Season 4 Episode 15

A Short Story About Love

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2012 on FOX

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  • Fringe is back with a bang!

    Very great episode and I'm glad to see it back. The case about a man taking pheromones from men that are in love and use it on their female partners was different. The case was alright but to me it was a sideline case, the more focus was on the mystery that happen when the observer died when Peter was in his mind, when Walter slow down the video feed it became clear that the observer left a message. Peter does some investigating and got the observer back and told Peter that he was always home and that Olivia is your Olivia. Great moment afterwards, the writers are doing a great job and by each season the show grows with excitement and great storytelling. Keep up the good work I have great faith in the writers now where going to take me on this wonderful story.
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