Season 3 Episode 24

The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 08, 1997 on NBC

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  • Bonnie is introduced.

    Well the girl who drives a wedge between Ross & Rachel in the future, is introduced. It is all Phoebe's fault. Rachel trying to set Ross up with a bald girl reveals that Rachel has a problem with him being with a beautiful girl, which means she is jealous! Definitely foreshadows drama in the finale. That was probably the only interesting plot. Finally, the Pete arc ends! He probably dies afterward. Monica & Pete breakup, because of the UFC, the cliffhanger from the last episode. Robin Williams guest stars! I think the first time, someone else sits with the Friends. An okay episode.
  • very boring!!

    Pete goes in for the ultimate fighting champion competition and loses many times and ends up breaking up with Monica after he is nearly killed mean while Rachel becomes jealous because Phoebe sets Ross up on a date with a girl she said used to be bald but turns out shes not any more and Ross really likes her. Mean while at Chandlers job his new boss keeps slapping his bum every time he makes a joke or does some thing good he becomes a teachers pet and doesnt like and asks for the avice of his friends as to what he should do.
  • The Ultimate Fighting Champion? I think not.

    Monica's rich boyfriend, who she has finally fallen for, is determined to live out his dream to become the Ultimate Fighting Champion. This is the real deal. None of the fake stuff, which Monica soon learns. She is definately not too happy about it and seriously has her doubts. She does, however, watch him fight a guy for the first time in his life. The guy kills him...well, not literally, but close enough. He definately got the beating of his life and ended up in the hospital with several casts and broken bones. But he still wants to become the Ultimate Fighting Champion, and Monica just can't live with watching him get himself hurt night after night. She does the only thing she can and breaks up with him. On a later fight the friends watched on TV, he got pummeled again. Maybe that put an end to his fighting career.
  • This episode will have you laughing a LOT.

    Pete wants to be in a fighting championship, but Monica feels as if it is her duty to stop him before he gets seriously injured. Then, she starts having second thoughts about their relationship.

    Chandler, on the other hand, finds out that his new boss likes to slap the butts of people he likes. And, lucky for Chandler, he's one of them! Now he has to find a way to stop it all.

    Ross is being set-up on a date by Phoebe with a girl who used to be, uh, bald. I wonder how THAT will work out...

    Overall, I absolutely enjoyed this episode... Especially because of Chandler! He's hilarious!