can accompany Carol & Susan to the Ob/Gyn. Rachel asks when did life get so complicated, it wasn't like this in high school. She used to think that she would meet someone, fall in love and live happily ever after. While saying this, Ross is gazing at Rachel with a dreamy look.
Next scene is the Clinic. Carol is in the exam room, waiting as Ross enters. Shortly after he enters, Susan enters with a drink. Carol reacquaints Susan with Ross. He shakes her hand. The three are waiting for Dr. Oberman. Ross asks if the doctor is aware of their "special situation" and Carol replies she is and she is supportive. Ross is antsy and looks around the exam room. He picks up a surgical instrument and pretends it is a duck by holding it up near his mouth and making duck noises. Carol quickly informs him that instrument he is holding to his mouth will open her cervix. Ross drops the speculum in horror.
Next, cut to Barry's dental office where he is working on a young patient, Robbie. Rachel enters in the middle of the dental procedure. She is unsure, but Barry says Robbie will be here for hours, it's no big deal. Barry and Rachel make small talk. This is their first encounter since the wedding fiasco. They are interrupted by his assistant, Bernice, who tells Barry via the intercom system that a patient is gagging. Barry says that he will be right there and leaves Rachel alone with Robbie.
Robbie is reclined all the way back in the dental chair with his mouth wide open. He just stares at Rachel. Rachel can't take it, and she tells Robbie she dumped Barry.
Back at the Clinic, Ross, Carol & Susan are still waiting for the doctor. Ross is getting more nervous by the minute. He asks Carol how is this baby situation going to work between the three of them, especially when important decisions need to be made, such as the baby's name. Carol already has a name picked out. Marlon for a boy and Minnie for a girl. Minnie is the name of Carol's grandmother. Ross does not like the name Minnie because he associates that with a Disney character. He asks about the name Julia. But Susan stands firm and says she and Carol already picked out the name. Ross chimes in by saying he and Carol had agreed to spend the rest of their lives together, but life happens and things change.
Back at Barry's dental practice. Rachel is fixing her make-up in the mirror on Barry's lamp as Barry enters the room. Again, more small talk. Rachel notices Barry is tanned and asks why. It turns out that he went to Aruba, the destination for their honeymoon, and he took Mindy, Rachel's maid of honour. The two of them are now going out, Rachel is furious. She notices that he wears contact lenses now instead of glasses, despite the fact that he didn't like poking his eye with his finger. Rachel is visibly upset at how quickly Barry got over her and moved on. Barry tells Rachel it has nothing to do with Mindy, it's really about what Rachel did for him. A month ago he was so mad he wanted to hurt her, but now he's happy... with Mindy. Rachel, not wanting to hear any more of this dialogue, takes the ring out of her purse and gives it back to Barry. The two smile at each other for a bit.
Back at the Clinic, the trio are still debating baby names. Ross soon finds out that the baby won't even have his last name of Geller. Instead, Carol and Susan are going to combine their last names for the baby's surname. Ross is upset because the baby has Ross' genes too, but he is being excluded while Susan is being included despite her not even being part of the conception process. He realises he can't deal with his wife being lesbian and their child's identity not being even remotely connected to him at all. He is being shut out and he doesn't like it.
Dr. Oberman enters the room and asks Carol if she is experiencing nausea. All 3 reply, "yes". The Doctor tells Carol to lie back and get into the stirrup position, which sends Ross over the edge and he realises he has to go because he is not ready to be involved in this right now. As he turns to go, the sound of the sonogram machine catches his ear. Ross turns around and stares at the monitor, completely transfixed. For a moment all three are in awe at the sight of the baby.
Final scene is at Monica & Rachel's apartment. Ross brought over a copy of the sonogram and the whole gang is watching it. Joey wonders what he is supposed to see and Chandler thinks it looks like an alien spacecraft from Star Trek. Phoebe tells everyone if they just tilt their head to the left and relax their eyes, it looks like an old potato. Ross gets a bit upset at the prospect of his son looking like an old potato and tells Phoebe not to do that. Ross walks over to Monica and asks her about it. She begins to cry. Ross tells her she is going to be an aunt and Monica cries and tells him to shut up.
Rachel is on the phone, talking to Mindy. She tells Mindy that she spoke to Barry and she is fine and that she knows about their relationship. She ends the conversation by telling Mindy that if everything works out and the two get married, she hopes the kids will have Barry's receding hair and Mindy's old nose. In an cut scene, she says 'just kidding', and asks Barry back. She slams the phone down. The gang is staring at the outburst from Rachel who says she knows it's a cheap shot, but she feels so much better for saying it.

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