Season 2 Episode 1

A New Day in the Old Town

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 17, 2009 on FOX

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  • A New Day in the Old Town

    New day, new season. In this universe and another. And if Olivia (Anna Torv) was appalled at the top of this revelation, we were left hanging. In time and space, inside the tank, sleeping on the speculation of the future, science being a fan. Well, we can disconnect the wires and connect to reality, we are back to "Fringe."

    And nothing better to dismantle this return in questions and answers:

    What happened to Olivia after coming to the window of one of the towers of the World Trade Center's parallel universe?

    We do not know. Contrary to expectations, the episode kicks off with a freak accident, a fugitive who changes shape and Olivia violently that appears out of nowhere. Strange, rough and puzzling. Best start was difficult. Not only says that the conversation between the protagonist and Bell (Nimoy Leoanrd) will get to later (cleverly holding the mystery) and gave us an excellent way to meet and bizarre one (possible) villains.

    And who is this shapeshifter?

    Ui, tough question. Let's start with certainty: the time the typewriter was a highlight of the episode. The secretary, the machine and the mirror. The dark, moist, where two populations are in contact with each other. These are small details that go emphasizing mythology and cementing an increasingly strong. He is a soldier and had as its mission to prevent the meeting between Olivia and Bell. How could not he received new orders: to know what was said at that meeting and eliminate the beautiful FBI agent. Can not even one thing, because it is amnestic or another, because she is the protagonist, but it is what is the big "surprise" of the episode.

    What a surprise is this?

    Well, here is what I regret to read news. To all who knew Kirk Acevedo output of the series, this twist had no impact. At least for me. The blame is not on who built the scene is maybe more. As soon as I heard the shot out of sight I saw there was scheme and was there the eject button on the agent Charlie series. After all, this conversion of the official villain is certainly a bold choice - if the "House" Charlie was killed early in the morning and only saw him the trotters - and interestingly enough, that will provide for a time the agitation the plot.

    Who will replace Charlie?

    The Agent Jessup (Meghan Markle). Appears in the initial crash and start digging until you get to the Fringe Division. All this interest is not only strange how sudden. Was inserted within the research, gaining the confidence of all, very quickly. It is too early to conclude to be whatever is on this character, so let's stick with the statement: it is beautiful, she is agile and she is mysterious, most do not know.

    The Fringe Division will close?

    No. Does it still put the hypothesis to continue but with new leadership (Massive Dynamics?). However, Peter (Joshua Jackson) can help Philiph (Lance Reddick) and hands him one device that allows change shape in order to deliver this to the Council a physical proof that the division operates. The kiss between him and Nina (Blair Brown) was weird, raising more question and designing a more bizarre moment.

    And the Easter eggs?

    The Watcher in the first minute and "Files" to give television shortly thereafter.

    "Fringe" is back. Although we know that Olivia could not die, that Charlie had an exit visa stamped and that the division had to stand up, I was very genica the episode told us the "how." And he told it as only this universe can count. With new characters, new mysteries and all mythology. "Fringe" as told here is back!