Season 5 Episode 10

Anomaly XB-6783746

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 21, 2012 on FOX

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  • Anomaly XB

    A good episode as they really delved into the process of the Observers. I think the show is becoming far too predictable with how things are going to end though.
  • So in reality, you're the animal.


    "Do you know why you tilt your head in that way? It's an involuntary reflex in your physiology. It changes the angle at which sound waves hit the eardrum, allowing in more stimuli. Like a lizard. I've studied them, too. Intriguing characters Their brains have evolved over 320 million years. Yet for all their evolution, they form no bonds. Love does not exist for them. they are incapable of dreaming, of contemplating beauty, of knowing something greater than themselves, not unlike your kind. The experiments we conducted right here in this lab yielded a surprising result, because for all your years of evolution, you inadvertently developed and honed primitive instincts that we moved beyond long ago. So in reality, you're the

    Way to go, Nina!

    Way to go, episode writer David Fury.

    Love the "Altered States" Connection!

    To wit, Blair Brown as Emily Jessup in the 1980 Ken Russell adaptation of Paddy Chayevsky's "Altered States," complete with sensory deprivation flotation tanks and acid trips.

    Veteran actor Brown shows us how to age gracefully. She, along with Helen Mirren, have got to be the sexiest older actresses still working.
  • Sets the stage for the end

    This episode was fantastic in the way that it dealt with this mysterious boy and "Donald". It felt like a classic episode, in which the team was investigating again. Along the way, they manage to bring in Nina one last time to help solve the case. This was a great episode, and one that pulls on the heartstrings again. If you're not used to that by now, then you haven't been watching enough. Those final 10 minutes were great and those flashbacks at the end, reminded us why us loyal viewers have stuck by the show.
  • Farewell to an original Season 1 Character, brilliant reveals and top notch acting

    Spoilers- obviously-

    This was a great episode. We finally find out the origins of Michael The Observer Child (he's a genetic anomoly from the future who was scheduled to be terminated but disappeared into the past, Donald's identity is September and Nina sacrificed herself so The Observers wouldn't read her.

    The pace of the episode was nearly perfect and was full of action and plot reveals to boost us into full speed for the 3 Part Series Finale (that airs over two weeks)

    I can't wait to finally find out the full plan and how the red rocks, the beacons, the thought unifier, and Michael all fit into the plan to defeat the Observers and probably reset the Timeline. If they do do a fresh reset in the Finale, I hope whoever survives retains the memories of this timeline, because I dont want the "what was the point of it all feel to the show after it ends.

    Loved this episode though. I really want that Etta Resist Poster!
  • The end began

    Brilliant episode with answers in crucial

    Tim(or you will finally write a review about the episode? grrr
  • The end is near

    I hope that isn't the last we see of Nina... if it was; at least she went out 'with a bang'. It was wacky to see September with HAIR. Heh. I hope this magnet, rocks, and beacons are put to use and they have a blowout in the next three episodes. So bittersweet to know the end is coming!! The flashes of past moments they did at the end made my heart miss a beat. I love that effect!!
  • Walter's redemption

    An interesting point is that the memories that the observer anomaly shares with Walter are a mix of the current Walter and the original timeline's Walter. You clearly see the season 1 meeting between Peter and Walter among other memories. I wonder how those memories will affect Walter's tranformation into the Walter-that-was?
  • Finally

    Now we understand what's coming. The end is near.
  • Finally he's back (SPOILERS)

    This episode is very much what I would have liked the whole season to be, as an average. I found it was very good and balanced. Second best of the season after the Peter conversion into an observer's episode. And well, so many fans have been making predictions all these weeks on who would be who and now the good September is finally back in the story! Good news, I dare say. Nina never got a chance to be the evil character that she was meant to be and ended up being like a mother to Olivia in this time line. And now also a hero.
  • I knew it I knew it I knew it !!!

    First, allow me to pat myself in the back, since I had figured out correctly since "Looking glass" Donald's identity ( who else could he be, really ? ). So having the confirmation was sooooo rewarding - and seeing that guy really smile for the first time ... well, it's a great moment for a long-time fan of the show.

    And Nina. Oh, boy. I never thought, when she was introduced as an untrustworthy shadowy figure so long ago, that I'd be so devastated by her death. I guess we could all feel she was doomed right from the beginning of the episode, but Blair Brown's acting was superb when she valiantly faced Windmark ( who I hope will be sent to some kind of special Observer hell !!! ) , and the team's reaction when they found her ... and the boy's tear ... I should stop, or my eyes will get wet again.

    To conclude, I'll add that the show, even at its most emotional, is also food for thought and still questions the boudaries of science, with Walter behaving like his old self for most of the episode, and the dubious ethics of experimenting on Observers ( useful,you could say, but does the end justify the means ? ).
  • Amazing

    Best episode of the season so far!
  • so close to the end..

    There will be spoiler here. Be warned.

    After the last few fairly lackluster episodes, this one was more of what I've come to expect from FRINGE. Still more questions - but that's what I like. Questions. I'm not a relationSHIP fan. Not that I don't appreciate SHIPS along the way - but tha'ts not my idea of a sci-fi/mystery laden show. In other genres - sure - but not so much here. Having said that I'm all for interpersonal relationships and how they grow and change over time. Fringe does an awesome job with that. OK, moving on to this episode now--

    Nina sacrificed herself! Holy shit. That was the most selfless, awesome act I can imagine. The greater good. Go NINA! (I don't think we've seen the last of her though:) I'm glad she went out with a bang and really showed where her allegiances lie. Not that it ever was a question. I like what they did with Micheal. Overall explains to me how the observers are created - I'm thinking observer creation labs - batches of little baldies being harvested. (thinking of frakin similar galacticaly great show) and when one or more of a batch goes wrong - an anomoly happens - they are destroyed. No need for male/female. Then the shell of the matured bodies get their implant granting them extra special skills. Though much like cortexifan kids they already possess extra skills.. Ok.. ramble..

    I like the overall explanation. I'm guessing at some point Sept. removed his tech and/or added it causing him to become an observer. Could be like Peter - and he added it - but there's still too many ?? about that part. My point in all this... I love a show that causes me to have questions. Will miss it.