Season 3 Episode 5

Amber 31422

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 04, 2010 on FOX

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  • Amber 31422

    "It's like riding a roller coaster at Coney Island," says Olivia (Anna Torv) somewhere in the middle of this episode, referring to a specific procedure. However, by expanding and generalizing, we can very well fit this phrase as a description based on this season. It is that Holy shit, has been a journey of hell!

    "Fringe" has managed to make four fabulous feats simultaneously: 1) Give space, time and depth to their characters, 2) Merge their cases with the mythology of the week basis, thus achieving a great sense of rhythm, 3) Place universal issues, in fiction, which leaves us to think, in fact, 4) entertains, stimulates and reinvents television like no other product available today. And are these four virtues that are repeated again in the fifth episode.

    The five plate is named "Amber 31422", one resin used in the parallel universe to control the anomalies created by the visit of Walter (John Noble). Already knew from previous episodes, which still did not know is that people are not killed her prey. They are rather a state of latency, an eternal golden showcase that not bizarre mannequins. This fact is discovered and used: a man decides to save his twin brother, imprisoned for years in an old subway station. Can you rescue him, leaving in its place a poor man. And giving the tone for a more generic red.

    The case, although it has not been so intense and hectic as the previous ones, has managed to remain based in central mythology, giving a better understanding of the mythic elements of the other side, the amber. He also makes the excellent and sublime, the bridge with the drama of Olivia, playing an interesting and surprising game of mirrors, of equal and similar, where exchange and back exchange, and nothing is what it seems. Beyond this raises questions as essential as the sacrifice of a life in favor of an entire planet. To what extent would we be willing to accept the loss of a loved one in favor of a common future? Would love one that would save even knowing that then the world would end? Is it?

    And we think, confused. Walternate not, it is clear as water: "Nature does not Recognize good and evil. Nature only recognizes balance and imbalance. I intend to restore balance. "To achieve this, Olivia subject to a series of tests in order to understand how she can move to the side. We return then to the tank, not that traditional, but a sophisticated and futuristic, cold and impersonal. She leaps, but come back soon. Her confusion grows as solve the case and that the appearances of Peter (Joshua Jackson) are increasingly frequent. Your mind is becoming more and their is a cop for teimas she returns to the water returns to the store of gifts and realizes who he is. Amazing when it leaves the mind and blatantly Walternate. Our Olivia returned personnel, is now way to get out of there.

    It's really exciting this issue is resolved. They could have dragged the issue for over half a dozen episodes, but they made the right choice. And now we have the heroine in a world that is not yours alone and abandoned, making a complicated double game. Nothing is right, good and evil mingle more, and in decisive moments we have big surprises.

    "Amber 31422" was a victory for crystal clear "Fringe." No one offered us so frantic pace or one of the quartet thriller so hot the past, but rolled in a solid and secure an important node for the future of history.

    The Best: Our Olivia returned.

    The Worst: A very slight lack of pace.
  • Moving somewhere

    Peter was aggressive in Olivia had, even when she kept denying what he's talking about is real. Peter help her out on a hunch but he told her I would I know if you didn't know. And told her of the other side because you been them, she than went back to the lab to ask to go in the chamber again. Shen went to the other side and realize what Peter was saying was true. Olivia is starting to realize something is not right here and after 5 episodes its about time, Peter and gang need to get to the same point on the fake Olivia.
  • amber 31422

    JJ Abrams already had one show cancelled this season in Undercovers and I have a feeling that his other show, Fringe, is a goner too. Not only are the ratings terrible, but just look at the quality of tonight's episode. This show used to be fun. Remember when there was a monster at the beginning of the episode, Walter being hilarious in the lab, a shootout at the end, and Massive Dynamic would do something sneaky before Fringe faded to black? I miss those days. Just look at tonight's episode: way too much of the other world, just way too much nonsense.

    Fringe jumped the shark awhile ago, but it's not even worth watching anymore.
  • finaly Olivia overcame the treatments! yay!

    well good episode, but not great. I mean the cases of the other side are not such a strange but I gave 10 because I'm so happy Olivia prove it to herself that she doesn't belong there. it's so romantic: the symbol of her self protection is Peter! she realy love him! I'm sure the colonel is so impressed by Olivia. she and Bolivia are realy different!
    put the Olivia story a side, that quarantine is so unfair! how could they do such a thing to people! they are alive and aware of every single passing moment. wow! they would wish to die!
    what would happen if Olivia try to cross over by her self some how they can't bring her back there!
    poor Olivia!
  • Truth and consequences

    Like the previous two Alt-Fringe episodes this season, the Olivia-centric elements are blended well with the broader exploration of the details of this particular universe. While this seems to delve into the Amber, how it works, and why it was created, this feels like a setup for something much more substantial and meaningful somewhere down the road.

    The episode presents the bone-chilling truth about the Amber: those trapped within it are held in a kind of conscious suspended animation, aware of their plight, yet unable to escape it. It was bad enough when there were victims of the Amber, when it was likely that this was a matter of "collateral damage". But the situation is not that simple.

