Season 4 Episode 6

And Those We've Left Behind

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 11, 2011 on FOX
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    Fringe: Time Keeps On Slippin'

    This week, the Fringe team investigated a married couple playing with time and destiny in a great episode that echoed one of Lost's best.

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    An electrical engineer and his wife, a professor of theoretical physics, are involved in a series of time loop anomalies.

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    • Deja vu in more ways than one

      Let's start with what prevented me from completely enjoying the episode. Look at the plot : someone creates a time-travel technology to be reunited with the woman he loved and lost, but that technology has to be shut down because it has lethal side-effects. Now, where have we already heard that ? That's right, "White tulip". I can't really blame the writers for trying to reproduce the recipe of one of their ( deservedly ) most loved episodes ... but this one was just too close.

      BUT. There were really good scenes, anyway, as far as the relationships between Peter, Olivia and Walter were concerned. It was painful ( in a good way ) to watch how Walter ignored Peter, and the glimpse of Peter's state of mind ( and reminder of what he's lost ) with the opening scene was as heartbreaking as you'd expect. Just the look on Joshua Jackson's face when Peter realized Walter had become a recluse without him was outstanding.

      Anyway, that's a 10 for character interaction, and a 5 for the case of the week ( even if the guest actors did their best ).moreless
    • More Mysteries and WTH?

      The get me wrong I liked the case it was very different, and a devoted husband wants to save his wife from getting sick or something. Either I missed it or they didn't say but as far I know she had some type of memory lost looked Alzheimer's aka Altimers. I would have rate the show higher is this Peter and everyone don't know him type of deal, is just to weird they forced us to give in to Bolivia like everyone knew her. Which we keep yelling at each episode that's not Olivia over and over again, now we have Peter except everyone don't know him like he an alien on the show. It's like were suppose to reject Peter for some reason to get use to the new way of things, I'm not buying it and they better start putting this thing together. A lot of time is wasting and they always seem to start putting things together when there is like 7-10 episodes left in the season.

      P.S. Erebus69 made a good point what I also said when this season started. A lot of this stuff wouldn't exist if Peter wasn't there or didn't exist. Walters even worst now, not even hilarious like back than, in this season he's out of control. I always believed that Peter was that stability, if he's out of control now how would he say yes lets save the world. When they did the parallel universes, it was different but it didn't cripple the show in my view some think differently. But I thought they could've done something else or done without it. Now in this season more distance between the characters making Peter feel like he's from another world. I didn't like it when Olivia was trapped in another world and want to come back, at least she had hope and knew that the other side was real. With Peter it looks like there no hope that his world ever existed and this is the real world yours was erased or something like that.moreless
    • And Those We've Left Behind

      Seeing a real life married couple play these guest roles, struggling with time and being together was good, but the premise was still a bit absurd, and the beginning of the episode was really slow. While the middle and the end certainly featured some strong scenes, a lot of this episode was not spectacular, and there was a real lack of explanation for how any of it actually worked.

      Decent, but not great episode.moreless
    • This review is for this entire season... I love this show, i really do, but this new season, with the "elimination" of Peter from time it opened a lot of holes. It left the show looking like a swiss cheese, a lot of paradoxes were ignored.moreless

      For example, how could Bolivia switched with the real Olivia if they never went to their universe!! they only went there because of Peter... With no Peter, they had no reason to go there...

      But wait, that lives us with another paradox, if Bolivia never went to there universe, then she never found the missing piece of the machine, therefor the machine was never started by Walternet!!

      Another example is Walter. The only reason he checked out of the Hospital was because of Peter. Olivia had to drag Peter's ass so that Walter would Check out!!

      With no Peter, no Walter!!!

      I could go on and on with this paradoxes that were left out with no explanation. There is plenty more of those.

      But, i guess i can ignore those holes for a little longer to see where the show will lead us...moreless
    • The theoretical physicist book.

      A most romantic take on science begins with a profund and fundamental truth; de-ja vu is the way of the Universe to tell you: you are exactly where you were supposed to be. Hence the feeling that you experienced all before to begin with.

      But, what happens if you aren't there anymore? What happens if your actions changed the course of the path you were supposed to take to begin with? For Peter, Deja vu is still there, his son-father in the same conundrum as he was before with Peter powerless to do anything but worsen Walter's condition.

      For one professor's husband, his path unraveled exactly how it was supposed to be, with a life, a career and a wife he's still in love with, so much in fact that he'd produce time itelf to give her a chance to fullfil in life what Alzheimer took away from her, a passion so strong that it would defy physics in order to remain everlasting.

      Unlike Peter, Raymond simply refuses to see the woman he loves forget that he existed, unaware of the fact that this woman - much like Olivia - is also missing out on something. Something they are willing to let go of, if that means the man they once loved could have a somewhat less heartbroken existance: Raymond's life, much like Peter's, remains as fractured as ever.moreless

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    • QUOTES (5)

      • Olivia: Where'd you disappear to?
        Peter: I was checking up on Walter. He found the swing set. You know how he feels about Newtonian mechanics.

      • Peter: There's only one way in. We need a Faraday Cage. It's got to be mobile, something that can block out the electromagnetic field. I can cross through and turn off whatever's causing this.
        Olivia: Walter, you need to build a movable...
        Walter: I heard the idea. I know what a Faraday Cage is! A baboon would! Astrid! I need a computer battery. And a spool of copper wire. And a climbing harness. And, and, some rubber cement. I think it's in my Spider-Man fanny pack.

      • Astrid: Here. Walter calls this the Walter Bishop Faraday Harness. He wanted me to tell you that.

      • Olivia: Just so you know, there'll be an FBI agent stationed out the front.
        Peter: Where I would run to? So hey, do I get an allowance?
        Olivia: I'll see what I can do.

      • Olivia: I was important to you, wasn't I? I mean, the other version of me. 'Cause I see the way you look at me when you think that I'm not aware.
        Peter: Yeah. Yeah, she was. She is.
        Olivia: Well, I hope that you get back to her.
        Peter: Thank you. Me too.

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      • Peter: What is a time loop? Like, Groundhog Day?
        Referencing the 1993 movie Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell. In the movie Bill Murray's character is stuck in a small town and relives the same day, Groundhog Day, over and over again. Even though he kills himself repeatedly, he always finds himself physically unharmed when the day starts again.