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YTV (ended 2004)


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  • This show is good, but it's not as good as Radio Active, which is my favorite show!

    Go, Fries With That! This show is actually quite funny, yet some people just like it because Giancarlo Caltabiano is in it. I have to admit, Giancarlo is a great actor, but so are the other actors and actresses. Besides Giancarlo, I like Anne-Marie Baron too. She's really cool! It won't replace my favorite show, Radio Active, but it's second on the list! Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but this is my opinion!
  • Pretty good show.

    Well the show is about a couple of teenagers that work in a huge fast food joint. It is quite satisfying in humor, but doesnt give the mouth that "you know it's impossible to not have an outburst of laughter" expression. So if any body likes this kind of entertainment that doesnt quite level off with big primtime sitcoms like that 70's show, or seinfeld (not that i like seinfeld), this is the the kind of show for you.
  • Thanks for the memories!

    I knew about this show quite a while before it debuted, thanks to, which is the website of Paul Pare, Terence Bowman and Bernard Deniger, better known as The Vestibules. They were responsible for shaping Radio Active, then bringing life to Fries With That? Having followed their careers for the past 15 years or so, I've come to know their style well and have enjoyed the in-jokes put into both shows that only big fans of the group would get (I even thought the title "Fries With That?" was a reference to one of their skits, but was told by Paul that it wasn't).

    The show revolves [mostly] around the working life of a group of teens at a fast food joint called Bulky's, run by a slightly inept assistant manager named Ben Shaw, who is not especially well-liked due to his picky nature. His fellow workers Alex, Pattie, Robyn and Tess are all normal teens with fairly normal problems, which is refreshing to see. I'm sure a lot of people who've watched the show can relate to their problems, especially the annoying manager thing. But of course, there are some truly wacky things that happen, too, which makes for a very fun show.

    Though it has ended after two seasons, we have lots to be thankful for and hopefully it launches that talented group of actors to bigger things.
  • Really Funny

    Really Funny Why don't people like it? its the one of the best Shows Made In Canada not as cool as Radio Active though. There is no way i would classify this show as BAD. They even show it in French thats how good it is. My Favorites are Alex & Robin.

    I though this show was going to be fun to watch, with Giancarlo Caltabiano, but it turn out to be crap!! The characters were unfunny!! The dialogue was mindless!! And this is one of the reasons why I don't watch YTV that much anymore!! This show is a disgrace to Giancarlo's talent, and the only reason I gave it a score like this because Giancarlo's in it!!
  • Watch it occasionally but don't make it a habit...

    This, somewhat annyoing, show tells the story of a group of kids who work at a local burger shack called, "Bulky's". The idea of this show is not all that great, although it may be appealing. Admittedly, though, once in a while, it wouldn't hurt to check it out once in a while if nothing else is on.
  • This is my favourite show ever, it is about 5 teens who work in a fast food restaurant-and they are the only ones who work there.

    Fries With That? is such a great show for teen and adults, as well as those who work in the fast food industry. Nobody expected there to be a show about a fast food restaurant-but there is. This show provides great humour and amusement, and shows what can go wrong when teenagers run a fast food restaurant. But unfortunately, not many people have heard of this show, for not many watch YTV. But for those who do watch-keep watching, and tell others about it!

    Yours Truly,

    Vamp_Chick, #1 Fries With That? + Morgan Kelly fan.
  • A group of teens experience the tough life of working in a fast-food joint!

    This comedy is, well .... cheesy and over-dramatic.
    But is a BLAST!
    These actors know how to portray diffuclt characters, and look like they really do work in a burger joint!
    I can't stop laughing when I watch this.
    Each character is so different. Unlike some shows with similair characters.
    Go FWT!
    Anyway, it makes me hungry to watch, sp have a snack when you flip on to YTV, or Radio-Canada.
    It's too bad that Americans can't experience this show, but at least it makes us Canadians proud to be Canadians!
    Although it's sad that YTV didn't order a season 2, at least this fantastic show saw the light of day! Never stop goin!
  • Doesn't click with the audience.

    The show revolves around a bunch of teenagers who work at a fast food restaraunt. I thought this show had good potential but never really left the launch pad. The actors are great but with the bad writing, the actors don't shine. Most of the jokes are extremely corny and predictable. Although it did make me laugh a few times, the good jokes were killed by the over flowing of the bad ones. I don't recommend this show to anyone who it takes a lot for them to laugh. I recommend this show for kids who are younger than ten. If the writing improves, the show might have a chance.
  • A good show but it doesn't outshine Radio Active.

    I do like this show, don’t get me wrong about that but it tries to outdo it’s predicesor Radio Active. Again Giancarlo Caltibiano is in this show with his superb acting but he doesn’t quite live up to his ingenious acting in Radio Active as George. The acting is good and it does have it’s moments but it doesn’t quite live up to the Radio Active standards. I do like how it’s all Canadian but there are many shows that are all Canadian. If you want to see the creators at their peek then do yourself a favour and check out Radio Active.
  • i really like this show for the fact that it is an all canadian show and i really enjoyed the time i had in montréal and quebec city it was fun

    i like this show id rate it a 10 anyday it very enjoyable and i love the cast alex is sooo sexci hes on a much music commecial (THATS HOT) i love him hes hot i like stéphanie buxton shes in love wit alex(in the show) they are so cute together tess n eddy r cute n well patty has no other choice but ben , who is hot under all that yu see hes a hottie i love him too (i guess)