Season 1 Episode 14


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 10, 2009 on FOX

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  • Ability

    We think we understand the reality around us, but the truth is not always our perception of things is correct.

    "We think we understand reality, but our universe is only one of many. The unknown truth is that the way to travel between them has already been discovered by beings much like us, but whose history is slightly ahead of our own. The negative effects of such visitation will be irreversible both to our world and to theirs. It will begin with a series of unnatural occurrences, difficult to notice at first but growing, not unlike a cancer, until a simple fact becomes undeniable. Only one world will survive."

    This "Ability" was an episode that I enjoyed a lot. Here we are placed following the events of the tenth episode, where the mysterious Mr. Jones (Jared Harris) teleported to a prison in Germany for the U.S.. And despite not having been one episode so consistently cited as the "Safe" or "The Arrival", had enough merit to keep the suspense over the same and gave us some light about the way that we can expect that the series seems to want to take. And I must say that part of the appeal that this episode has awakened me was related to the prospect of this new direction, or rather, the direction may not be new, could be planned from the beginning, but this was the first time I attended a more clearly.

    If we believe in the words read during the episode, which outputs a manifesto found in the end it was written by Walter (John Noble) - revelation already expected, but still provided a very interesting final - our perception of reality does not is the right one. In fact, there are many universes parallel to ours and has even been discovered a way to travel between them, not by us but by beings like us (The Observer is one of the travelers'). Despite these beings live in a parallel universe, its history is a point more advanced than ours. These travel between universes have a negative effect, both for our universe as to theirs, and that, at some point, become irreversible. These effects will begin to notice through a series of unnatural events (The Pattern?), Difficult to notice at first, but will grow progressively until a simple fact becomes undeniable: only one of the universes will continue to exist.

    And I love this idea, this confrontation that lies ahead. Gives greater consistency to the series and turns it into something more than a story of some people who regularly investigate cases involving foreign pseudo-science. I just hope that they in future be able to translate this promise into something more substantial and do not do the same as "The X-Files" did with all the conspiracy involving extraterrestrials.

    However, based on this idea that there are people among us of a parallel universe and that is imminent need to fight for the survival of the world as we know, Mr. Jones and his organization will be preparing an army of people with special abilities that can combat literally the end of the world as we know, the Apocalypse. For this, in 1981, several children injected with a drug called Cortexiphan would prevent the human brain to be limited by external constraints. That is, Dr. Bell, who invented the drug, believed that when the human being is born, your mind has infinite capabilities and, as it gives the growth process, all the forces that is, whether social, physical or intellectual, impose limitations and capabilities diminish brain.

    Supposedly, Olivia (Anna Torv) is one of those children and Mr. Jones is willing to prove it, throwing one of his irreverent attacks, this time using a toxin that causes hyperactivity in the protein responsible for healing. Result: the natural orifices of the human body are covered in minutes, people suffocate and die. After proving what we can do, Mr. Jones placed a higher dose of the toxin with a timer ready to release it over the city, if Olivia can not stop it with the power of your mind. And she can.

    This episode proves once again that "Fringe" can be much more than an "event of the week" and whose mythology can actually make it a number much higher than what is shown here at certain times. For my part, I want this "Fringe." Not the other, full of concepts and ideas made repeated.

    Finally, only a small note: Mark Valley left the show, in fact, already have to work again, so it seems that travel to the tank over.
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