    One huge implication in this episode is that the damage being done to the Alt-Fringe universe is not entirely the fault of Walter and his initial cross to save Peter. Walternate's talk about "balance and imbalance", and his overall dispassionate approach, makes it all too easy to believe that his actions were also a part of the destructive equation. In fact, if Walternate has been trying to find ways to cross over to Fringe Prime, the various wormholes and other singularities could have been the result. The fact that the Amber was first used to control a "fringe event" in Boston, presumably at Harvard, points to such a possibility.

    This episode also brought several elements that were seen in earlier seasons in the Fringe Prime universe and applies them to this situation. I was struck by the similarities between the tank experiment featured in the series premiere and the methodology employed to force Olivia into tapping into her ability. The fact that this coincides with the continual re-establishment of Olivia's original memories is a likely sign that her situation will soon be addressed.

    Meanwhile, the writers have managed, in a very short period of time, to endear us to the Fringe Division team members. Even Walternate has his sympathetic qualities, which makes him all the more interesting as a villain. I hope that the eventual resolution to Olivia's situation doesn't end the exploration of Alt-Fringe, because what we have seen feels like the tip of the narrative iceberg.

    Some have criticized the use of a "Head Peter" as a ripoff of the similar narrative device on "Battlestar Galactica", but I think that's an unfair judgment. As the season premiere established, most of what Olivia is experiencing is an internal battle, and that needs to be expressed in a way that the audience can find relatable. And making it Peter that expresses her inner doubts continually reminds the audience that she is in love with him, which only makes the Peter/Fauxlivia relationship a ticking time bomb in more ways than one.

    Overall, this was a great return for the show, which never should have been taken off the air for the World Series. Unfortunately, this episode was the lowest-rated of the season thus far. I consider that a direct result of the hiatus, and not a reflection of the show itself. Hopefully, an installment this strong will generate a renewed interest on the part of the audience.
  • Amber 31422

    Amber 31422 was a splendid episode of Fringe. This episode took place in the Alternate Universe where the Original Olivia is stuck. She is slowly starting to figure her situation out as Walternate continues to experiment on her. I thought the story of the episode was also interesting. This Alternate Universe is a very different reallity than our own, and their methods a little scary. I think this episode moves the season along and it has certainly kept my interest and peaked my curiousity! I can't wait to see what happens next, especially after the sneak preview. This episode was a great addition to the season!!!!
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Enigmatic, beautiful and lethal amber ; inspiring and puzzling twins driven story ; nice visual effects, charismatic acting, intriguing character development and fascinating wicked nature

    Lucky the ignorant. At the end of the season 3 premiere I had no idea what happened outside the building right before Olivia tried to enter. Amber, sweet Amber. Silly me, I thought it would be about a woman. But the amber is actually a technology invented by Walternate to prevent the parallel universe from collapsing on itself because of the fringe events. The people trapped in it almost looked like insects fossilized by an ageless tree resin. But things are not as natural as in Jurassic Park and the orange beauty had a secret of its own. Sadly they decided not to throw raptors in the mix even if it would have definitely been funny. However when the Fringe headquarters went red because of an anomaly my mind instantly jumped to Primeval. So fans of these productions should feel right at home.

    Otherwise the show had wild cards of its own and playing its game was puzzling. Indeed what could be better than a bank robber with a twin brother ? Add wormholes, Olivia's ability to cross over and you get an other paranormal journey. Some scenes also featured well rendered visual effects even if it seems Peter's appearances will never get the creative treatment they deserve. They decided to film these scenes like if they were real. A deliberate decision I suppose but I can only regret it. However it's still a minor issue compared to the show numerous qualities. Acting is one of them and John Noble is quite convincing as Walternate. It was nice to see him back at the labs after what he said in The Plateau. So I'm glad they didn't do the same mistake as in Caprica where experiences were ran by a nerd while Daniel Graystone the evil genius was cooking diner. An other talent we can count on is Lance Reddick. His portrayal of Phillip Broyles, Fringe division head, is relatively inexpressive but definitely charismatic. It makes him even more enigmatic and blurs the lines we're supposed to draw. Is he really rooting for Walternate and his elaborate strategy ? When will he know that Olivia has doubts about her identity ? These questions were raised right when we learned about these plot lines and the writers were wise enough to leave some breadcrumbs regularly.

    Last but not least one of the most fascinating dialog was probably between Walternate and his assistant. Nature is not about good and evil. It's defined by balance and imbalance. He sees Olivia as the key to close the door between the universes, to seal their fate for the greater good, even if it leads to the extinction of the Prime world. Amber, bitter Amber. What are your strengths and weaknesses so I can free you from yourself ?
  • Aaaand ... another win for season 3 !

