Season 8 Episode 17

The One with the Tea Leaves

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 07, 2002 on NBC

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    What has this show become? Everything about this episode was completely awful. We have yet another dreadful Joey & Rachel plot, that just deals with the over exaggerated aftermath of Joey telling Rachel he had feelings for her. Rachel wants to make it less awkward so she makes up some ridiculous story to get Joey's attention. Does this sound like a Friends episode to you?

    Phoebe seeing her future in tea leaves was in character, but I wonder why they haven't mentioned this about her before? When she met the mystery guy, I did not laugh once. Alec Baldwin, now on 30 Rock, was probably the only highlight of this episode for the brief seconds he was on this episode.

    Why oh why did they have to bring Mona back on to this show? Hasn't she caused enough damage? I'm glad finally this was the closure episode for her. This episode was completely forgettable, as was she. Ross was also in character, Mona was the only problem. Pretty much, an awful episode of Friends all around, if you disagree, then you just don't get it, you don't understand how much the quality has changed since the first 5 seasons. Compare an episode, you'll see.
  • Ha Ha Rachel 'my boss wants to buy my baby ' Monica 'you mean your pink shirt'

    This episode ha ha ha.

    I am still laughing.

    But what I like the best is the storyline.

    Phoebe going out with a man who keeps running into her and then he trns out to be a wierdo.

    Rachel and Joey's story was the funniest.
    Rachel wants to make things less awkward between her and Joey so she thinks about a job excuse and comes up with 'my boss wants to buy my baby'

    Chandler's Annie Cds.

    And Ross looking for his shirt which he claims is a faded salmon colour but is actually a pink shirt and goes looking for it in Mona's appartment.

    This episode is hilarious.

    The actors were very funny.

    The lines were even more funny for example : Joey : You do't go around buying people's baby.

    And Monica : this is where they get stains out, this is like Disney Land for me.

    Great writing.

    Humour in all its shape.

    Good show.

    8 out of 10.

    Bravo Eveyone watch this.

  • Rachel's boss wants to buy her baby!!

    Interesting episode. Rachel makes up this problem at work with her boss wants to buy her baby so she can talk to Joey. Ah I can't believe Joey went down to Rachel's work and told her boss. Ross hides behind Mono's couch and then gets caught and there was a guy there! That was so funny. Both of those guys were ugly. The ones Phoebe thought were for her.
  • the Joey revalation

    I think this episode is very amazing as we know Joey ultimate is having some feelings to Rachel but he fell very guilty because that so he didn't tell Rachel or Ross: what we doesn’t have sure is Ross have to some feelings to Rachel or he is only preoccupied with his baby what we know is that Ross stay pretty disappointing when is Joey who is there for Rachel and he day after day stay less time with Mona his girlfriend to be with Rachel.But in the next episode we are going to know what do Ross fells because in the end of this episode Joey tell to Ross that he loves Rachel.
  • Joey attempts to avoid Rachel result in some rather comic cover up excuses.

    Joey tries to avoid Rachel by any means he can, but when they finally come face to face Rachel makes up a work excuse to try and cover the awquard atmostphere.

    Over the past few seasons, every time Ross or Rachel have kissed another person apart from the two - Ross and Rachel's tune play, but slightly off key.

    Joey and Rachel would never fit together, Joey may have a shot with Phoebe though.
  • funny, my boss wants to buy my baby, my geanocologist is trying to kill me.

    Joey has been hiding from Rachel, so she invents a problem at work ("My boss wants to buy my baby!") to draw him into conversation but he then confrons her boss causing rachael to actually get more maternity leave. Phoebe's tea leaves tell her that she's going to meet the man of her dreams, except that the man she meets is a nightmare who has a phd. Later on though, she does meet a nice guy. Ross tries to retrieve his favorite shirt from Mona's, interrupted when she returns home with a date it is a pink shirt but he calls it salmon.