Season 3 Episode 14


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 18, 2011 on FOX

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  • Moving On

    This was a very unique episode and something very different from the rest of the episodes that doesn't require supernatural mutated beings of some sort. It was about two people mourning over their deceased spouse, very sad the pain they must have gone through. Their story was good enough for this episode, when it comes to Olivia and Peter there is no forgiving that needs to be said. Peter didn't do anything wrong he thought it was Olivia. After Fauxlivia left he missed those times of not being alone and having someone when you wake up beside you. He wanted that so bad with Olivia he ignore the small details that wasn't her because he was deeply in love with Olivia. Thats why Olivia let it go, writers wanted you to feel that she was scared because of the events in season 1 she lost the person she love and also betrayed her in a way. So towards the end I thought it was beautiful that she was willing to let Peter in I can see she's scared but she wants Peter as they head up the stairs.