Season 7 Episode 22

The One with the Vows

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 03, 2001 on NBC

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  • Another clip show.

    I'm always torn with these clip shows. We understand that there is a big event coming up, but we don't need a clip-show to remind us. Very little actual plot took place outside the clips, we saw that neither Monica nor Chandler could write their vows, which in some ways, detracts from the main storyline and makes you think that maybe they shouldn't be together.

    Sure it was fun to look back on these moments in one big swoop, but was it really necessary?

    The only reason I've scored this a 7 is because I love this show and can't bear to give it a lower score. But it's no wonder that this was the least watched first run episode. It wasn't necessary at all.
  • Just another clip show.

    I feel like their having a flashback episode every season now. Last year, they made a very stupid flashback episode. Just because Joey got a part in something. The year before that, it was because Rachel didn't know about going to Ross's wedding. It was just crazy, the whole thing. But this clip show was pretty good. It was nice to see the Monica & Chandler clips. But I felt like they overused "TOW Everybody Finds Out" and "TOW Proposal" Like those clips were long. And I like how in the end Chandler's vows were funny, and everybody was laughing. And Monica gets all angry. Decent clip show.
  • A flashback episode of Monica and Chandler's history

    Chandler is afraid when he is not so good at his vows while he thinks Monica is. But meanwhile, Monica turns to Rachel and Phoebe for help because she's not so good at them either. Chandler turns to the guys and Monica turns to the girls. To help them know what to write, they start to go through flashback scenes of their history in the past three years.

    A fair episode, but not exactly one of the best. It wasn't as much funny as the other ones in the seventh season.

    that episode was briliant. especially all the flash backs. chandler & monica can't seem to write their vows and chandler very cunningly steals monica's and changes the names. and the classic dialogue of ross on seeing chandler and monica kissing. - get offffff my siiiiiiisssttteeeeeerrr. you could actuaally see his face burning!! brilliant episode!!

    keep it up guys!!!
  • A flashback episode!

    A good episode! Alot of flashbacks and they are pretty funny ones to. Ross' vow sure didn't last for Carol. Chandler stole Monica's vow! Wow! Monica will be like what when she hears his vow. I still don't get what Phoebe gets to do. Rachel is the bride's maid, Ross is the best man and Joey is the guy marrying Monica and Chandler. Well what is Phoebe. She like never gets to be anything good. Its like the leave her out. I don't get why Monica could't have 2 bride's maids. People have like 5 bride's maids sometimes!! Not just one!