Season 4 Episode 3

Alone in the World

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 07, 2011 on FOX

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  • Better for me not quite there

    The shows are getting better but i feel something is still missing this is the best case so far this season for me. Finally a break through when it comes to Peter after weeks of communicating Walter and Olivia wants to see whats going on which it appears Olivia been having dreams of Peter but don't know who it is. Walter almost stab his front lobe because he thought seeing Peter was him becoming insane. This episode of a boy that disconnected from the world, and being bullied, which he become attached to gust a fungus and becomes friends. The fungus protects the boy by connecting to his emotions which allows the fungus to expand or grow. They try to figure out a way to to kill the fungus without killing the boy.
  • Bullying is no fungus.


    Made especially for everyone who suffered bullying, who witnessed bullying in high school or simply stood there helpless to stop it, Fringe uses an innovative storytelling to delve in it, from the perspective of a12 year old Aaron Sneddon, victim of physical abuse at the hands of two children no longer in the land of the living. The show doesn't fall in the cliche to villanize the bullies and/or glorify the victim, but revolves around the disconnection and connection involved in the phenomenon.

    As subtle as the bodies decomposing lose the connection that sustains them, Aaron hold on to the connection with a strange fungus that saved his life, neither the lifeform nor the child wanted to kill, just like the aggressors, they just didn't want to be alone. Problem is: the child and the lifeform don't belong together any more than the visions haunting Walter belong with him. Ironically, is the connection formed between Walter, the father who can't afford to lose another child, and the boy named Aaron, neglected as a child, what stops the isolation breaking a chain of events that can only end up in violence.