Season 5 Episode 13

An Enemy of Fate

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 18, 2013 on FOX

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  • Fringe comes to a close

    Definitely one of my favorite shows of the past 10 years. Thinking back to the alternate universe - remember how much we complained about that?! Well looking back, it was one of the COOLEST things they've ever done on television, ever. This show defied gravity and science, and in a way, defined it too. Could it have been a better season - certainly. There were strong elements within this season (Etta, Peter becoming an observer, and the ending story-arc) but the overall execution of the season was a bit weak. Nevertheless, Fringe continued to put the characters first and with some great core values, this show has created a special place in my mind (maybe my heart too). I would love to watch the whole thing again... and maybe again and again. This specific episode was great to watch and exuded the quality Fringe fans expect. There was a ton of touching moments and other great moments too (seeing those Fringe-creations attack the Observers was a great scene).