Season 2 Episode 1

A New Day in the Old Town

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 17, 2009 on FOX

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  • i have no idea whats going on!!

    i have no idea whats going on!! i mean what a hell of a start for a season??? loved it. how was Olivia thrown outa the car, the car had already crashed, but after Walter opens the door, we start hearing the breaks and the crash sounds then Olivia jumped outa the front shield. it was hell of a way to enter the normal world?? the other scene she is in the hospital with fatal wounds and yet she wakes up screaming in Greek, how did she wake up? how did her brain come back to function?

    she all freaked out and shaking, doesn't remember a thing, we know she met William Bail, and he tells her something that will save the world as usual, it's always saving the world.

    i love agent Franssess and i dont want to see him as a bad guy, or Olivia's first enemy?? i would really want to see her face when she finds out that he is the shape shifter??

    then we got the scene in the lab with Peter saying that his father checks his breathing everytime he's at sleep, which means that in both normal or the paralal world there is only one Peter and the other is dead, how about Olivia? maybe at that time in the hospital she died, but somehow she was combined with the other person? and was brought to life??? nothing is imposible in Fringe, right?

    ..whats wrong with the X-files, Alias, Lost and Heroes?? we all love these shows and if there will be another seasons of them we'll all watch them???
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