Season 1 Episode 14


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 10, 2009 on FOX

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  • The best episode so far,and most revealing too...

    This might be the beginning of the show,till now it was not started,so far we just have seen fragments and pieces of what science can do,and what we have seen so far was just the introduction for the show...
    now the story gets started and the real deal is now on.

    in this episode we saw what we never thought to see,as the scientific bases are now completely of records and amazingly made for the show
    one thing that is really caught my attention was that drug that Olivia was given when she was a child and of course because her father was a millatery man in that base where Dr.Bell did his tests,so olivia was used like a lab rat there...

    about the book(ZFT) I believe that Walter wrote it in the first place but he did not remember first and in the end of the episode we see him typing and he looks like he have seen a ghost,as we can see there is a sign on every thing every where we look in this episode that is what makes this one so special.
    And when Mr.jones sees Walter he looks so happy as I think he believes in Walter like a prophet of some kind,and he new damn right what he was talking about,he was not crazy in any way.

    Last thing that I wanna say is "I believe the war that the book talks about is not between humans but it is between human and other species in the universe"...