Season 3 Episode 17

The One Without the Ski Trip

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 06, 1997 on NBC

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  • The aftermath of the breakup.

    This episode is amazing! I like how competitive Ross & Rachel get, it is really great. Rachel wants to ask first. They are basically sharing friends. Ross is so sweet, even after the breakup, he helps out his friends. The whole sequence, with being stuck at a rest stop was great! "Okay, Who has the biggest breasts?" -Joey. Obviously Monica does, but I think Phoebe does, and she ended up doing it! I like how they fit Carol in to the episode, trying to have her special night with Susan, very subtle. Then Rachel says thanks to Ross. I guess everyone can be friends now! A great episode.
  • A funny awkwardness.

    After two amazingly good, dramatic, but at the same time, funny episodes, here is yet another good episodes of Friends third season. After Ross and Rachel's breakup, the guys are thorn between them, and they don't know with who should they spend time with. It's really funny to see how the guys are planning to steal their friends from one another.

    I really loved the ski-trip road trip, when the guys stay out of gas, or when the keys from the car are locked inside of the car. The writers are reaaaaly full of good ideas this season. Bringing back Chandler's smoking problem is also quite good, I thought they'd return that story at some time.

    Ross's scenes with Carol are also veeery funny, I really enjoyed the entire episode. Wish it didn't end so soon. All in all, this is an amazingly good episodes. Hope the other episodes will be as interesting as this!!
  • Wonderful episode! SPOILERS inside

    This episode is absolutely great. Ross and Rachel cannot stand each other since Ross slept with Chloe... The whole group has been sucked into this and many problems arise, like Chandler that re-starts smoking and the fact that they cannot hang out all together. But in the episodes, besides those sad moments, we have a lot of great comedy: the perfect mix of every FRIENDS episode! Ross going to Carol's and sort of ruining her anniversary with Susan and the rest of the group stucked on the interstate. Fortunately Ross does the right thing and saves them and, in a great scene imho, we see the problems and anger between Ross and Rachel rise again but eventually they agree to tone it down, saving the group.
  • This is a sweet episode.

    This episode is really funny. Rachel and Ross are still fighting.

    Rachel and Ross are still fighting. Rachel invites everyone except Ross to go skiing because her sister is letting her use her cabin for the weekend. Ross wants everyone to stay with him and play darts, but no one does because they all want to go skiing. Halfway there, Chandler wants to stop to have a smoke. Rachel locks the keys in the car. Joey opens it with Phoebe's underwire for her bra. Phoebe backs up about three feet and they run out of gas. They call Ross without telling Rachel. Carol lets Ross borrow her car. When Ross gets there with extra gas, Rachel and Ross start fighting. Phoebe starts yelling and Ross and Rachel stop fighting. Everyone leaves. The Ross tries to leave, but the engine breaks down.

    I give this episode a 9.3 out of 10.
  • a good episode. pleh

    in this episode the weekend that ross and rachael split up they each try to "steal" the friends to their side. causing all the friends ecept ross to go on a ski trip. and then they run out of gas call ross, without telling rachael. meanwhile an alone ross is getting on carols nerves and she tells him to go and help the friends by bringing gas. chandler is trying to smoke in the cab but the friends wont let him. and joey writes pleh in the snow to call for helicopters. this is a very good episodes some very good lines in it.
  • A very funny episode which brought the show back to it's original feel.

    Finally! Friends finds its way back to the real comedy and the core of what the show used to be.
    For a long while there Friends ceased to exist and The Ross And Rachel Show took over. Let's face it, bringing a couple in to a group of friends is bound to change things. That's the way it is in real life and that's the way it affected the show. They weren't six friends hanging out anymore, they were four friends and the couple which always had to argue about something. Most storylines were affected by this and I know that I for one got tired of the endless Ross and Rachel arguments where it didn't matter who was wrong or right, Ross was always wrong. For me it brought down the quality of the show and the jokes seemed forced far too often.
    Then came this episode. When the friends are all stuck together out at the rest stop it finally felt like Friends again. The six of them, friends and nothing more, even though two of them couldn't get along. The jokes were funnier in this episode than they been all season, the chemistry between the actors was better than it had been for months and the overall feel of it was Friends. The best part had to be when Chandler tries to stop the argument by impersonating a character from a musical... Classic Friends!
    A great episode which brought Friends back in style after the whole couple thing. Too bad it didn't stay there forever...
  • lesbo ending

    anyone notice how ross's ex when he takes back her keys takes out a pube after he askes if they were alseep? and she answers him with UH NO!! then pulls it out hahaha
  • Rachel is still acting like a baby about what Ross did.

    While I agree that it was a little insensitive and just plain dumb for Ross to go off and sleep with someone else so quickly, it can be said that the emotion level at that time clouded his judgement. And anyway, RACHEL was the one who asked for a break, all because Ross wanted to spend so much time with her and she was so into her job (which I'm not saying there's anything wrong with). So really, they were not together anymore. And if they were not together anymore, then he could do whatever he pleased, even if it was five minutes after they broke up. Yes, Ross did jump to a wrong conclusion when he heard that Mark was in the apartment with Rachel when he called from the bar, but still. I just always hated that she carried this grudge out for so long when she's the one that broke up with him in the first place. It really made me stop watching the show for a while 'cause I just got tired of hearing it. I wanted someone to tell her about herself but of course it never happened. It was just one of those periods where I just really, really didn't like her.