Season 5 Episode 5

An Origin Story

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 02, 2012 on FOX

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  • An Origin Story

    The scenes with Peter and The Observer were really entertaining and compelling television. You rarely get drama like that these days, well-acted, well-written, just well-thought out, but when it comes around it is appreciated.
  • awesome episode

    A lot of things here..

    Good episode.
  • My thoughts (SPOILERS)

    I really love this season. You can really see how far the Fringe team has come and how much of a family they are.

    I was happy to see that Olivia watched the tape Walter gave her. Olivia used to struggle with showing her emotions but when she cried while watching the tape and called Peter and told him that she loved him, it showed me how far Olivia has come and also shows me that her bond with Peter will never be broken.

    When Peter took the Tech out of the Observer's neck/head, I was saying to myself "Don't put it in your head Peter." Then he went to the mirror and made an incision on the back of his neck.. by now I was screaming at my TV "Don't do it Peter!!!! Don't do it!!!!!" I am terrified of the consequences. Will Peter lose all his emotions, like the Observers or will be the same Peter just with the Observers capabilities?? I hope his personality stays the same.. It will be interesting though, will be able to move like the Observers? Will he be able to read people? Can Peter now teleport? I hope Peter has all these capabilities but still is the same Peter Olivia loves.

    My thoughts on why the Observers still got their delivery after Peter fired the anti-matter:

    Peter shot the Anti Matter, so let's say the Observer's in the future did get sucked into a black hole and it took years for them to contain it.... They are still in the future... So all they had to do was send the equipment again to the same time and location. Peter may have disrupted the future observers for years but we are still in the past and they could have just re sent the equipment once the black hole was contained. It would have been years for them in the future but just an instant for The Fringe team in the past.

    Once again the performances of Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson and John Noble were outstanding.
  • not missing etta

    don't know why. prob not with us long enough. agreed that peter and his emotions get the best of him,but that's good for drama i guess. i can't blame him for how he feels at all. but any time we become the monsters we lose,so we need him to come back, our heros can't become monsters and remain our heros...seemed a bit more like a reg fringe story with the fantasy ,portals,sci fi happenings...i still miss the "old fringe"...but i don't think that has to mean i am not with the new evolution of the story...i think i am still reacting to it being near over...bummer!!!
  • the twists never end

    Peter nooooooooo!!
  • Tech and Plans

    As soon as Peter put the device from the observers in his head (good twist/nice move) it became clear to me that he could then be empowered to read the equations and computations that Walter said were so difficult... (maybe read minds?)

    I also started to wonder about the motivations of September (and his origins) and concluded that there may be a direct relationship but certainly there is evidence that Watcher Tech does not render a person an emotionless "watcher" - these guys have some comprehension of what they have lost and feel stultified by the humans that draw strength from their emotions (and the weaknesses they seek to exploit).

    Walter with his "out of the box" ingeniousness, Olivier with her depth of charcter and cotesciphan enhancements and now Peter with his genius enhanced - backed by Anna's slog and Broiles as an "inside man" - might just stand a chance...
  • hmm...

    "All we have is a broken unifier, some tapes, a bucket of rocks and scroll" YEAH, thats for sure. I miss Anna in her glasses. I almost miss Nina at this point. Was the second best episode of the season so far. I hope now that peter has that tek in his head that he will be a bigger badass. I really miss Jared Harris. heh. I forced my mom to watch this episode... she said if this is the future why is their "plan" on VHS? I couldn't answer.
  • 5x05 "An Origin Story"

    My favourite from this season. Fringe impresses with an episode that is both action packed and quite dramatic.
  • Missing the obvious?

    Regarding the episode title - origin of what? Wild speculation: Perhaps Peter is the first Observer and part of the plan all along has been to get him to this point so he can ensure their existence? To defeat the observers, Peter will have to be defeated.
  • Good bedtime viewing

    Good bedtime viewing especially if you have trouble sleeping, because this season will help you get to the land of nod. Olivia has lost her strength, Peter has lost his cool, Walter has lost his mojo and Astrid has lost her meaning. All the relationships have broken down, the Fringe dept that binded them together is no more and the 'rebel' element is devoid of any legitimacy. I can honestly say that I've watched a couple of episodes this season and instantly forgotten what it was about and have fallen asleep before the end of two episodes so far. I still have 15 minutes left of this one that I didn't manage to stay conscious for. Used to love this show but it has lost it's way and a good thing that it is coming to an end.
  • Didn't see this one coming...

    I've to admit the past few episodes were quite tedious /except for the part where Etta got killed/ and I was starting to think they decided well by ending this show, before it gets a lot worse. But this episode got 'em back on track. Seeing how Peter reacted to his daughter's death and that scene with the existence of emotions being questioned! It really got me thinking - what is it exactly that makes us so emotionally attached to people, belongings, events.. It was a good episode and if the two-hour series finale is just 1/3 as better as these 40 minutes ...I think we all will be satisfied with the endgind of a great show.
  • Brilliant...

