Season 5 Episode 5

An Origin Story

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 02, 2012 on FOX

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  • My thoughts (SPOILERS)

    I really love this season. You can really see how far the Fringe team has come and how much of a family they are.

    I was happy to see that Olivia watched the tape Walter gave her. Olivia used to struggle with showing her emotions but when she cried while watching the tape and called Peter and told him that she loved him, it showed me how far Olivia has come and also shows me that her bond with Peter will never be broken.

    When Peter took the Tech out of the Observer's neck/head, I was saying to myself "Don't put it in your head Peter." Then he went to the mirror and made an incision on the back of his neck.. by now I was screaming at my TV "Don't do it Peter!!!! Don't do it!!!!!" I am terrified of the consequences. Will Peter lose all his emotions, like the Observers or will be the same Peter just with the Observers capabilities?? I hope his personality stays the same.. It will be interesting though, will be able to move like the Observers? Will he be able to read people? Can Peter now teleport? I hope Peter has all these capabilities but still is the same Peter Olivia loves.

    My thoughts on why the Observers still got their delivery after Peter fired the anti-matter:

    Peter shot the Anti Matter, so let's say the Observer's in the future did get sucked into a black hole and it took years for them to contain it.... They are still in the future... So all they had to do was send the equipment again to the same time and location. Peter may have disrupted the future observers for years but we are still in the past and they could have just re sent the equipment once the black hole was contained. It would have been years for them in the future but just an instant for The Fringe team in the past.

    Once again the performances of Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson and John Noble were outstanding.
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