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  • Season 10 Episode 4: The One with the Cake

  • Trivia: Rachel says that the cake she ordered for Emma's birthday contains nuts. Although necessary for the "nuts" joke, you would never put nuts in a one year-old's cake. Their molars, necessary for properly masticating nuts, don't usually arrive until their second year. Nuts may also present problems as a choking hazard or with possible allergic reactions.

  • Continuity: Emma was born in May for the Season 8 finale, however, in this episode, her birthday is celebrated in October. What's more, if you consider the fact that she was conceived in mid-April of 2001--one month before Chandler and Monica's wedding--her first birthday should have been the previous January, nine months earlier.

  • Continuity: In "The One Where Rachel Has a Baby (2)", Phoebe and Ross are looking into the nursery as Emma is brought in by one of the nurses. The card on her baby capsule reads "Emma Geller-Greene". Whereas, in this episode, the cake box that Ross brings in is labelled "Green".

  • Continuity: When Estelle tells Joey he needs a monologue for his audition, he says he doesn't have a monologue prepared. But in "The One in Barbados (1)", Joey says that he memorized a monologue from Star Wars for an audition.

  • Goof: At Emma's first birthday, her half-brother Ben and her maternal grandparents and aunts are not in attendance. If the party was for people that were close to Emma and her family, why wasn't anyone from Rachel's family there?

  • Continuity: Judy says that both her parents died very young. However, we saw her mother's death in "The One Where Nana Dies Twice" and she was quite old. Also, in "The One with Phoebe's Cookies", Jack tells Chandler that his in-laws are alive.

  • Goof: When Joey asked Jack and Judy Geller if their gift to Emma could be from all three of them, Jack asked Joey "Which one are you?" However, there are only three men in the Friends "group." Ross is Jack's son, and Chandler is his son-in-law (and Jack has known Chandler for years since he was Ross's college roommate). So with whom was Jack confusing Joey?

  • Phoebe's Song: "Emma" 
     Emma, your name poses a dilemma, 
     'Cause not much else rhymes with Emma. 
     Maybe the actor Richard Crenna, 
     --he played the commanding officer in Rambo
     Happy Birthday Emma!

  • Magna Doodle: Happy, happy 1

  • Goof: Phoebe is the only one who is not asked to record a message to Emma for her 18th birthday video.

  • Continuity: How is Ross's tan from the previous episode gone? It doesn't go away that quickly.

  • Season 10 Episode 3: The One with Ross's Tan

  • Trivia: There are a number of references to the fact that Rachel couldn't stop laughing when Ross first kissed her, but that isn't true. The reason she couldn't stop laughing was because Ross "had his hand on her ass". The "kissing" had been fine up to that point.

  • Goof: Ross was instructed that after his front was sprayed, he should count to five, pat himself down to avoid drips, then turn. By the time he reached "...three Mississippi", the spray started again. In other words, even if he hadn't counted using "Mississippi", he still wouldn't have had time to pat himself down and turn before the second spray.

  • Goof: When Monica was mocking Amanda, Chandler asked her if she was trying to do a British accent. In the next shot we see part of Chandler and his lips are moving, but there's no sound.

  • Trivia: Rachel and Joey keep talking about how Chandler and Monica were able to go from friends to a couple and wondering why it wasn't weird for them. Rachel has done this too, except with Ross and besides her initial laughing when Ross was first kissing her, it wasn't at all weird for her and Ross to go from being friends to something more.

  • Trivia: In this episode Rachel and Joey returned home from dinner both thinking the other had paid. Rachel and Chandler did the same thing in "The One With All the Cheesecakes."

  • Goof: After Rachel talks to Chandler and Monica, Joey comes in. Rachel tells Joey that there's no problem, and they can leave. When they leave, the door stays open. However, when the camera angle turns to Chandler and Monica two seconds later, the door being closed is clearly audible.
    Note: The sound of the closing door comes from Joey's apartment, not Chandler and Monica's.

  • Goof: When Monica said that Rachel couldn't stop laughing the first time she kissed Ross, she was referring to "The One Where Ross and Rachel... You Know," however the first time Rachel and Ross kissed romantically was in "The One Where Ross Finds Out."

  • Magna Doodle: the name "Emma" with a drawing of a teddy bear

  • Season 10 Episode 2: The One Where Ross Is Fine

  • Trivia: Ross burns his hands on two occasions in this episode from forgetting to wear oven mitts. Apparently, burning his hands is Ross's "thing". In "The One with the Inappropriate Sister", he burns himself from picking up one of the charred balls that Joey and Chandler were using to play "Fireball". In "The One with the Tea Leaves", he burns himself taking Mona's spare key from its hiding place above the hall lamp, and in "The One with the Lottery", he burns his hand rubbing a lamp, suggesting mockingly that maybe a Genie will appear to help them win the lottery.

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