Fries With That? - Season 2

YTV (ended 2004)


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Episode Guide

  • It's A Wonderful...
    It's A Wonderful...
    Episode 25
    The gang are planning to go and put on a show for the kids at an orphanage for Christmas but they get snowed into Bulky's on Christmas eve.
  • Robyn... and Eddy
    Robyn... and Eddy
    Episode 24
    After checking her horoscope, Robyn learns that her true love's name will be Eduardo. Since that is Eddy's real name, Robyn goes on a date with him. The date goes badly and Robyn wants to end the relationship but is afraid she'll hurt Eddy's feelings. What she doesn't know is that Eddy also wants to break up. To help Eddy, Alex tells him to convince Robyn he is obsessed with her so she'll get scared and end it. The plan doesn't work and leads to Eddy proposing to Robyn.moreless
  • Dirty Burger
    Dirty Burger
    Episode 23
    Ben decides to give the gang a free dress day if they can follow his new policy of "Zero food waste". Pattie drops a hamburger on the floor and because of the new policy she picks it up and serves it to the guy she likes who doesn't show up for food the next day...moreless
  • Sleeping With the Fish Sticks
    A mobster attempts to blackmail Bulky's into paying him for "protecting" it. Alex hides from his mother to avoid performing a viola recital.
  • Love, Robyn Style
    Love, Robyn Style
    Episode 21
  • Shake, Cattle and Roll
    To get some free advertising for Bulky's, Ben invites a local radio personality to broadcast a show from the restaurant. When the host starts making fun of the food, Head Office Guy phones in and goes on an obscenity-laced tirade. To help boost Bulky's image, the staff tries to come up with a jingle to be played on the radio. Pattie and Robyn's entry is chosen, but Head Office Guy decides a boy band will perform it.moreless
  • Catering on the Side
    Patti and Robyn Decide to make some of Robyns homemade chili and sell it to buy dresses for a dance but with Eddy's help the plan backfires.
  • The Return of a Man Called...
    Smith John Smith returns to Bulky's to hide from the police.
  • Love and War
    Love and War
    Episode 17
    Alex starts to take his job seriously to impress a girl, but she seems more interested in Ben. When Ben asks Alex for dating advice, Alex tells him to do outrageous things so she won't like him anymore. After seeing how hurt Ben is when the girl runs away from him, Alex regrets what he did and tries to fix things. In the end, she starts going out with Eddy.moreless
  • Mortimer's Makeover
    Mortimer's Makeover
    Episode 16
    Head Office Guy's dull nephew Mortimer spends time at Bulky's while his father is out of town. Alex tries to help him loosen up but gives up and starts playing his electric guitar. Upon hearing it, Mortimer realizes he has been missing too much of the world and goes to a concert. When Head Office Guy returns, he sees Mortimer has changed into an uninhibited free spirit. Meanwhile, Eddy makes repeated - and failed - attempts at magic.moreless
  • The Haunted
    The Haunted
    Episode 15
    The staff thinks that Bulky's is haunted. Meanwhile, Alex tries to forget about his fear of ghosts. One at a time, the rest of the staff keep on coming in the restaurant until all of them, except for Alex, got stuck inside the fridge. At the end, Eddie was just the one who was doing all of the stuff that was scaring the staff.moreless
  • Flipping Over You
    Flipping Over You
    Episode 14
    After Alex gets his picture in the school paper, girls start coming to Bulky's to watch him work. When Ben continues to give him more and more shifts to boost business, Alex quits because he wants to go on dates instead. Eddy is given Alex's job which also increases business since girls come to watch Eddy. Alex convinces Eddy to ask for a raise which Ben gives him by reducing everyone else's salary to below minimum wage. Once Ben learns Eddy is not cooking the burgers properly, he demotes him back to delivery guy and Alex gets his job back.moreless
  • The Hottie
    The Hottie
    Episode 13
    Tess and Robyn have a crush on a substitute teacher which leads to a rivalry between them. After seeing the teacher having lunch with another woman, Tess and Robyn get revenge on him by putting very spicy peppers in his burger. Ben convinces The Head Office Guy to enter Bulky's into a contest they have done poorly in during the past. It is also revealed that Pattie has a crush on Alex.moreless
