Season 2 Episode 1

A New Day in the Old Town

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 17, 2009 on FOX

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  • Would you eat something from Walters lab?


    I wouldn't! Its so funny and disgusting seeing Walter perform an autopsy and licking a lollipop at the same time, touching everything.

    This episode was good but not great, the story was exciting but filled with too manyplot holesand confusing parts.

    Liked how they tricked us last episode, thinking Olivia avoided the car crash and switched universes in the elevator. That's why we saw people in the elevator, she switched back and forth super fast. It doesn't explain how she wound up being in one of the twin towers though and why she suddenly got back in her car, crashing out the window, where did the time go? Maybe I think of this the wrong way, hope to get a goodexplanation when the Fringe's have thought on this for a while.

    It was so sad seeing Olivia almost dead even though I knew she wouldn't die. Walter was so upset, I'm verydisappointed that we didn't see his or the rest of the cast big relief when she came back. It's a miracle, I want a big reaction next time.

    The Shapeshifter is a great new storyline for the show but once again I'mdisappointed with the writers. The first time we see him shift, he has to make himself look like some sort of vampire from Buffy before he changes form, it seems like he need a few minutes to get it done. Later he does the same trick in seconds, clothes and everything (how can clothes change, they don't belong to the body?). And what about the bodies? I guess somehow, the Shifter was very lucky that Charlie found him in the room that he must have hid the real nurse in before. I'm very confused about this.

    I feel so sorry for Charlie, monster attack and now this. I'm gonna miss him, he was such a good friend to Olivia and one of the good guys. Interesting to see him act as the Shifter though, wonder how long he can keep it up!?

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