Season 2 Episode 1

A New Day in the Old Town

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 17, 2009 on FOX

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  • Peter's mom sends him a birthday message through the most unlikely vessel.

    It's Fringe division Torchwood's style as junior agent Gwen Coop...err Amy Jessup investigate the crash scene of the SUV Olivia was driving before she went to see William Bell. In the obligatory X-Files homage the shapeshifter sent to stop Olivia's "message" shift into a new body while watching a rerun of the cult show.

    Back at Fringe division, the Bishop boys are dealing with the aftermath of Olive's injuries like the makeshift family unit they really are with Walter unable to deal with the prospect of her living will and Peter trying hard not to crumble in front of his father. However, right before Peter kiss her goodbye Olivia wakes up to deliver a message in greek, the code Peter's mom used to urge him to be a better man than his father, to "keep your people close", to take care of the people you care about.

    And that's exactly what Peter does as he single handle helps Colonel Broyles to get the results they need not to close Fringe division, recruits agent Jessup, helps Charlie to save Olivia's life and gets home in time for the birthday's custard Walter and Astrid made for him, with the message delivered and its target alive, the shapeshifter has no other choice but to stay the form of special agent Charlie Francis may he rest in peace.