Season 3 Episode 14


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 18, 2011 on FOX

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  • Season 3, Episode 14

    The last episode was not easy and it was no accident that took the number they had. 13, bad luck, bad luck, bad weather. We returned to the ghosts of the past and fears of the future. But it was not by chance that I, after all, wrote a critical light, full of faith and will.

    He was right. The now 13, went home and returned to one side. The one building, an apartment, where, in a lively evening party to counter a balcony disappears causing people who were in it, alleging that neither falling rag dolls on the floor. Another magnificent start to do remember "The Happening." It is early on that we also realize that this is an episode of reconciliation. Not discovered right away is that, rather than the peace of the rest is a couple of two.

    This is because the case this week was no more than a love story, bigger than any one of the two universes. An old woman, resident of this building, lost her husband some time ago, but the strength of their feelings makes him able to see the other side. On the side where things ran around and a widow cries with the same pain. The love of two has caused a rift opened up in our world and put at risk everything and everyone. For this problem there are two solutions: Amber, already familiar to us, or cause that you would break loose and eventually let her husband go in peace. He won the second and all finished well.

    I loved this story. Not only for being an incurable romantic, but also because I think balanceou perfectly the next sci-fi with the dramatic side, without ever taking off from mythology. It is necessary to achieve great maturity and harmony to tell us a story well. In addition, the bridge is also intelligent mounted between the case and the players. References were clear and the speech of Peter (Joshua Jackson) at the end showed how the narratives were symmetrical. And if the other won the loneliness, not this. Finally they set aside their heads pain, fears, and assumed the relationship. All done with great taste, without ever bothering or soften. The pity is that we know the rest, pregnancy, the other. The rest unnecessary, the rest expected to enovela thing. But well, for that matter can only hope.

    It was also very interesting to bring Amber back and put Walter (John Noble) in the same situation as his rival. Wonderful scene in which vents, realizing all the other reasons that led to becoming the monster it is. There is no good or bad, are all a bit gray.

    Finally, one thing that makes me confused is that the gaps in another universe just happened to have time and ours not. If there is an imbalance, both should be affected. Or not?

    That said, "6B" is not just a floor, is a return to the track. A fantastic episode dosing in certain doses fiction, action and romance.

    The Best: The Case of the week.

    The Worst: Us to know that this reconciliation is short-lived sun.