Season 5 Episode 9

Black Blotter

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 14, 2012 on FOX
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    Fringe "Black Blotter" Review: Don't Try This at Home, Kids

    "Black Blotter" saw Walter drop acid again, but this time we went along for the ride in a bizarre trip to fairy land.

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    While Olivia and a recently-recovered Peter investigate a mysterious signal coming from a forest, Walter uses LSD to try and recall his memories of his plan to defeat the Observers.

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    • Black Blotter

      I hate the episodes where people get high and/or drop acid, and this episode was really no different. Since there was still some of the usual Fringe I could ignore the Walter stuff, but why do this now?
    • There's nothing to burn

      Oh my Walter.

      So I took a break between watching the previous episode and this one. I have a problem finishing TV shows, and I'm struggling to get to the end of this one because I don't. Want it. To end.

      Having taken that break, I forgot how INCREDIBLE Fringe is. And I am sorry. I will see it through to the end, and I will not be disappointed. It is known (don't hate the reference).

      Black Blotter focuses on Walter, with an expressionist point of view incorporating not just the prior season's animation (watered down wisely) but also his hallucinations, and his hallucinations of hallucinations. Combine the beautiful style--I felt the exact tone the writers desired hit me when that animation story happened--with great plot points like Olivia and Peter's continued strong bond, a bit of bad ass Astrid, finding the Boy, and a shootout with loyalists, and wow. Just wow.

      I'm gonna keep chugging and watch another episode before 3 am, I think.moreless
    • wow! i am rather impressed... yet it seems to me that something still feels like it's missing.

      this episode struck me as being Walter on a mission of self- rediscovery... it was incredible...

      @Lccf you make some good points but i believe you're wrong about donald... i believe the kid IS September!

      my only real issue i had with this episode was Walter high on acid then he's got his hands all over peter's face. Why didn't peter get a contact high like Broyles did?

      the cartoon scene where walter gets his head squished + dragged on a journey made me laugh really hard... considering the dark nature of this season it was a refreshing turnabout... looking forward to the remainder of the eps...

      Been watching Fringe since season 1 though i admit that the 1st ep i ever saw was episode 7 and i have been hooked ever since.moreless
    • Bad episode

      This is what happens when a new person decides to write a script of the show that is about to be concluded. What did we find out? Nothing. The episode was dull and very much predictable. Monty Python's tribute seemed a bit out of place and personally I think it was unnecessary. I guess everybody has his suspictions who is the boy and we will not be surprised...
    • Young September

      Imo the child Observer is September!!

      It is a shame that Fox dictated a shortened final season, forcing the producers to compact their original script to half a season worth of episodes.
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