Season 8 Episode 4

The One with the Videotape

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 2001 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Chandler and Monica returning from their honeymoon and being greeted by Joey and Phoebe. They talk to them about how good their honeymoon was and tell them they met a great couple called Greg and Jenny who were also on their honeymoon and live in the city.
Chandler and Monica ask Rachel all about how Ross and her came together to have the baby. Rachel claims that she and Ross were drunk that night and Ross came onto her. Ross however claims that he didn't come onto her and that she was sending him signals. Rachel refuses to believe she sent him signals and in defense Ross said he has proof because he taped it.
Chandler and Monica are trying to phone Greg and Jenny but keep on getting the deli and they soon realize they were "fake-numbered." Ross enters and everyone feels uneasy around him thinking he was a pervert for videotaping the two having sex, in defense he says it was an accident. He tells how it was an accident:
Ross and Joey are sitting down at a table discussing Ross' sexual life; Ross is going through a hard time and hasn't had sex for six months. He needs Joey's help because he has a date that evening. Joey offers to tell him a story you use to have sex to help Ross for his date. Joey says the story can help seduce any women.
The scene cuts to Ross with his date at his apartment. He begins to tell her the story but it goes horribly wrong. Ross goes to Joey's apartment to complain about how bad the story went. Joey says that he probably just told the story wrong and he suggests Ross uses a video camera to help practice the story by seeing where he went wrong, he starts filming himself when Rachael suddenly enters the room. Ross goes to say hello to her and they sit down on the sofa, Ross then forgets that the video recorder is still filming.
Joey and the others demand to see the videotape. Rachel enters the room and Ross instead offers Rachel the videotape so she can destroy it. Rachel is about to destroy the tape but is stopped by Phoebe, Joey and the others who want to see it. Rachel decides to watch it simply because Ross doesn't want to watch it.
Meanwhile Monica and Chandler try to figure out why they were fake-numbered. They begin to pit the blame on each other for being given a fake number.
They all sit down on the sofa to watch the tape. The video tape shows that Rachel came onto Ross by using the hiking story. Rachel explains she heard the story from a friend who heard it from a man named Ken Adams (The fake name Joey often uses).
Ross visits Rachel's apartment to say that what happened on the videotape doesn't matter and then they rush over to watch the end of the video tape beyond the part where he is seduced. They start to compliment each other as they watch it but are quickly grossed out from watching them have sex.
Chandler and Monica finally reach Greg and Jenny, who had given them their old phone number since they'd moved. After much prodding, they finally agree to get together... on January 15th.