Season 8 Episode 7

The One with the Stain

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2001 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Monica entering the apartment and finding it spotless, Chandler then reveals to her he hired a maid to clean, but Monica isn't happy about having to relinquish control, since this is just a fancy way of saying she lost.

Phoebe gets a call from Eric who tells her he broke up with Ursula; they then organize a lunch date. Phoebe then tells Ross she can't go with him to lunch. Rachel meanwhile tells Ross she is looking for a new apartment but hasn't told Joey yet. Ross tells her that he thinks a new apartment in his block has become free.

Ross and Rachel arrive at the apartment to see if it is free yet (if the sick owner is dead yet). They find out the owner is still alive and the apartment is not up for sale, much to their disappointment.

At Monica's apartment the maid is cleaning when Monica notices the maid has stolen her jeans because her jeans have a noticeable stain on them. Chandler however doubts her theory that the maid has stolen Monica's jeans.

Phoebe arrives at Eric's apartment but Eric has a problem because Phoebe reminds him of Ursula which makes him angry. However, after a short while, the two start kissing.

Ross is at Central Perk where he is practicing to speak Dutch. Ross enters and invites Ross to a basketball game. Ross however tells Joey he needs to help Rachel move apartments, upsetting Joey a little bit.

At Monica's apartment, Monica is trying to get a good look at the maid's jeans so she can see if they are hers but she finds herself getting in an awkward position ... between the maid's legs.

Joey enters his apartment to try to persuade Rachel not to move because he wants her to stay, but she says she can't because it would "disrupt his entire life."

Phoebe is seen making out with Eric but has to leave for work. When she arrives later she finds out Eric has just had sex with Ursula because he mistook her for Phoebe. They settle that their relationship is too weird and has to stop.

Chandler meets Monica who explains that she got caught looking at the maid's trousers. She then believes the maid has her pink flowered bra. Monica explains she needs Chandlers help seeing whether it is Monica's bra or not.

Ross arrives at the apartment he is helping Rachel get. He is invited inside, and at first objects but agrees when he finds out the owner has memory loss.

Chandler is watching the maid and tries various attempts to get a glimpse of her bra but the maid soon catches on to what he is doing. Just outside the apartment Monica is waiting for Chandler's report when she sees Rachel walk past with her stained jeans on. Rachel then points out that Monica is wearing the pink-flowered bra. The maid storms out of the apartment, saying she quits.

Rachel enters her apartment and sees that Joey is preparing a corner for the baby with a crib, mobile, etc. Rachel tries to discourage his decision for her to stay. She decides to stay in the end.

Ross enters the apartment saying that the old lady (the owner) of the apartment died and the apartment is up for sale, however Rachel tells Ross she is going to stay in Joey's apartment.

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