Season 8 Episode 4

The One with the Videotape

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 2001 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Continuity: In "The One with the Red Sweater", Joey says that he wonders if the father of Rachel's baby was "that dude" that spent the night with her a month ago. Joey says he didn't get a look at the guy but that the guy left his sweater. Joey then gets the red sweater and shows it to Monica and Phoebe.
      During the flashback in this episode, we see that Ross was wearing that same, very distinctive red sweater while talking to Joey about the hiking story, and it was that same night that the "dude" was with Rachel. Joey surely should have recognized the sweater as being Ross's from then. What's more, when Ross finds his sweater at Monica's, thus revealing that he is the father, why would Joey be just as shocked as everyone else?

    • Goof: When Ross and Rachel are watching their videotape, Ross compliments Rachel on her tan and she mentions that she had just been to the beach that weekend. Their encounter took place in the middle of April, one month before Chandler and Monica's wedding when the average temperature in New York is in the low 50's. What beach did she go to?

    • Continuity: When Monica and Chandler enter their apartment, their door is exactly the way it used to be even though it is supposed to be a new door, the old one having been destroyed by a fireman's axe in the previous episode. Even still, the iconic picture frame around the peephole is back and the interior paint matches the apartment paint perfectly. You have to wonder who arranged for all that. Treeger wouldn't have gone to that much trouble, Joey and Phoebe didn't have keys and Ross's key would no longer fit; Monica and Chandler were away.

    • Goof: When we see how the videotape first came to be, Ross is wearing the red sweater, but with no visible shirt underneath and no jacket. Ross and Rachel's encounter took place a month before Chandler and Monica's wedding, which would make it the middle of April, a time of year when it is still pretty chilly, if not downright cold in New York--especially in the morning when he would have left. Why would Ross leave the sweater behind wearing at most just an undershirt?

    • Continuity: Rachel has never seen the videotape and was not present when Ross explained how it came to be, however, she doesn't even react when it starts playing. She doesn't ask why the camcorder was running in the first place; she doesn't acknowledge the fact that she hadn't even arrived when the recording began, and since he wasn't even expecting her, Ross is innocent of any wrongdoing. She simply watches as if, like the others, she knows all about it and is only waiting for proof that Ross came on to her.

    • Continuity: Ross's year of birth is inconsistent. In "The Pilot", (1994) Ross says he is 26, implying he was born in 1967. Also, in "The One Where Monica and Richard are Just Friends" (1997) he says he is 29. However in the next season in "The One Where They're Going to Party" Ross also says he is 29, implying he was born in 1968. Furthermore, in the next season in "The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS" Ross says he is about to get divorced again before he's thirty, implying he is still 29 and born in 1969. Also, in this episode, Ross claims that he backpacked across Europe in 1983 then whispers to himself "I was thirteen?", implying he was born in 1969 or 1970.

    • Goof: After they watch the videotape and Ross goes across the hall to talk to Rachel, we see Ross walk into the apartment. The shot then switches to Rachel and we hear the door close. When the shot switches back to Ross, he shuts the door again.

    • Goof: In the video when Rachel says she completely forgot about the invitations, Chandler makes a face and points. Just before he asks if they did it on the invitations, the exact same clip of him making a face and pointing is used again.

    • Continuity: Rachel's hair in the video is the same length hair that she has in this episode. When this video was supposed to take place, in Season 7, Rachel's hair was a shorter bob.

    • Goof: When Rachel is saying that she wants to watch the videotape, her arms and the tape keep switching positions when the shot changes.

    • Magna Doodle: A drawing of a seal
      Magna Doodle: I Love NY

    • Trivia: Ross would be 31 at this time, according to the fact that he said that he was 13 in 1983.

    • Factual Error: Mt. Tibidabo really is just outside Barcelona. The mountain offers beautiful views of the city, the surrounding villages and the Mediterranean sea. There is also an amusement park and a funicular railroad. But there is no observable lake in that area of Tibidabo, contrary to what Joey says. "Tibidabo" has been known to mean "All this I will give to you."

  • Quotes

    • Phoebe: So how was the honeymoon?
      Monica: Oh, so much fun. But the best part is, we met this incredible couple on the way back.
      Phoebe: That was the best part? (to Chandler) Good honeymooning, tiger.

    • Monica: (to Rachel, about getting pregnant) Can you tell us how it happened? ...when it happened? many times it happened?
      Phoebe: (seeming to admonish her) Monica, that's not right! ...start with where.

    • Rachel: We had a little wine, we got to talking. Next thing you know, out of nowhere, Ross comes on to me.
      Ross: That's a little misleading.
      Rachel: What is?
      Ross: The lie you just told.

    • Ross: You know what? It's not important. What's important is that we're having a baby and it doesn't matter who came on to who.
      Joey: (correcting Ross's grammar) "Whom"...
      (Everyone looks at Joey, amazed)
      Joey: That's right!

    • Rachel: (about their night together) Oh, please! Show me how I begged you!
      Ross: I can show you! I have it on video tape!
      (Everyone is shocked and even Joey shakes his head)
      Ross: ...It's an expression.

    • Phoebe: (about Ross) I can't believe he taped the two of them having sex!
      Joey: Yeah! You gotta tell a girl before you tape her. Such a rookie mistake.

    • Ross: (coming back in to Monica's apartment) Rachel won't talk to me. She won't even open the door.
      Phoebe: Hmm... I wonder why, pervert.
      Ross: Okay, listen... I am not a pervert!
      Phoebe: That's, like, the pervert motto! Yeah... they have you raise your right hand, put your left hand down your pants, and repeat that!