    I can only say that i like where the story is going.
  • The best of times, the worst of times.

    While Peter's rash, emotionally motivated actions in 'An Origin Story' - interrogating the Observer, stealing his tech and implanting it in his own brain - are foolhardy verging on mad, it's the most compelling aspect of the episode. I'm excited about seeing how this changes Peter and what it leads too, and it steps up the boredom of the video tape scavenger hunt, which thus far has been formulaic and slow. With only eight episodes left, everyone seems to be dawdling. Astrid is camped out in the lab painstakingly cutting through amber, Walter is simply waiting, and Olivia is grieving. None of these things is fun to watch. I love Anna Torv, and I love Olivia, but this season she barely speaks above a whisper, and seems absorbed with her inner turmoil, which manifests as speechlessness and suble contortions of the face. Even when directly spoken too she barely responds. I'm not excited about watching the wounded, emotionally fragile Olivia - I miss the proactive, kick-ass Olivia, and I hope she returns to us in time to save the world.

    To the reviewer below (arfurdaly1970) who said "why does Peter call Astrid 'Alison' when he answer[s] the mobile at the start," he didn't, you misheard, and the Etta 'Resist' posters presumably sprang up because there is more support for the resistance than there appears. Use your imagination.
  • Great as always, but definitely average for Fringe fans.

    I think this episode like all the others deserves a 10 I mean these guys write killer episodes even when they're not trying. That brings me to the specifics in my review, the episode was too simple and too predictable. Which would be ok for a regular filler, but come on this is the last season. You could at least pull a few more plot twists. Maybe etta ends up in the alternate universe or something totally out of the blue. Like the tech fails in one respect but gives peter an insight not previously thought of. I mean so many things could have gone differently and been written much better. The last season guys, give us more of a blowout and try to eliminate the filler all-together. Even the fact peter would come for the tech, take, and use it was too predictable. What was not was that peter would go feet first when there was time to prepare. Normally peter would take the tech back and examine it. Walter at the very least would try to argue why he shouldn't as would Olivia. The plot as well was too easy and as others have said destined to fail. Hopefully with only 8 more episodes we'll finally begin to see some bang for the buck. Personally though this episode ranked with "Wallflower" and "Neither Here nor There" from last season. Great stuff, but still on the low end when compared to the other episodes.
  • Nice, but no cigar.

    One word. Predictable.

    SPOILER The episode was basically a 40-min build-up to the last 30 seconds. Once again, Peter let his emotions get the best of him, while Olivia tried to stay strong. Every plot "twist" in this episode was seen a mile away. I was actually expecting the reintroduction of the other universe when they opened the portal, which could've been awesome. The plan was destined the fail and Peter was destined to take drastic measure (foretold when they said it was just tech).

    I enjoyed watching it, but not a very strong ep.
  • Classic Fringe

    Another great episode of one of the greatest shows ever. But just a couple of head scratchers - firstly why does Peter call Astrid "Alison" when he answer the mobile at the start, and when/why did the Etta "Resist" posters suddenly appear??
  • grief and wormholes

    Once more, Josh and Anna's acting was top-notch. Astrid and Walter were on the sidelines, but their dialogue with Olivia was really touching. And it was nice to have the team "investigate a Fringe event" of sorts in the opening minutes, that felt like old-school Fringe, even if it takes some suspension of disbelief to think that wanted fugitives walk around in broad daylight like that.

    I found that episode more touching and better crafted than the previous one, since it dealt with the themes of remembrance and humanity without being too "on the nose". The Observers, who can record all of history, can't ironically understand what "being missed" means, since they don't understand the emotional weight real memories are made of. But Walter and Olivia understand, as the birthday tape scene and the mention that Etta's perfume helps Walter remember, show. The rebels understand, as Etta is now the face of revolution, and the memory of her fight fuels the rebellion with grief, pride and anger, human emotions out of reach of the Baldies. Speaking of anger, has Peter's rightful wrath led him to risk losing touch with his humanity ? I fear Observer tech will slowly turn him cold and emotionless, but I'm hopeful Walter, Olivia, and, yes, memories of Etta, will pull him from the brink. For mankind can't win if humanity is lost. That's why the small bits of humor ("that's my girl", Walter's cooking habits ) are also important : as long as people can love and joke, there's hope.
  • I think I do know what "You don't know..."

    Peter removed the tech device from his future self. I hope this show has a happy ending.
  • There's something missing

    They still are who they are, Peter who takes extreme measure for the ones he love and Olivia who bottles up everything inside. This episode is missing something and I don't know what. I thought that this episode would be heart-breaking since they lost their child again but it wasn't. Also, this episode was too simple, the beauty in watching Fringe is that expecting something gets you wrong, things go left when you expect things to go right. I think this is one of their weaker episodes.