Season 2 Episode 22

The One with the Two Parties

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 02, 1996 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Rachel's wealthy father has come to visit his daughter on her birthday, but hasn't even brought a present.

    • Continuity: Joey kissed Rachel's mom to help distract her. But in "The One with Mrs. Bing" he explicitly says that you can never kiss a friend's mom.

    • Trivia: When Chandler gives Rachel a comforting hug in the hallway, there is a slow instrumental version of the chorus of the Friends theme, "I'll be there for you" playing.

    • Trivia: In this episode, we hear Rachel's mom's name, Sandra, for the first time.

    • Continuity: When Rachel mentions her family and what they did on the Fourth of July, she doesn't mention her sister Amy, played be Christina Applegate, who appears in Seasons 9 and 10.
      Note: Although Rachel only mentions her sister Jill by name, at the beginning of the episode, when Monica is making up the guest list, Ross says, "I talked to Rachel's sisters--neither of them can come".

    • Goof: When Chandler is herding all the male guests into Monica and Rachel's apartment and all the women into his and Joey's apartment, Monica complains that he's hoarding all the women. However, when you look at the guests in both apartments, there is a fairly even split.

  • Quotes

    • Monica: So I've got candles and my mom's tablecloth, and since it's Rachel's birthday, and we want it to be special, I thought I'd poach a salmon. (when everyone groans) What?
      Ross: Question... Why do we always have to have parties where you poach things?
      Monica: Do you want to be in charge of the food committee?
      Ross: Question Two... Why do we always have to have parties with committees?

    • Joey: (about Rachel's birthday party) Why can't we just get some pizzas and some beers and have fun?
      Phoebe: Yeah, I agree. Fancy parties are only fun if you're fancy on the inside, and I'm just not sure we are.

    • Monica: (to Joey who's staring at her enormous fake breasts) Joey, they're not real! I start miles beneath the surface of these things, okay? They're fake. See... (squeezing one) Honk, honk.
      Chandler: Wow, it's, it's like porno for clowns.

    • Joey: (about Monica's guest list) Whoa, whoa, whoa... Uh, no Shannon Cooper.
      Phoebe: Why not her?
      Joey: Cause she, uh... she steals stuff.
      Chandler: Or, maybe she doesn't steal stuff and Joey just slept with her and never called her back.

    • Joey: Hey, Dr. Green, why don't you come with me and we'll put your jacket on Rachel's bed...?
      Dr. Green: Uh, sure. That sounds like a two-person job.

    • Rachel: (realizing her squabbling parents are both attending her birthday party) Both of them are here? Both of them? Both of them are here?!
      Chandler: Well, we could count again.

    • Ross: (about Rachel's parents) Y'know what? ...this is ridiculous, okay? This is your birthday, this is your party... I say we just put 'em all together, and if they can't deal with it... who cares?!
      Rachel: I do!
      Ross: That's who!

    • Rachel: I could look at the bright side, I get two birthday parties and two birthday cakes.
      Chandler: Well, actually just one birthday flan.
      Rachel: What?
      Chandler: It's a traditional Mexican custard dessert... Look, talk to Monica, she's on the food committee.

    • Rachel: Honey, can you keep my dad occupied? I'm gonna go talk to Mom for awhile.
      Ross: Okay--do you have any ideas for any openers?
      Rachel: Just stay clear of, "I'm the guy that's doing your daughter" and you should be okay.

    • Ross: Hi, Dr. Green. So how is everything in the, uh, vascular surgery... game?
      Dr. Green: It's not a game, Ross. A woman died on my table today.
      Ross: I'm sorry... See, that's the good thing about my job... all the dinosaurs on my table are already dead.

    • Chandler: (to Rachel) Hey. How you holding up there, Tiger? (seeing Rachel's quizzical look) Oh, sorry. When my parents were getting divorced, I got a lot of "Tigers". I got a lot of "Champs", "Chiefs", "Sports"... I even got a "Governor".

    • Rachel: It's just that.. I was in there, listening to them bitch about each other, and it reminded me of the Fourth Of July.
      Chandler: Because... it reminded you of how our forefathers used to bitch at each other?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Sandra Green: Do you know my husband has glasses just like that?
      Rachel: Well, those are very popular frames.
      Ross: Neil Sedaka wears them.
      Neil Sedaka is an American pop singer, pianist, and songwriter. His hits include, "Calendar Girl", "Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen" and "Breaking up is Hard to Do".

    • Dr. Green: (complaining to Rachel) Did you know your mother spent twelve hundred dollars on bonsai trees? I felt like Gulliver around that place!
      Gulliver is the title character of the Jonathan Swift book Gulliver's Travels. One of Gulliver's journeys takes him to Lilliput, a miniature kingdom where everyone is six inches tall, which feels very strange for him as a person of conventional height.

    • Rachel: (about her parents fighting during the commencement speech) Bishop Tutu actually had to stop and shush them! 
      Archbishop Desmond Tutu is a South African religious leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner. He fought against apartheid and later served on the country's Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

    • Chandler: Think! What would Jack and Chrissy do?
      This is a reference to the television show Three's Company in which the main characters always find themselves having to think fast.