Season 6 Episode 17

The One with Unagi

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 2000 on NBC

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  • Unagi-state of total awareness....... or sushi:)

    This episode is mostly about Rachel and Phoebe taking self-defense classes and Ross trying to teach them how to achieve Unagi- state of total awareness or sushi;). On the other hand we have Joey trying to find identical twin so he can earn some money that he needs.Chandler is trying to make a present for Monica but he is not good at it, so he finds a tape without knowing that it is a tape that Janice made him and she also sings on it, well is it not a treat for ears:))
    Anyway Ross was great in this episode, I laughed so much when he was pretending to be a sexual predator and when he attacked wrong women.
    "Chandler: Hey.
    Ross: Chandler. I sensed it was you.
    Chandler: What?!
    Ross: Unagi. I'm always aware.
    Chandler: Okay, are you aware unagi is an eel?"