Season 4 Episode 22

The One with the Worst Best Man Ever

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 1998 on NBC

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  • The episode before the finale.

    This wasn't as good as I expected, but still it was pretty good. I would never of guessed the duck eating the ring instead of the stripper. I also liked this episode because of Phoebe & her mood swings, she was so funny, especially in the baby shower. And I love it when she makes Rachel cry, that was hilarious! Jasmine's last appearance. I never liked her anyway. I really expected more though. And it was so nice when they wee having memories of the duck & what Ross said in the end. He wanted both of them for best man. Great episode.
  • Very Funny

    This Episode is a very funny episode.It takes place with joey planning ross's bachelor party and chandler begins to get jealous that joey has pulled off a better bachelor party than he did.after the party joey sleeps with the stripper and thinks that she stole ross's wedding ring after confronting her a day later she says she didnt steal it.the boys realise that the duck has ate it so the goto a vet to remove it.after all of this ross asks joey and chandler to be his best men. the duck turns out to be okay and ross gets his ring back.meanwhile phoebe has mood swings.
  • a good episode

    Phoebe is tired of being pregnant and experiencing major mood swings. Ross chooses Joey as his best man. The girls decide to throw Phoebe a baby shower after they're not invited to the bachelor party. Joey orders strippers after Ross says not to. Monica and Rachel get Phoebe presents that she can use after her pregnancy because she can't keep the babies. Chandler tries to draw attention away from Joey at the bachelor party. Joey sleeps with the stripper and awakes to find Emily's ring missing and the stripper gone. The guys set up a sting to get the ring back. Phoebe experiences false labor. It turns out that the stripper didn't take the ring but the duck ate it. Ross decides to have two best men.