Season 3 Episode 17

The One Without the Ski Trip

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 06, 1997 on NBC

Episode Recap

Central Perk Joey and Chandler are sitting on the coach waiting for Ross. Chandler is reading the New York Times. Monica and Phoebe come in. They're meeting for Rachel there. They talk for a while. Then Rachel comes in the room. Monica and Phoebe try to get her to leave before Ross gets there because Rachel and Ross fight to much. Ross comes in and it's really awkward. Opening Credits Chandler and Joey's apartment Chandler, Joey, Phoebe and Monica are there. Rachel comes in and asks if anyone wants to go to Calvin Klein lingerie show. Everyone says that they going to Ross's so Rachel leaves. Chandler lights up a smoke and says that he started smoking again. Everyone says that he shouldn't smoke. Then Rachel comes in agian and asks if anyone would like to go skiing with her because her sister said she could use her cabin for the week. Everyone says yes. Ross's apartment Everyone's there except for Rachel. Then Ross asks everyone if they want to play darts on the weekend. Phoebe tells Ross that they're going skiing with Rachel. Ross is sad so everybody offers to stay with him. Ross says that they should just go skiing. Phoebe's grandmother's cab Everyone's there except Ross. They're on there way to go skiing. Chandler wants to stop and have a smoke so they do. Rest stop Everyone gets out of the car except for Rachel. Since everyone's out, Rachel decides to get out. She closes the door and locks the keys in the car. Everyone is mad at her. Joey has a idea to unlock the door. He gets Phoebe's underwire from her bra and unlocks the car door. Then Phoebe starts backing up and she gets about three feet and she runs out of gas. Carol and Susan's apartment Ross goes to Carol and Susan's apartment. Carol is waiting for Susan to get home because it is there anniversary. Ross just stays there acting depressed. Rest stop Phoebe is on the pay phone with Motor Club. They won't come to help them. Joey and Chandler walk up because they went to get help. They didn't sucseed because Chandler passed out because he smokes to much. Carol and Susan's apartment Susan still isn't there. Ross's beeper goes off so he calls the number. It's Phoebe. She asks if Ross can come down to the rest stop with some extra gas. Ross says no, but Carol convinces him to go. Carol lets Ross borrow her car. Rachel doesn't know that Ross is coming. Rest stop Ross pulls up in his car and Rachel is mad. Ross fills up Phoebe's grandmother's cab with gas. Monica, Joey, Phoebe and Chandler think it's a good idea if Ross comes skiing too. Rachel over heared them talking and she says that Ross can't come. Then Ross and Rachel start arguing. Then Phoebe starts yelling at Ross and Rachel. Ross and Rachel agree to stop arguing. Ross says he doesn't even wan't to go so everyone except Ross leaves in the cab to go skiing. After they leave, Ross tries to start his car and the battery is dead. Closing Credits Carol and Susan's apartment Ross is knocking Carol and Susan's door and Carol answers. He says that he got a new battery and it was $112 and he wants the money for it. Carol says that she will pay tomorrow.