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  • Season 10 Episode 1: The One After Joey and Ra...

  • Continuity: Clearly a joke, but in the teaser scene, Chandler only agrees to go to bed with Monica if she puts a pillowcase over her head. In the opening of the previous episode, "The One in Barbados (2)", however, he is more than happy to cuddle in bed with Monica, big hair and all, and says he could stay there all day.

  • Continuity: Rachel says to Joey, "You know... Ross and I haven't dated in, like, six years", to which Joey responds, "Six years? Wow... that's almost as long as high school!" However, in Season 1's, "The One Where the Monkey Gets Away", Joey says, "I loved high school, y'know? was like, four years of parties and dating and sex..."

  • Trivia: Monica is humming what she believes to be "Bolero" from the movie "10". Chandler corrects her, pointing out that it is "Ride of the Valkyries" from the movie "Apocalypse Now". This is an exact reversal of a scene from "The One in Vegas (2)", where Chandler begins humming what he believes to be "The Wedding March" and Monica corrects him, pointing out that it is in fact "The Graduation Song" (Pomp and Circumstance).

  • Goof: It is not possible for Monica, Chandler and Phoebe to hear what is happening in the room with Charlie and Ross. When Ross entered the room, the hallway corridor is visible.
    Note: We don't see how far the corridor goes off to the right. If it's a cul-de-sac, then it's still possible for their two rooms to share a wall.

  • Goof: When Ross asks Phoebe, Monica, and Chandler if they have seen Joey, the stage lights are visible at the top of the screen.

  • Continuity: In this episode Ross said that he has always considered Chandler his best friend, because of all their history. However, in "The One Where Emma Cries" he said that Joey is his best friend, while Chandler is his oldest friend.

  • Magna Doodle: A drawing of a baby kangaroo (labeled Joey) in its mother's pouch

  • Goof: When Rachel is going to tell Ross about her and Joey, while he's putting down Emma, she puts her purse on the table. In the next shot, she puts her purse down again.

  • Season 9 Episode 24: The One in Barbados (2)

  • Trivia: The bandage that Rachel had on her left arm in Part 1 has disappeared and now shows a long red mark where the bandage used to be.

  • Continuity: When Chandler is trying to get Monica to stop playing Ping-Pong, she responds that he vowed to take her "in sickness and in health", competitiveness being her "sickness". The phrase, "in sickness and in health", however, is only found in traditional wedding vows. Since Chandler and Monica composed their own vows, Chandler made no such promise.

  • Goof: During Ross's keynote speech, the bearded extra sitting behind Charlie and Joey is chuckling and glancing over at Joey when Joey laughs about Ross saying Homo Erectus.

  • Goof: Rachel laughed the second time Ross said Homo Erectus, but not the first time as Joey did.

  • Goof: During the second set of the table tennis match between Monica and Mike, at the end of the set Mike places his non-racket-bearing hand on the table and should have forfeited the point. He pointed that out when Monica did so he was aware of the rule but no one spotted it.

  • Continuity: Joey says that he's "...curious as George", and Rachel asks who Curious George is. She should know. In Season 1's "The One with the Fake Monica", we learn that she had a Curious George doll (who wasn't as curious once Marcel got to him).

  • Goof: When Mike and Monica start playing Ping-Pong, a boom microphone is visible moving out of the top of the screen.

  • Season 9 Episode 23: The One in Barbados (1)

  • Continuity: Joey refers to his TV show as "The Days of Our Lives". Ross corrects him saying it is just "Days of Our Lives". Joey reacts as if Ross is messing with him. However, in Season 7's "The One with Joey's New Brain", Joey correctly refers to it as "Days of Our Lives", even using the acronym "DOOL" (which Monica picks up on). Of course, it's Joey, so it's conceivable that at some point he simply lost track.

  • Continuity: Charlie tells Joey that she doesn't even own a TV, and Ross suggests that TV has no real value for him, either. This is inconsistent with our knowledge of Ross. In "The One Without the Ski Trip" he's excited about the new home theatre system he's just bought. In "The One Where Eddie Moves In", he fights over the remote at Monica's, wanting to watch Predators of the Serengeti even though Monica wants to watch Entertainment Tonight. We know that he watches a lot of sports on television, shows like Behind the Music and the occasional adult video. When Rachel was staying with him she complained that he was always watching The Discovery Channel, including documentaries on The Black Plague and how they make saltwater taffy. In "The One on the Last Night", he even watched basketball with a fake, pumpkin-headed Ben. And we haven't even mentioned... Die Hard!!

  • Trivia: In this episode, Rachel has an unexplained bandage on her left forearm.

  • Continuity: Charlie suggests saving the cork from the bottle of champagne and refilling it with water so the hotel won't charge them, and Ross responds, "Oh my God, I love you". However, in "The One with Rachel's Dream", Ross goes to great lengths to explain to Chandler that you only take what the hotel provides for your use; to take anything else would be stealing. He further breaks his own rule when leaving Barbados and takes a hotel Bible.

  • Factual Error: Charlie says that the wet season in Barbados is from June to December. Actually, it is from June to October. As they say in Barbados, "June too soon, October all over!"

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