Season 4 Episode 15

A Short Story About Love

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2012 on FOX

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  • Confused, a bit..

    I haven't watched Fringe since mid-March, so maybe I've forgotten too much, but, watching this last night made me scratch my head. The conclusion to the timeline plot felt like the oldest trick in the book -- the "and he woke up and realized it was a dream" or "the glasses were on his head the whole time!" kind of endings. Can someone remind me of earlier clues that Peter has always been in the original timeline?
  • A very interesting episode

    Warning, spoilers in this post!

    A very good episode! I am going to keep this really short, I loved the idea this episode had, it was very close to what the movie "Perfume" had going, except of course modernised and maybe not as elegant as they had it in that movie. But the best part for me was the main story arc branch with Peter. Now what I am really curious to know is who exactly did Peter release, because it seems to me he was locked away for a good reason. Could this observer be a problem for our loved characters in the future, or will he be the one to make things right. Only time will tell. The only thing that bothers me is why did he say that this Olivia is Peters, how is it that only Olivia can start to be the same one from Peters other world and no one else? They will need to explain this later, and I definitely hope they do, because I am just not content on them leaving it like this. Though I really wanted Peter and Olivia back together after they were finally so close last season, I really can't see how this version of that will work? Maybe it will we will just have to wait and see what they will do next!

  • A 1985 novel

    Anyone else think 'Perfume'?!
  • "She is your Olivia"

    Indeed, this episode was certainly about love. The case was an interesting one. Using pheromones to take control of a partner has some merit to it. I have a friend who must emit some sort of potent pheromone that attracts just about every man in the dating world. She attracts the weird ones, the good ones, and everything else in between. You may not smell anything, but those pheromones are there, dictating your approach vs. avoidance behaviors. They never explained why the man was disfigured though. Chemical burn, perhaps?

    Meanwhile, Peter discovers the Observer's home after Walter finds an address written on a tiny disc implanted over his pupil. Planted there by the Observer, Peter ends up helping this Observer finds his way back to the universe. In helping him, Peter asks for his help to return to his timeline. But the Observer informs him that Peter is already there. And it finally sinks in. Sure, this timeline may be different, but their personalities are generally the same (as compared to those in the alternate universe). But because the timeline reset, Olivia needed to fall in love with Peter all over again. However, the outcome is the same because of love. Love transcends all, Peter could not be erased because the connections he held - with Walter, with Olivia. He cannot be erased because of his interconnectedness with others.

    Peter: "And Olivia"

    The Observer: "She is your Olivia"
  • Song during the pheromone extraction

    I recorded the episode and wrote down the words to the song. I went to YouTube and tried various word sequences, and I finally stumbled on the song. It's by Jon Anderson and Vangelis, titled The Friends of Mr. Cairo. The words are found in the second half of a long song.
  • 4x15 "A Short Story About Love"

    Perfect is the word that makes this episode justice. Fringe deserves an Emmy for Best Drama just for this episode.... And J.H Wyman deserves every single award for Best Director in the world. Congratulations Fringe, this one was a winner.
  • Unbelievable Episode!

    I love this Episode. I am so satisfied with the way this episode ended. Peter helping September find his way back after he was locked out of the Universe? Just Magnificent. September telling Peter that he is home? Fantastic! September telling Peter that Olivia is "HIS" Olivia? Absolutely wonderful. I am ecstatic.

    I love the part where Walter says that Peter is a better man than he. Walter really loves Peter.

    I am 100% completely over the moon. This episode made me so happy. At the very end when Peter and Olivia ran together and kissed, I couldn't stop shouting, YES YES YES!

  • Soundtrack

    What is the name of the song listen to the bad guy?
  • A short story about how love trumps science......

    After all this time the answer was frickin simple!! from the beginning of the season we had to wonder what happened to blue olivia, alt-olivia,bolivia heck! so many Olivia, universes, timelines etc. String theories, dimensions etc am not sure i should be happy or exasperated that the answer to all is just LOVE.

    Coincidentally the case of the week was also about love or bottled love or chemical reactions about love. A man who believes everyone must have love in their lives, was killing men passionately in love with their "spouses" and then use their essence(collections of pheromones) to capture and kill their 'spouses". I got the feeling whatever he was working on wasn't a success but it was a nice carpet to the message of the week. Love is all powerful y'all.

    Essentially, it was Peter's love for both universes and his desire for them both to flourish that he he had to "die", and it was the love of those whose lives he touched that brought him back. Simply put, TRUE LOVE.

    We who must not really know much about it were looking for a complicated fringe-science answer to explain the phenomena that was Peter. I had good theories, so complicated to a point i couldn't really understand them (my own theories!!),so am a little bummed that the answer is so simple.There is No another Universe,or another timeline per se, just memories of moments never experienced because Peter was yanked out of existence. Solid episode Fringe, i give you 10!! 10 for the love themed episode that didn't bore me.

    September: "You have been home all along!"

    Peter:" I don't understand " ................................................ (Me neither!!)

  • Fringe is back with a bang!

