Season 8 Episode 17

The One with the Tea Leaves

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 07, 2002 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Rachel looking for Joey, she goes round Monica's apartment and Joey hides. Joey has been avoiding Rachel because he thinks it would be awkward but she just wants to talk to him, she is lonely. Monica tells Joey he must talk to Rachel.
Opening Theme
Phoebe is at Central Perk telling everyone that she reads tea leaves. She then goes round the table reading people's fortunes starting with Monica. She gets round to reading her own fortune and it says she will meet the man of her dreams soon. Ross enters the coffeehouse asking if anyone has seen his favorite shirt. He finds out he left it at Mona's but it would be difficult getting it back. Phoebe then sees a person she has seen quite a lot recently thinking that he may be the 'man of her dreams.' Joey enters and everyone enters a quiet moment, Monica then breaks the silence.
Rachel is explaining to Chandler how bad it is getting between her and Joey. Monica then explains to Chandler that they are going to have to reorganize their CDs. Monica then tells Rachel that she and Joey need to find something to talk about. Joey enters the apartment and Monica and Chandler leave so the two will be together. To make conversation Rachel lies to Joey saying that her boss wants to buy her baby.
Phoebe meets the frequent stranger named Jim in the street, he then asks her to dinner that evening.
Ross is outside Mona's apartment to get his shirt back. He uses the spare key she hides to get in. When inside he is about to get the shirt when Mona enters with her date. Ross has to dive behind the sofa so she doesn't see him. She then goes to her closet to get Ross' shirt and offers it to her date to wear.
Back at Monica's apartment, Monica and Chandler are sorting out the CDs when Rachel enters and tells them that things between her and Joey are a lot better and she thinks everything will be ok.
The scene then cuts to Joey talking to Rachel's boss and shouting at him for wanting Rachel's baby.
Phoebe is at the restaurant with Jim. Jim turns out to be a sex-crazed individual. He starts to freak Phoebe out who tells him he is coming on a little strong. She gives him a second chance but he blows it continuing to be a freak.
Rachel and Joey are at Chandler's apartment where Joey tells Rachel he sorted out the problem with her and her boss. Rachel becomes freaked out thinking she will loose her job.
At Mona's apartment, Ross is still hiding behind the sofa while Mona is making out with her date. The shirt falls on the floor and Ross tries to retrieve it when Mona looks down and finds out about his whereabouts.
We then see Rachel at work, she is asked to go and see her boss. Her boss explains to her he is sorry if he accidentally said he wanted her baby at some point in time. A relieved Rachel just agrees and walks off.
Phoebe and Monica are walking down the street. Phoebe tells Monica the problems that Jim has caused her; she explains that she is upset with the results from the tea leaves. When they enter the laundrette, Phoebe meets another who she quickly falls for.
Rachel enters Chandler's apartment and explains to Joey that the situation with her boss is ok. She then tells him that she is sorry for lying to him but thinks that things between them have gotten a lot better.
Ross is seen sitting on his sofa ordering a new shirt when Mona comes round. She tells him he doesn't have to apologize and she understands that he still has feelings for her but he has to get over them. Mona then asks for his favourite shirt to remember him by but he bluntly says "no".
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