Season 8 Episode 8

The One with the Stripper

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2001 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode starts with everyone in Central Perk. Rachel asks Phoebe to dinner with her father (Leonard) because she needs her support for when she tells her father she is pregnant. Phoebe then sees the stripper from Monica's bachelorette party and tells Chandler that Monica had a bachelorette party, frustrating him because he thought they agreed no one would have one.

Rachel, Leonard and Phoebe are at a restaurant where we see how nasty and scary Leonard is. Rachel is having second thoughts about telling him she is pregnant. Phoebe then tells Leonard that Rachel is pregnant. Leonard is shocked to find the father is Ross. He automatically assumes there is going to be a wedding and so Rachel lies, saying there is.

At Central Perk, Ross is complimented by Chandler and Joey for getting together with Mona. But he still hasn't told her he got Rachel pregnant. Monica enters and tells Chandler she has got him a stripper to make up for not having a bachelor party.

Back at the restaurant, Leonard tells Rachel he has booked her the Plaza for her wedding, she tells him there won't be wedding however so he doesn't need to go through with the planning. Leonard becomes irate and wants to know why, Rachel panics and tells him that Ross doesn't want her.

At Chandler's apartment, Chandler and Ross wait for the stripper to come, Joey being more anxious and happy for her to come than Chandler. The Stripper arrives and walks over to the bedroom, causing some confusion. They enter the bedroom to see why she's gone there and they then find out she is a hooker.

At Ross' apartment, Ross and Mona are having an intimate moment but are disrupted by Leonard who is at the door. Leonard is angry with Ross for getting Rachel pregnant and not wanting her afterwards. Ross is with Mona however so he is in an awkward position finding he can't make both of them happy with what he says. (If Ross says the truth to Leonard he will find that it upsets Mona) The phone rings during the argument and goes to the answer phone making the whole situation worse.

Joey and Chandler are confused about what to do with the naked stripper in his bedroom. They don't know who should be the one to tell her to leave. At work Monica finds out that she has hired Chandler a hooker not a stripper because her friend told her the wrong thing. Monica comes rushing into the apartment shouting "she's a hooker." But Joey and Chandler already know.

Ross enters Rachel's apartment angry at her for her father's actions. Rachel says she will make everything better and talk to her father. At Ross' apartment Ross, Rachel and Mona get together to resolve the issues. Rachel persuades Mona there is nothing between them and that they won't get back together. Rachel leaves when she accidentally makes a rude remark about Mona. Ross and Mona get back together and continue their intimate moment.

At their apartment Monica apologizes to Chandler for hiring him a hooker and says she promised to get him a stripper and she will, she then begins to strip for him but ends up not being the best stripper there is.