Season 8 Episode 4

The One with the Videotape

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 2001 on NBC

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    An amazing installment of Friends, without a doubt. I dare you not to laugh while watching this episode. Friends has definitely not forgotten how to make people laugh after 8 seasons, which makes this show spectacular. Just watch this episode, and you'll see exactly why. We know who the father of Rachel's pregnant, we know who the father is, now we get to find out how it happened! Too many hilarious scenes too mention. It all came together in the end. All plots managed to merge and it all went back to the videotape. Ross caught their one night together on videotape by accident. And they watch it to see who came on to who. Rachel being the one handing out "begging signals" was surprisingly hilarious. I'm really not enjoying Monica & Chandler. It's like the things they say now. I just find myself saying, "Is this for real" They're become caricatures of themselves, and that's something that I thought I'd never see on Friends. Joey & Phoebe continue to be perfect together in a plot. "We don't want Craig and Jenny's rejects"

    Just a hilarious episode, that isn't worth missing. If this episode doesn't get you in to Friends, nothing will.
  • Now that we know who the father is, we get to find out how it happened!

    This episode has recently seen a rapid rise from very enjoyable to my second favorite. Like most of my favorites, it's got a great Ross&Rachel story, and it keeps the whole group together for the episode. This is key because it's so hard to do, but it's truly an ensemble show and therefore they work best together. Things I loved:
    - The Europe Story. One of the best moments is the awkwardly high but still so perfectly "Rossian" voice that Ross uses when he keeps getting interrupted trying to tell the Europe Story.

    - The moment in which Rachel starts to smash the tape is one of the greatest collective physical comedy moments in the series. Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe all jump up in protest with such great timing.
    Because admit it, if you were in the room, you would have sided with Rachel at first too.

    - The Regina Phalange/Ken Adams exchange. THEY WOULD.
    Monica and Chandler's whinefest turned argument is just fantastic writing: "You told all those great jokes!" "And you asked all those insightful questions." "Well, you did tell a joke of jokes." "How about you…All your questions! The sheer volume! It was like flying with the Riddler!" "Oh, I'm sorry, was that another joke?" "Was..that..another..question..?"

    - Ross and Rachel did it again!
  • by far my favorite episode of all the series.

    this is my favorite episode of all the series. it was really funny but i specially like it because for the first time they make rachel the " vunerable " one . i always liked it when they made ross and rachel be together but they always favored rachel in all the plots and made ross appear as the bad one which i really hated . also i always hated that rachel felt she was superior or better than ross which is not true so for this time they finally made ross " win " and show that ross was looking after rachel by not wanting to show them the video but rachel insisting to make them watch it to show them that ross is bad and she is good . also it was one of the funniest scenes when they all sit tgether to watch the video.
    really great episode recommend it to any one
  • in this episode i just could not stop laughing... its Hilarius

    in this episode my favourist parts would definitely have to be how everyone kept telling joeys story, how ross new all along that rachel came on to her by telling joeys story and my all time favorite part was when ross and rachel were watching the video tape and just the looks on there faces were just unforgettable like rachels shock as to how much ross wanted it and also the sounds of disbelief that they made when they saw what they were both doing and of course ross' reason was not having sex in a whole 6 months or so.
  • this is where ross reveals that he has on videotape the night where he and rachel well you now...

    after deciding to tell and ross and the others that rachel is pregnant she and ross told how this thing happened. rachel began to tell and said that ross came on to her. ross disagrees and said that he can prove that she came on to him because he has it on videotape.
    then they decided to watch the tape and apparently rachel came in to ross, and that doesn't happen very often.
    so rachel and ross watched the rest of the tape alone and discover that they are pretty good together.
    and i think that they are great together!! it is so meant to be!!(in the show)
    i love this show!! i watched it everyday!!
    i practically know the script!! he3hhe
  • a good episode

    Monica and Chandler return from their honeymoon with stories of a couple that they met on the flight back, but soon discover that the couple gave them a wrong number and joey and pheobe are jealous over the attention that they are giving the new couple that they havent even seen yet. Ross and Rachel disagree over who came onto whom when they hooked up. He wants to prove it and accidentally reveals that he has the encounter on videotape but he accidently reccorded it whilst praccticing his flirting, and it was rachael that came on to ross. a funny episode indeed.
  • Who came on to who?

    Best videotape on Friends, even better than the prom video. Rachel and Ross argue over who came on to who. Ross reveals he has a videotape of him and Rachel when they conceived Emma. in a flashback,Ross has had a dry spell for six month and asks Joey for some help. Joey gives him a romantic story about hiking in Mount Tibidabo in Spain. Ross strikes out the first time, then uses Joey's video camera to practice telling the story, and is recording when Rachel walks in with Monica's wedding invitaions. When they watch the tape it shows Rachel telling Ross the Mount Tibidabo story, which she heard from her friend, who heard it from Joey. Meanwhile, Monica and Chandler get a fake number from the couple they met, and anger Joey and Phoebe when they dont bring them presents.
  • Great episode!What's the end of that story?

    Great episode!What's the end of that story?
    Great episode!What's the end of that story?
    Great episode!What's the end of that story?
    Great episode!What's the end of that story?
    Great episode!What's the end of that story?Great episode!What's the end of that story?
    Great episode!What's the end of that story?
    Great episode!What's the end of that story?
    Great episode!What's the end of that story?
    Great episode!What's the end of that story?
    Great episode!What's the end of that story?
    Great episode!What's the end of that story?
    Great episode!What's the end of that story?
    Great episode!What's the end of that story?Great episode!What's the end of that story?
    Great episode!What's the end of that story?
    Great episode!What's the end of that story?
  • Ross finally wins an arguement.