    Season 3 continues to offer the perfect mix between standalone and mythology. On the standalone side, we had a deliciously convoluted, and emotional, story ... When we found out the real motive behind Joshua's last burglary, it was ... well, worth a sob. On the mythology side, good old Olive is BACK ! Did you see that look on her face as the episode closes ? I bet there will be some serious butt-kicking very soon. And that scene where she sees a New York with no Twin Towers, and hears Ella's voice ? Once again, that episode was very emotional. All the actors shined here. The Ashmore twins and Torv, obviously. John Noble, obviously, and it was a blast to see Walternate channel his inner Walter here by dressing as a scientist once more and putting Olivia into a sensory deprivation tank so high-tech it makes Walter's look even more rag-tag, and likeable ( "Watch your fingers", anyone ? )."Mister Secretary" really begins to build as a complex character, expressing for the first time regrets over some of his actions. As for Lincoln and alter-Charlie, they have such a sweet dynamic that I begin to really, really hope that when Olivia inevitably comes back home, she'll bring them along ( or at least, that they'll still be part of the show after that point ).
  • Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!

    I admit, I was a bit afraid of the Alteruniverse episodes since I thought that I might not relate to them as much as I do to the ones playing in our universe, but I was wrong. For one thing I love how Peter is a great part of these episodes as well. A thing I especially liked about this latest episode is how much it told us about Fauxlivia. We came to know her as some kind of evil and perfidious, ready to do anything for her universe, however bad and to tell you the truth, I was close to really hating her. Tonight -- even though she wasn't even there -- we somehow saw another face of hers and that was how much she means to Charlie and Lincoln. Without even hesitating, both of them put their lives at stake to rescue her from the tunnel about to be turned into a quarantine zone. So (even though of course deep inside I had known that already), she isnt' the "monster" she could be mistaken for, but a good friend and a beloved daughter, worried for her world that has suffered so much by what has been brought on it by Walter's actions and seeing how much her world had to go through makes it much more understandable, why she is acting in so much more cold blood and so much more reckless than Olivia would.

    I love how "Fringe" doesn't paint in black and white but in shades of grey and how sympathies aren't just lying with one universe, but how there are loveable characters in both of them, making it increasingly hard to take sides. Sure, I like Walter better than I like Walternate, but on the other hand I guess that it had been Walter stealing Peter that had done a great deal in making Walternate as cold and ruthless as he appears to be and we might find a lot in him of what Walter was like, before he was sent to the psychiatric ward because he definitely had shown a lot of disrespect for other people's life and a lot of ruthlessness as well.
  • This season so far has been the opposite of everything cliche in this world with TV shows.

    Confused with that summary? Let me explain. Basically, in every TV show or movie I've seen it's always the good guy that's undercover that you're praying doesn't get discovered as the bad guys slowly notice slip ups leading to a disastrous end. And then it's the bad guy that's brainwashed and slowly learning that he/she is really someone else and you're praying he doesn't find out and get revenge on the good guys.

    In Season 3 of Fringe we have the exact opposite going on and while it's frustrating, at first, to see our Olivia so easily manipulated and our Peter and Walter so easily fooled it's making for an entertaining conclusion. Every scene of Peter showing up from Olivia's mind is insanely fun as he tries to convince her of what she knows is true. And then, instead of wringing our hands as the good guy is close to blowing his cover we are actually cheering for Bolivia to mess up and for Peter to expose her. Everything's upside down this season, the true epitome of this series as a whole, and I couldn't possibly love it more. Anyone missing out on this series because they feel they are too far behind just needs to pick up at the beginning of Season 3 and start getting Netflix for the first 2. As a Lost fan missing that show, this one fits the bill in it's own special way.
  • Finally!

    It would appear that we are finally going to get some positive action from Olivia to restore herself to her real life. With the help of virtual Peter, of course.

    Shades of her former brilliance in figuring out how to get herself "back" for confirmation (I hope) of her real existence, was preceded by a real-Olivia act in letting the innocent brother escape the tests and experiments he would no doubt undergo had she really been Faux-livia, and turned him in.

    And hopefully she has her "team-mates" convinced that she is back in fighting form after she figured out the switching, maybe she is free to get to speak.

    Now, did I detect the fact that the general population of the alternate universe might actually have some issues about his methods to debate with Walternate?? And might those issues just happen to come back to bite Walternate, as a result of his blind fight to restore "balance"? "Balance" as defined by Walternate might not be everyone's idea of balance...and we know how peasants eventually revolt when they've had enough...Hopefully, Walternate may have unwittingly contributed to his own downfall...
  • Fringe is BACK!

    After an adrenaline charged incident in the other side, altFringe Division is set to stop a man released from Amber quarantine into the unsuspecting population. Problem remains the Amber alert was meant to secure the briges between two Universe ...not the emotional scars of the civilians who lost friends and relatives still trapped there.

    In theory, the victims can set up a potentially dangerous chain of events if revived, hence why the public was never informed that their loved ones could be brought back. Same as Olivia has yet to inform that Peter's memory keeps calling her back.

    Then thing is, the trapped civilian had a twin brother, a twin who took over his life, wife and children so he would not go to jail and a twin that would do anything to protect "their" family, including to spare his brother of further experimentation. As a new alarm goes off the ambar alert traps only one victim: for Fringe Division, it's the same man released into the unsuspecting population. For both agent Dunham and the twin brothers, this was the only way any of them could be set free.