  • Drive-thru Speaker Bandit
    We find out that Bulky's has installed a drive-thru to improve service, but there is a speaker bandit intercepting the crew when they go to take the drive-thru-ee's orders and says something rude each time. Pattie gets into the speaker bandit so they decide to meet in the parking lot on Pattie's lunch break; Ben buys a machine to try to track down the bandit and destroy Pattie's lust for him; Alex has a fake conversation to throw Ben off track so Patty can meet this guy who turns out to be a rude child who can manipulate speakers to change his voice.moreless
  • One Alex to Go
    One Alex to Go
    Episode 11
    Alex tricked the staff at Bulky's by getting Eddy to call as Chunky's manager and telling that there is a job opening for burger flippers.
  • Heart of the Matter
    Heart of the Matter
    Episode 10
    It's Valentines day and Alex is trying to tell Robyn he likes her. Things don't go to well and Robyn thinks Alex is going out with Tess. Meanwhile Ben is trying to get girls to like him.
  • The Food Critic
    The Food Critic
    Episode 9
    Robyn writes a review about Bulky's in a newspaper.
  • The Soup Kitchen
    The Soup Kitchen
    Episode 8
    A hobo hanging around Bulky's turns out to be a famous actor.
  • Pass/Fail
    Episode 7
    Pattie and Tess stick to Robyn's idea of studying for the Provincials instead of cramming. Meanwhile, Alex and Ben gets a deal of all the answers to the Provincials.
  • Peace, Love and Misunderstanding
    After Pattie's date to a wedding cancels at the last minute, she looks for a replacement. Since there is so little time, she even considers asking Eddy and Ben. When she ends up going with Alex, Ben is jealous of Alex and Robyn is jealous of Pattie. Despite Alex and Pattie's insistance that they are nothing more than friends, Ben makes up new rules to prevent dating among employees. Tess eventually convinces Ben and Robyn to accept the situation, but that causes even more confusion.moreless
  • The Prankster
    The Prankster
    Episode 5
    On April Fools Day, Alex and Ben play a prank on each other that doesn't go as well as planned. Robyn and Pattie make fun of them for it and claim they can come up with much better pranks to play on the two of them. Despite the efforts by Tess to calm things down (by writing The Treaty Of The Fries), the two sides don't listen. After a couple more pranks, they realize neither side was behind them. It turns out The Head Office Guy was the culprit and the crew gets back at him.moreless
  • Dearly Departed
    Dearly Departed
    Episode 4
    To fool the "Road Rage Guy" that is after him, Ben prints a story in the newspaper saying that he has died. Everyone, including Head Office Guy thinks Ben is dead, and since Ben is "dead" he doesn't get paid. So now Ben and the rest of the gang must find a way to convince The Head Office Guy that Ben is alive, while they try to convince The Road Rage Guy that he is dead.moreless
  • Burgatron 9000
    Burgatron 9000
    Episode 3
    To increase efficiency at Bulky's, Ben buys a supercomputer called the Burgatron 9000 to help run things. It gives everyone a raise in pay except for Ben (whom he demotes) and takes over as assistant manager. Alex likes how the Burgatron 9000 makes fun of Ben but doesn't like it when he himself gets fired. Eventually, Alex and Ben get together to try and stop it. The girls have problems with relationships as neither of them can find the man of their dreams.moreless
  • For a Limited Time Only
    Everyone comes to work dressed in formal clothes since there is a school dance right after their shift ends. In an effort to prevent their clothes from getting dirty, the crew tries to avoid doing anything. However, because of a poor choice of words in a coupon Ben put in the newspaper, customers are allowed to buy one thing and get everything else they want for free. Pattie also teaches Ben how to dance and it appears as though she might care more about him than she lets on.moreless
  • Alex Takes Over
    Alex Takes Over
    Episode 1
    Alex is put in charge when Ben goes to an Assistant Manager's convention. As soon as he leaves, Alex turns Bulky's into "Home Of The Slackers" and tells everyone to not do any work. He even convinces The Head Office Guy that profits are up (even though they are way down). Meanwhile, Tess dresses like a tree for National Recycling Day and Robyn has problems with her Math homework.moreless