Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 2009 on FOX

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  • August

    Expectations are always the one ingredient that touches the palate. If you do not have them, or if they are low, before a good show great is huge. And vice versa, ie when they are very high, before an ordinary action, the good is poor.

    It's hard to detach ourselves from what we expect from a certain episode, especially in an era in which we inflict on information from all sides, every second. This would be an episode of mythology, rather, heard us, would be an episode devoted entirely to the theme Observer. Any fan of "Fringe" put the bar up there, we are talking about one of the most emblematic characters of this universe, one of the icons of this strange science that would take 40 minutes inteirinhos just for you. What happened is that "August", despite having some good times, proved a disappointment.

    We begin with the title that is not a month. It's a name. August is an observer, not the one we already knew, but another. He starts the episode to do what they do best: watching, watching a young girl who ends up kidnapped, even in daylight. It's always a good start, those binoculars and futuristic weapons, that growing chaos that only quiets the generic. That said, the investigation begins and the two questions arise, one old and one new one: who are these people and why kidnap this girl?

    And the answer is that the episode leaves much to be desired. Let us begin by observers, on the one hand it was interesting to see more than one, see them at the table with their strange pleasures spicy, watch them solve a problem with one of his, on the other we leave here without any new information. The comparison of the tube with liquid was quite interesting, they watch the weather as a whole and choose the precise locations where they want to appear, always in great moments of history. They have appeared a lot lately which leads us to the conclusion that something serious is going to happen, because we have known for a long time. But then why watch? For what purpose? What is your role in the war between the two worlds? And out here ....

    Jumping to the conclusion the girl turned out to be also unsatisfactory. Since the beginning we are led to think that she will have an important role in future history, in the course of events. If the observer protagonist saved Walter and Peter - allegedly because they are important - we were led to believe that this beauty could be more a character to go down in history. But no, it was just a platonic love, of an impossible love. The solution found by the Observer to save your loved one was interesting - it has the important - and his words on the brink of death when he realizes that he felt, were very well achieved, but this was not looking for lyricism. Because this solution turned out to give only the color of the case this week, and these we have to spare.

    The Best: The Beginning.

    The Worst: Much vine and little grape