Season 1 Episode 16

The One with Two Parts (1)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 1995 on NBC

Episode Recap

Chandler & Joey are at a restaurant. They have been waiting over half an hour. They call the waitress over & it's Phoebe's twin, Ursula.
Ross is talking to Rachel about Marcel's latest antics. Such as erasing the messages on his answering machine & peeing over the crossword in the paper.
Chandler & Joey argue over whether or not Ursula looks like Phoebe. Joey says he can "see a difference" despite the fact that they are identical. Joey finds Ursula hot.
At Central Perk, the guys tell Phoebe they saw Ursula at Riff's. Phoebe is not excited. They haven't met in 5 years. Phoebe tells the gang that everyone called Ursula the "pretty one".
Ross tells the gang he has to leave for Lamaze Susan & he will be Carol's coaches.
At the Lamaze Ross introduces himself & Carol, and calls Susan, "Carol's friend." Carol & Susan correct Ross and tell the group they are lesbians as Ross gets flustered.
At Chandler's work, Nina enters his office. She has been doing poorly in her data processing. He is supposed to fire her but can't because he finds her attractive.
At Monica's, Chandler explains the situation to Ross. Monica yells at Ross to control his monkey who is jumping on the remote control. Marcel turned the station to "Urkel" in Spanish.
Joey enters. He just came back from Riff's to see Ursula. Chandler tells him to talk to Phoebe about this before he goes any further. So Joey does. She tells him it's okay, but inside it bothers her.
At the Lamaze Ross shows up late to discover Susan is there but not Carol. Carol is stuck at work. They have to partner up for the breathing exercises & they fight over who plays the part of "Mommy" They flip a coin and Ross loses, he becomes the Mom and Susan becomes the coach.
At work, Chandler talks to Mr. Douglas about the latest report: Anus, or Annual Net Usage Statistics. The report is bad meaning they need to lay off people in every department.
Shortly after, Nina is in Chandler's office. He is trying to get the nerve to fire her. Instead he asks her out.
At Central Perk, Rachel asks Phoebe what she would like for her birthday. She says for her mom to be alive or bath salts from Crabtree & Evelyn.
Jamie Buchman & Fran Devanow, characters from Mad About You, enter Central Perk. They came in for coffee and are dismayed to see Phoebe, thinking she is Ursula the terrible waitress from their show.
Jamie & Fran go up to Phoebe and order 2 cafe lattes & biscottis. Phoebe says, "Good choice", before walking off, she just thinks they were being friendly. Jamie & Fran notice how ditzy Phoebe is and confirms their belief this is their waitress.
At Monica's, Chandler is talking about Nina. He hasn't told her she's fired yet, because he wants to keep dating her.
Mr. Heckles, an upstairs neighbour comes over to Monica's, telling her they are making too much noise. If he had cats, they wouldn't be able to sleep. She closes the door on him.
Joey goes over to Phoebe and asks her to try on an outfit. She thinks it's a birthday present, but he tells her it's for Ursula. He is taking her out to the Ice Capades. He is serious about her.
Phoebe is jealous and mad and tells Joey it's not okay anymore. Joey tells her too bad.
At Chandler's office his boss, Mr. Douglas walks in. He can't believe Nina is still working. Chandler tells Douglas it's because he got a call from her shrink who told him how crazy she got. Douglas buys the lie.
Back at the Lamaze Ross, Carol & Susan are present. Carol is scared after watching the video of childbirth. She doesn't want to go through any of it. Susan calms her down by telling her they all will be parents very soon, which freaks Ross out.
Cut to Ross talking to Rachel, still in a haze. The reality of being a father is beginning to hit him. He doesn't think he will be able to do a good job since he can't even control Marcel.
Joey is on his way out & Phoebe catches him. She asks him if he has had sex with Ursula yet.
At Chandler's work, Nina walks into his office. She tells him she notices people have been avoiding her over the past couple of days, giving her strange looks, repeatedly taking away her scissors. Chandler tells her it's because they are jealous that she is getting a raise.
In order to make her believe it, he talks to his secretary Helen, over the intercom. She asks Chandler if he wants Nina's "psychological profile" sent to personnel. Nina freaks out.
Later on, Chandler tells the gang that he finally told Nina everything. And they are officially never going out again.
Phoebe talks to Monica & Rachel about the relationship between her sister and Joey. It really has nothing to do with Joey. She holds a grudge against her sister for always breaking her stuff or stealing her boyfriends. She is worried she will lose Joey once Ursula is done with him. The gang tries to convince Phoebe to tell all of this to Joey.