    This classic Friends episode offered something many of the episodes do not and that is Ross proving Rachel wrong. Ross isn't my favorite character of the six, but I do hate seeing Ross being made a fool or portrayed as the wrong-doer time after time. It also bothers me to see Rachel getting her way EVERYtime, especially when it's something between her and Ross. Becuase it just makes Rachel even more spoiled. Anyways, the story and the plot of it all was greatly written and it is always fun to watch it.
  • Did I ever tell you about the time I went backpacking across Western Europe...

    Man oh man! This could potentially be the funniest episode of Friends that I have ever seen!

    There are two major plots: The first one is Monica and Chandler befriending a couple named Craig and Jenny on their honeymoon. Joey and Phoebe get offended that they need another couple to hang out with. I loved this part! And it carried a surprise twist; they fake-numbered Monica and Chandler! The hilarity continues when Joey and Phoebe offer their explanation behind the fake numbering, and Monica and Chandler argue over the reason why!

    The second one is Ross and Rachel\'s sex tape. The fact that Ross actually taped it accidentally is funny all by itself, but the writers were able to stretch it and make it outrageous! This was easily the best episode of season 8.
  • Question

    Can anyone tell me who is on Pheobe's tshirt in this episode?
  • A great episode, and a point of curiosity.

    Friends does well with videos! My favorite episode is probably "The One with the Prom Video," but this is right up there. I especially like the video - no, not because of that; because of THAT. (Can't be more specific, it'd be a spoiler.) Then there's the, er, bonus video Monica runs across at the end of the prom video. And video played in the jellyfish one, too. Friends just does well with videos!
    Point of curiosity - anyone know who the woman pictured on Phoebe's sweatshirt is? I should know that face (and hat) but I can't place it.
  • A Sure Top 5

    I loved it, it was really funny.
    First of all: you have some inside jokes (as the name of Phoebe).
    Then, mix it with information given last season (they said repeatedly that Ross wasn\'t gettin\' any).
    And then, in my opinion the best of it, the two stories told in the episode end up mixed.
  • One of the series' most underrated episodes, not because people didn't find it good, but because I feel it's one of the best.

    This episode is one of those great, hidden episodes from the series. It is one of the first of season 8, making it caught between the season 7 finale/Monica's and Chandler's honeymoon, overshadowed by Rachel's pregnancy, and before the always classic Thanksgiving episode...and this Thanksgiving episode had Brad Pitt. After Ross learns of Rachel's pregnancy with his child, the two get caught in a line-of-fire debate of who came on to who, in which Ross reveals that he has the seductive encounter on video tape. We learn that Ross accidentally recorded his night with Rachel while trying to practice a 'sex story' told to him by Joey, since Ross admits that he hasn't had sex in six months and he fears for his health. The episode is scattered with little details that all seem to connect to each other by the episode's conclusion, making this one a riot to watch, and an ongoing chapter in the Ross and Rachel relationship...maybe the greatest relationship in TV history.
  • A potential Friends classic

    This episode is my personal favorite from season eight, mainly because of its fantastic writing as well as having all six Friends together. The jokes that carry on through the episode are hilarious, most notable the revelation that Joey (as "Ken Adams" lol) made up the Europe story that Rachel used to entice Ross. What is even more funny is how while Rachel denies that she initially came on to Ross, the truth is revealed when the Friends watch Ross's videotape, unbeknownst to Rachel at first. The episode's best moment then comes when the friends (and Rachel) realize that Rachel was the one. ("Now I'm so happy!" - a killer line from Ross! LOL) The other portions of the episode hold up as well, including Monica and Chandler being potential "rejects" of their new friends Greg and Jenny, and the end when Ross and Rachel view the tape together in the apartment. Certainly one the Friends' best moments!
  • Great!

    Great episode! Ross and Rachel disagree over who was the first one to make a move on the other the night Rachel got pregnant. Ross was right. Man that was funny when Joey had that look on his face when Rachel said have I ever told you the time a backpacked in Europe or what ever the story was. Monica and Chandler don't seem like they are married sometimes. Monica sure freaked about that being the wrong number.
  • Watch this episode for a classic Friends episode - with all of the friends together.

    It's a rare time when we come accross Friends episodes which have all of the Friends together for the majority of the episode.
    The writers have been clever enough not to overuse it, but have enough of it to keep the viewers satisfied.

    The time in this episode when the cast are together reminds us of some of the older episodes, where they spent almost all of their time together.

    When Ross tells Rachel that he accidentaly filmed the encounter that led to the pregnancy with Emma, you just know sparks are going to fly.
  • a good episode ruined by the fact the plot was lifted from another show not carried off nearly as well

    This episode was good, very funny but the entire video tape plot was lifted from an episode of the British version of Coupling which aired about 2 years earlier. In Coupling Steve discovers Patrick has a secret closet where he keeps tapes of all the women he's slept with, Steve discovers one with his girlfriends name on it and steals the tape, gets his other friend Jeff to watch the tape only to get caught by Susan who then realises it's not her on the tape at all and gets upset that Patrick recorded over her...

    The coupling version of the story is far far funnier and pulled off better. I'm a big friends fan but I hate watching this funny episode coz I know how terribly stolen the whole plot is and it's not as well written as the coupling episode