    Very great episode and I'm glad to see it back. The case about a man taking pheromones from men that are in love and use it on their female partners was different. The case was alright but to me it was a sideline case, the more focus was on the mystery that happen when the observer died when Peter was in his mind, when Walter slow down the video feed it became clear that the observer left a message. Peter does some investigating and got the observer back and told Peter that he was always home and that Olivia is your Olivia. Great moment afterwards, the writers are doing a great job and by each season the show grows with excitement and great storytelling. Keep up the good work I have great faith in the writers now where going to take me on this wonderful story.
  • Unexploited potential, disturbing Freek, sloppy Peter, abrupt ending, heartbreaking Nina & Olivia (Bonus : Fan fiction idea) (Spoilers)

    Was it Fringe I have just seen or some episode of The Twilight Zone ? Don't get me wrong the second is cult but when it comes to the first I expect more than a classic but old story. It's specially true considering pheromones were already covered only two episodes ago, in A Better Human Being. Was it some sort of twisted sequel ? It made me quite skeptical even if I find the topic fascinating. However it wasn't anything we hadn't already seen and the impression of dj vu had a bittersweet taste in my mouth. I couldn't even relate to the antagonist as he wasn't properly introduced. Did he lose his girlfriend in a fire accident ? We will never know. Still the kisses he shared with his victims were disturbing because they were reminiscent of the complex dual emotions felt during rapes. According to an article I read at some point the victim is unable to control its body, probably because its mind has been weaken or just given up, and therefore takes some reluctant pleasure. It's exactly what we saw this week as one second the widows were attracted to him and the next they were screaming for their life ! Now I realize why these scenes were so shocking !

    Otherwise it's not something that could conduct me to watch this installment again. Indeed Peter's arc was way too anecdotic and not carefully intertwined to the main story. I wish it hadn't been longer and creatively edited like in Lost's season 6 for instance. It's very disappointing because it had potential and his quest was quite intriguing. From the message left by September to the gizmos he found in the Observer's apartment I'm surprised all these gems were almost left unexploited. Why didn't they decide instead to mirror it to Olivia's investigation ? It would have made the ending way more moving ! Instead it only last a few seconds when they could have shown them hugging each other in the snow for a timeless instant. Come on Fringe, be romantic !

    An other con was how Walter found the writing in Peter's eye. I wish the last had just followed the subliminal message, like an animal irresistibly attracted by the pheromones left by the opposite sex. Last but not least in my opinion an other unexploited element was the freak ability. Once arrested he told Olivia he could smell she was in love so the writers could have used it to bind her arc to Peter's one. For example the antagonist, from the other side of course, could have crossed her path in some parallel street and would have become obsessed by her. He would have abducted her, using a portal left opened by David Jones, in order to lure his prey in his fragrant web ! Then he would have been able to drain his vital fluids and taste how sweet Anna T Olivia's lips probably taste ! Indeed in the end my favorite parts were by far the moments she shared with Nina Sharp. The development of their daughter and mother relationship was intense, dramatic and emotional. You could feel how much they cared for each other but she just had to make a decision regarding Peter, even if it meant forgetting the memories she had with Nina and breaking her heart in the process.

    Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.
  • A Short Story About Love

    Is the twist on all of us as we have gone back in time to when Joshua Jackson was on Dawson's Creek? Seriously, that ending was something right out of that show and not what true fans wanted, maybe just the ones who care more about romance than actual character development.

    The bad guy was taken down way too easily too. Not Fringe-like at all.
  • What This Season Needed

    I was fascinated by the freak of the week, and there were some terrifying sequences with his victims, and I liked that the motive wasn't just about him, or at least he didn't think so. I was happy that they revived the Lee/Olivia storyline, but way happier that they ended the episode on a happy note like that!!! I was crossing my fingers that she wasn't going to get abducted again the whole time! Wow. Great episode.
  • waste of time

    I'm sorry but Fringe irritates the hell out of me lately! For a show which probably has only 7 more episodes left, they sure waste time. For me, and probably any fan with half a brain, it was obvious that this was the only timeline, and the only universe and that this Olive is the same as the one from season 1-3, with different memories. So this whole episode was unnecessary. If last episode Peter had kissed Olivia we would have moved on with the story in this episode, but instead we have to wait a whole week to know more about DRJ and mean-a. I actually found myself disappointed hearing September tell Peter what we knew all along, hoping that this whole "other timeline" theory of Peter wasn't a waste of a couple of episodes, but unfortunately it was.

    I really hope we get a season 5 cuz if not, the writers wasted to much time on this nonsense.
  • "I believe you call it ... love"

    It's becoming a trend with Fringe lately, with a case that feels like slowing down the main narrative. The case wasn't that interesting, and the connection with the characters' situation was a little too "on the nose", and in my opinion the "bad guy" of the week was too creepy for us to really feel for him when he confesses his motive. The only high point I can think of regarding this part of the episode was the twist on the last victim's identity. Anyway, the script had great character moments ... Dare I say it ? Olivia's final scene with Nina nearly brought tears in my eyes : Blair Brown was just astonishing as a mother who lets her daughter go, a role I never thought Nina would have in a million years. As for September and Peter ... well, we've known that all along, haven't we ? But Michael Giacchino's beautiful score and Michael Cerveris' acting sell the scene very well. September was both very alien ( he was even a little frightening in that light, or is it just me ? ) and very human with his fascination ( like August ...) for human emotions ... and was that a smile ? Episodes like this ( or "Forced perspective", or "A Better human being" ... ) make me hope they ditch the "mythalone" formula for the rest of the season, since it clearly doesn't work as well as it did in the past ( there were white tulips, but it was no "White tulip" ! ), and go full-on mythology, especially if there's no season 5 ! At least bring back Walternate's Fringe Division to investigate some cases !
  • it's about time

    This "another timeline" stuff was getting old. September returns was great. I almost cried at the end. Olivia seems convinced she is doomed to either go senile or die... which will probably happen if there is no season 5. That i didn't like... but the end was great and i slept soundly. Also it was cool to see Nina's crib. Lincoln seems jealous but who wouldn't wanna get with Anna, heh ;-)

    JHW Props on directing/writing. Only complaint was some of the music was a tad inappropriate at times but it certainly helps when the writer(s) gets to direct.

    Also great to see the "beacon" again hehe.