Season 3 Episode 17

The One Without the Ski Trip

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 06, 1997 on NBC

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  • A very funny episode which brought the show back to it's original feel.

    Finally! Friends finds its way back to the real comedy and the core of what the show used to be.
    For a long while there Friends ceased to exist and The Ross And Rachel Show took over. Let's face it, bringing a couple in to a group of friends is bound to change things. That's the way it is in real life and that's the way it affected the show. They weren't six friends hanging out anymore, they were four friends and the couple which always had to argue about something. Most storylines were affected by this and I know that I for one got tired of the endless Ross and Rachel arguments where it didn't matter who was wrong or right, Ross was always wrong. For me it brought down the quality of the show and the jokes seemed forced far too often.
    Then came this episode. When the friends are all stuck together out at the rest stop it finally felt like Friends again. The six of them, friends and nothing more, even though two of them couldn't get along. The jokes were funnier in this episode than they been all season, the chemistry between the actors was better than it had been for months and the overall feel of it was Friends. The best part had to be when Chandler tries to stop the argument by impersonating a character from a musical... Classic Friends!
    A great episode which brought Friends back in style after the whole couple thing. Too bad it didn't stay there forever...