Season 4 Episode 13

A Better Human Being

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 17, 2012 on FOX

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  • Man, I hate it when Fringe gets dumb (SPOILERS)

    I've kept the rants about Fringe's caveman-like take on science ethics away because... well, Fringe managed to keep the dumb, dumb morals away, too, but you know when Fringe is going to drop the ball by whether an episode contains the word "hubris".

    And yep, this one does. Gloriously. As a doctor who inseminated hundreds of women with his own genetically altered sperm is caught, he says "Can you imagine such hubris, trying to improve upon God's work".

    OK, you slimy old man, let's get some things clear here. The events the show depicts you as having done are not "hubris", they're called "serial rape". And what's bad about it is not that you thought you were more powerful than God, it's that YOU INSEMINATED A BUNCH OF LADIES WITH YOUR SPERM. God has nothing to do with it. I'm sure the cops would be enough to call you out on that one. Or maybe not, because the Fringe team just lets him go on his merry way, free to be murdered by his offspring in a bizarre "oh, crap, it's minute 37 and we still have a cliffhanger to set up" turn of events.

    Ugh. I can't express how bad all of that series of events is. For the record, we improve upon God's design all the time. Last time I checked nobody was claiming that we were created with Gore-Tex, but I'm sure the writers of the show thank Him for that one when they go snowboarding. Or for, you know, chemotherapy and organ transplants.

    I'm pretty sure it's disingenuous, too. The characters in here are pretty cool and three dimensional. The show is inventive, well structured and cleverly put together. Nobody involved seems to seriously be that stupid here. I imagine this is an attempt to please their fanbase with unthreatening cliche. Or maybe somebody at the top truly believes all this stuff and just forces it into a writer's room too confused to actually find remotely sensible examples of scientific malpractice. I honestly don't know what's worse.

    Hopefully we can wrap up the season with some clever, well written fiction and character development and move away from the morality plays about science, because Fringe nosedives very hard on these when it could instead soar.

    Oh, well, apologies for returning with one of these outbursts instead of a more positive review. For your convenience, the thumbs down button is down there.