Season 2 Episode 1

A New Day in the Old Town

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 17, 2009 on FOX

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  • I really did enjoy this episode, but it took a bit of thinking to truly work out the body shifting. I was SURE it was all wrong but in fact when you put it together is WAS possible as shown - read on to see why...

    First we have the guy in the car "Crash Guy". He's seen having the accident, walking away from it and then seen in the apartment hallway where he is intercepted by "Apartment Guy".

    Next we see who has to be Apartment Guy on the floor of his apartment and Crash Guy (clearly seen before he squishes himself) plugs in to him with his own style of vacuum cleaner. He sucks up Apartment Guy and is now clearly seen to BE Apartment Guy. Who is actually left on the floor after the "vacuuming" at this point isnt made all that clear.

    Next we get a section on how Crash Guy has been seen in camera photos as the driver of the car. They have his address and raid his apartment - he's on the floor sucked dry. This confused me completely on first viewing as in the mix of it all it seemed this was the leftover scenario from the scene above - but its NOT. This just shows what happened to Crash Guy when he was originally sucked dry BEFORE he ever even got into the car, which we never actually even saw. So this now sets up the scenario that when Crash Guy took his body he left the original Crash Guy lying in his apartment, and then when Crash Guy took Apartment Guy he also left his original body in HIS apartment too. This all makes perfect sense to here.

    Next we see the Fringers get an alert call that a body has been found with the tripod vacuum marks. Its the original Apartment Guy and Peter correctly surmises that the original body gets left behind when vacuum man takes over his new entity.

    Next we see Apartment Man meet Nurse in the downstairs area of the hospital. It isnt really made totally clear exactly where this is - but it could be basement-y - she's outside and having coffee - sort of the down in the basement for coffee and cigarette feel to it. Anyway Nurse is toast - she gets vacuumed by Apartment Man which we never see. But based on the above at this point Nurse's original body MUST be left behind down where she was having coffee some place. Maybe tucked away safely somewhere but definitely down there.

    In the final confrontation Nurse vacuums Charlie. We know that this HAS TO create an original Charlie body as well as the new Charlie clone. What it does NOT do is create any Nurse body at all. So the ONLY way there can be a nurse body in the final scene is if the one that was created when the Nurse was first vaccumed has been MOVED to the Charlie death scene by the Charlie clone. The problem with this is that IF the Nurse and all the clones are dead, then there will be the original Nurse body left over outside having coffee - AND the clone that Charlie had killed. They will ONLY ever find one nurse so as the Trivia rightly says there would be no reason at all to close the case - and they would know that Charlie cant be Charlie at all.

    As has already been said - the original vacuum scene took an eternity. In that scene the clone didn't swap clothes either - he just wandered off in what he had on - which fitted the new body perfectly - um oops.

    So in the final scene, for it to even work - Nurse had to overcome Charlie (and he had who just shot her) then vacuum up Charlie (which takes a while) the get the original Charlie out of hiding and get his clothes off, then get into them himself. Then get original Charlie back into hiding, THEN get original Nurse from outside and get her into the death scene to be found with "vacuum cleaner".

    Lordy that's a mess - but yes it is possible. We can only imagine that Clone Charlie (and the others) must have a "Super-speed" mode - or a "Freeze-time" mode - or that the writers just think nobody is going to sit down and fully figure it out lol.

    But anyway for those that were wondering that's the full story in great detail. I like it - its flawed but its not actually impossible after all. I loved Walter feeding the note into the vending machine and worried he was going to lose his fingers - so damn funny and so well acted. And his custard back story too - and trying to take a taste with a glove wrapped hand that has just been in a corpse. If you dont want to tear your brain apart on the sci-fi of it all - these little moments just make it all worse while by themselves!

    My only real complaint with the pilot would be there was no more Leonard Nimoy, I had been SO looking forward to even a brief little scene where we saw him tell Olivia something seriously important about the back story - but sadly it never happened. Still all in all a really great start to the season.