Season 2 Episode 1

A New Day in the Old Town

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 17, 2009 on FOX

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  • The return of this mysterious show with an episode full of suspanse..and a goof.

    It was really , really fascinating how this episode unfolded introducing new charachters - agent jessup and the soldier from other world - and signaling a new development in the Fringe division. They're getting ready for war as far as i can see.Maybe not this seson..but in the next..I do hope mr JJ has it all planned and doesn't go by the ear because it could ruin a potentially amazing developemnt. I still trust in his magic though.

    Now on with the goof: maybe it's just me but how did the Soldier get the body of that nurse there in order to be shot by fake-charlie?! did they analyze the nurse then? isn't she supposed to have different characteristics?! after all a thing from other universe non necessary human [ or totally human ].

    For me, while interesting, the whole charlie thing makes no sense. when did he have time to bring the body of the nurse [ which was left somehwere at the entrance after he changed her OR did he bring her there forseeing what did come?!-unlikely ]- change into charlie AND close charlie's body?!
    isn't that too much in such a short time-span?

    i'm sorry. i'm not convinced.

    and i'm also pissed that they killed charlie. i think it was really a charachter that made the connection with reality as we know it. the last one of them maybe..
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