Season 2 Episode 1

A New Day in the Old Town

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 17, 2009 on FOX

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  • Fringe's sophomore year- good opener...

    The best sci-fi on TV started off with a bang with Anna Torv dramatic entrance into the screen. However, the episode lost most of the initial momentum and settled down on a pretty lackluster note.

    The shape shifter plot was a unoriginal, and if you are Sylar from Heroes, you might most likely say- 'been there, done that'. Apart from that, most small an large plot bits were very Fringe-like and predictable. You know, things like Walter acting like a kid, preparing custard before a corpse and acting like it's another day at work. Olivia waking up just in time before our fuses blow off. Or for instance Peter pitching in to save Olivia's life.

    Charlie Francis is killed off the show, in case most people didn't recall. The actor had apparently mentioned it in his Twitter or Facebook profile sometime in May this year. So the new FBI agent, who seems all too interested in Fringe business is his replacement. I guess the reason why I am still not convinced is because, Anna Torv was bedridden for the whole installment. I am sure next Thursday's one should be a blast. Well, there nothing left now other than to look out for the Emmy's this weekend.