    • (Ross is explaining to the gang how the videotape came to be made)
      : (to Joey) About a month and a half ago, remember... I came to you with a problem? Um, uh... a personal thing?
      Joey: Personal... What personal thing?
      Ross: About... about sex?
      (Joey appears confused)
      Ross: ...That I hadn't had sex in months?
      Joey: (grinning) Yeah, I knew what you were talking about.

    • (Flashback)
      : Do you have a minute? I'd like to talk to you about something I'm really uncomfortable talking about.
      Joey: Sure. How about you showering with your mom?
      Ross: (not amused) I actually had a topic in mind!

    • (Flashback)
      : I'm kind of going through a dry spell, sex wise.
      Joey: Oh... for, like, months?
      Ross: Five, to be... lying. Six.
      Joey: Six months? Oh, that's rough.
      Ross: No, I mean, it's not all bad. I'm learning to appreciate the small things in life, like the sound of a bird, and the color of the sky...
      Joey: Sky's blue, Ross! ...and I had sex yesterday.

    • (Flashback)
      Ross: (to Joey) Please help me! I have a date, tonight... it has to go well... I'm scared for my health!
      Joey: (thinks for a moment) Ooh! Oh, I got somethin'... it's this story I came up with--very romantic... Any woman that hears it... they're like putty! 
      Ross: Really? Well, then... tell it to me...
      : Okay... Now you're gonna wanna have sex with me when you hear it, but you have to remember... it is just the story.
      Ross: (deadpan) I'll try to control myself...

    • (Flashback)
      : (telling "the story") Years ago, when I was backpacking across Western Europe...
      Ross: (laughs) You were backpacking across Western Europe...?
      Joey: (gets up and pats Ross on the arm) Have a nice six more months, Ross...
      Ross: Okay! Okay! I'm sorry... Please, please... you were in Western Europe, and...?
      Joey: (continues) ...I was just outside of Barcelona, hiking in the foothills of Mount... Tibidabo...
      Ross: ...Nice.
      Joey: Thanks! (then, with great sensitivity) ...I was at the end of this path... and I came to a clearing... and there was a lake--very secluded... and there were tall trees all around... It was dead silent... Gorgeous! And across the lake, I saw a beautiful woman... bathing herself... but she was crying...
      Ross: (completely moved) Why...?

    • (Flashback)
      : What are you doing here? How'd your date go?
      Ross: Great. I'm across the street having sex with her right now.

    • Monica: I still don't get why Greg and Jenny would give us a fake number.
      Joey: Y'know... if they knew what they were doin', they probably didn't give you real names, either.
      Monica: Okay... Maybe people give out fake numbers, but they don't give out fake names.
      Joey: Oh, yeah? (turns to Phoebe) Hi! Ken Adams! (holds out his hand) Nice to meet you!
      Phoebe: (shakes it) Regina Phalange.

    • Chandler: (about Greg and Jenny trying to avoid them) I still don't get it, we didn't do anything wrong.
      Monica: I know! Although... you did tell an awful lot of jokes.
      Chandler: I thought you said those jokes were funny. Joke! Joke! Joke!
      Monica: Joke. Joke. Blah! Blah!
      Chandler: Well, maybe it was all of your questions.
      Monica: What about my questions?
      Chandler: The sheer volume! was like flying with the Riddler!
      Monica: Oh, I'm sorry. Was that another joke?
      Chandler: Was that another question?

    • Joey: (to Rachel about how Ross came to make the video tape) Listen, he told us what happened and it sounds like an honest mistake...
      : Oh really? Well how would you like it if I had sex with you and I taped it? (sees Joey smiling) Oh, forget it!

    • Rachel: (as Ross enters the apartment) Oh there he is... the father of my child... the porn king of the West Village...

    • Rachel: Clearly, you don't want people to see this tape. Now, I don't want people to see this tape either, but you so badly don't want people to see it, that it makes me want to see it, do you see?
      Joey: Are we watching the tape or not?

    • Joey: (when they start playing the tape) I'm so happy!

    • Chandler: Did you do it on our invitations?
      Ross: Not on the ones we sent out.
      Chandler: (picking up a framed invitation) So, just the ones you gave back to us and we had framed?!

    • Rachel: Okay, in about ten seconds, you're gonna see him kiss me.
      Ross: And in about five seconds, you're gonna see why.
      Rachel: (on the videotape) Ross, did I ever tell you about the time I went backpacking through Western Europe?

    • Ross: (vindicated) Now, I'm so happy...

    • Joey: How do you know about that story?
      Rachel: I heard it from my friend Irene, who heard it from some guy!
      Joey: (raises his hand and points to himself) "Some guy!"
      Rachel: No, no, she told me that his name was "Ken Adams"...
      Joey: (raises his hand and points to himself again) "Ken Adams!"

    • Rachel: So, apparently people are familiar with the Europe story...
      Ross: Yeah. Listen... about that... The whole "who came on to who" thing really doesn't matter. I mean, I think it would've happened either way. I mean, if you hadn't initiated it... I, I know I would have.
      Rachel: It was an amazing night.
      Ross: It was... It was an amazing night.

    • (Ross and Rachel are watching the videotape alone together)
      Ross: Oh, oh... there go the clothes!
      Rachel: You are undressing very quickly.
      Ross: Six months, Rachel. Six months!

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