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  • Season 9 Episode 21: The One with the Fertilit...

  • Continuity: Phoebe rips Rachel's gift certificate into four parts. However, the taped-up certificate Rachel hands the receptionist was torn into eight pieces.

  • Continuity: In this episode its shown that Charlie has not been to New York before. However in "The One with Ross's Grant" she talks to her ex-boyfriend, Benjamin Hobart (Greg Kinnear) about them being at a restaurant in New York a few years ago.
    Note: To be accurate, at no time do they say that the restaurant where Ross, Charlie and Benjamin have dinner together is in New York. Charlie has moved to New York from Boston, so it's possible that she and Ross traveled to Boston to have dinner with Hobart who still lives and works there. It probably is New York, but that fact is never actually stated.

  • Magna Doodle: "Happy Birthday Gizzy 5-1-91" with a drawing of a lion.

  • Continuity: At the start of this episode the gang is talking about what happened at the soap opera roof party the previous night. However, the previous episode did not end with the party, but with Chandler, Monica and Phoebe attending a performance of the one-woman show, presumably the night after the soap opera party. The plot seems to have jumped forward and backwards in time.

  • Continuity: Monica says to Chandler that they have been trying to have a baby for over a year, but they only decided to try for a baby at the hospital when Emma was being born and that was less than a year ago. Emma hasn't even had her first birthday, yet.

  • Season 9 Episode 20: The One with the Soap Ope...

  • Continuity: At the rooftop party, Monica spots a soap opera star and exclaims, "Oh, leather pants! Have mercy!". However, in "The One with All the Resolutions" when Ross asks the gang what they honestly think of his new leather pants, everyone, including Monica, says they don't like them.

  • Goof: The gang knows about the rooftop party, so when Joey comes into Monica and Chandler's apartment wearing a bathrobe, Monica says, "The games over. Take off your robe!". The only problem is, Joey is bare-legged. In other words, even if he was trying to deceive them, they could at least tell that he's not wearing any pants.

  • Trivia: Ross refers to the professors he's supposed to show around campus as probably being "a couple of old windbags wearing tweed jackets with suede elbow patches". Monica points out that Ross has leather elbow patches, to which Ross replies, "These aren't suede!". Interestingly enough, Ross turns out to be right, at least in the case of the male professor. Professor Spafford's jacket is tweed and his elbow patches are indeed suede.

  • Continuity: At the rooftop party, the entire skyline of New York is lit up, adding to the party-like atmosphere. However, in other episodes with scenes on the rooftop such as "The One Where They're Up All Night" or "The One with the Ballroom Dancing", there is only a smattering of lights on in background buildings.

  • Trivia: The woman in the one-woman play is actor Alex Borstein who does the voice of Lois Griffin on the animated TV series Family Guy.

  • Goof: When Chandler is on his own in the theater, he is unhappy and wants to leave. But as he is leaving, the show starts and he seems too scared to leave now. But at the end of the episode when he gets his revenge on Monica and Pheobe by taking them to the theater, Chandler is more than happy to run out after the show started.

  • Magna Doodle: A drawing of Hello Kitty

  • Goof: When, Ross, Phoebe, and Rachel are together, and Ross is pouring the wine, the wine is tilted. One second later Ross is no longer holding it, and there was no sign of him putting it down.

  • Season 9 Episode 19: The One with Rachel's Dream

  • Phoebe's Songs:
     And there's a country called Argentina, 
     It's a place I've never seen. 
     But I'm told for 50 pesos, 
     You can buy a human spleen, 
     Human spleen.

    "The Woman Smelled Like Garbage" 
     It wasn't just that she was fat, 
     The woman smelled like garbage. 
     It wasn't just that she was fat, 
     The woman smelled like garbage.

    "The Food at Javu" 
     The food here at Javu will kill you! 
     The food here at Javu will kill you!

  • Magna Doodle: A drawing of a covered wagon hitched to a single horse that is sitting down.

  • Goof: When Phoebe sits down in Central Perk to show her top-hat to Monica, her big red purse falls on the floor, but when the camera angle changes, it's beside her on the chair.

  • Trivia: Monica took the same psychology class twice in college.

  • Season 9 Episode 18: The One with the Lottery

  • Continuity: In Season 6's, "The One with Joey's Porsche", Joey makes a big deal about how "Porsche" is pronounced "Porsh-uh", but at the beginning of this episode when he asks Monica if he can borrow her car to go buy lottery tickets out-of-state, he pronounces it "Porsh".

  • Trivia: Joey wants to pool all the winnings ($300 million) and buy the NY Knicks. According to Forbes, $300 million was the original purchase price of the Knicks in 1997. At the time this program aired (April 2003), the team would have been worth considerably more. As of January 2016, the value of the team is listed by Forbes as $3 billion.
    Of course, Joey's plan is all based on the assumption that if they won, they'd receive $300 million in cash, but if they took a lump-sum payment, after taxes, they'd end up with less than half that. Naturally, you don't want to consider such pedestrian details when you're dreaming.

  • Goof: When Ross arrived at Monica and Chandler's apartment just before the lotto drawing, the friends were surprised to see him. Monica said since he was there, she wanted him to participate in their lotto ticket pool, so she would put in $50 for him (and Ross then said he'd pay for the tickets himself). Since no one (including Monica) knew Ross would be there for the drawing, how did Monica know to get 50 extra tickets when she was in Connecticut? And why didn't this alert everyone else to the fact that Monica bought many more tickets than the agreed upon number?
    Note: When Monica is explaining how they will sort through the tickets to see if they've won, she says they'll divide up the tickets into 6 groups of 40 and whoever finishes first can go through the other 10. In other words, they only have 250 tickets. Obviously, Ross's contribution would be divided between the others so that everyone paid equally for their share of the 250 tickets. The only inconsistency is when Monica says that she'll throw in $50 for Ross, since his contribution with only 250 tickets would be about $42.

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