Season 1 Episode 2

The One with the Sonogram at the End

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 29, 1994 on NBC

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  • A solid second episode.

    This episode is a solid second episode to a show. The characters are still developing some more than others and it is still very funny. The humour isn't as strong as it is in the later episodes but it is still there. Ross having to deal with Carol being pregnant with his child was a perfect story line for this episode. it wouldn't have worked if it came in later on that character development for Ross was perfect. Rachel's story line was good too, as she lost her engagement ring from Barry in Monica's lasagna, only to find out that Barry went on their honeymoon with Rachel's best friend Mindy. With Monica having to get ready for her parents coming over to having her lasagna's ruined you can tell the development of Monica is going to be interesting. Chandler's humour was good and even though Joey doesn't really develop it is a really good second episode.