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Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 25, 2011 on FOX
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On the Other Side, Bolivia discovers that there are men that will stop at nothing to obtain her unborn baby, which may hold the secret to safe travel to This Side.

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  • the great ending's are back

    the great ending are back. since lost i dont see those endings of such surprise. like drop-jaws. really good.
  • Bloodline

    After "Stowaway" have offered a fun comic that so rarely tasted, this number 18 back to red. On the other side and the title. We go back and jump to something more gray, more sci-fi, Rainier and visually much, much more appetizing.

    And this narrative elasticity of colors caused by the fragmentation of the two worlds continues to give proof that it works flawlessly. There are two parallel stories, which together meet together can achieve the full spectrum of entertainment. The other side is like the house of the action of rain days, people dressed in black, and night lights. "Bloodline" takes the laurels of another universe at the maximum: Olivia (Anna Torv) has C (viral propagated eclampsia) a disease that endangers her life and children. Her sister died from this condition, when she gave birth to a child. Thus is the C that turns out to be the engine of the whole episode (concept gets quite early by viewers).

    She is kidnapped by a strange group of doctors / nurses / scientists who injected with various products and cause the baby to develop in a matter of hours. Is "Fringe" at its best. A warehouse darkness, only light to focus on the belly and strange movements catapultarem us immediately for "Alien". Bizarre, disturbing, delirious. Simultaneously Lincoln (Seth Gabel) desperately seeks his colleague (and love) with the help of Charlie (Kirk Acevedo) and Henry (Andre Royo), the taxi driver. The episode worked well, not only as a strange dark room with syringes and frightening people, with sorrow and pain, but also as a police officer, where a couple of good players and good friends, looking for something. And the characters on this side are increasingly refined and engaging. It is always a great pleasure to see the final scene of Henry and two colleagues to look out the window, full of questions, was superb.

    It was predictable that it was all a sinister way to save the child? Yes It was predictable that were Walternate (John Noble) responsible? No. At least from the way things were presented. It was a great final scene, where he gets the card and where the chin in falls. Knowing then that Olivia could not survive a whole scheme orchestrated so that his grandson was born with it and carry the genes needed to operate the machinery.

    "Bloodline" episode was so full of a thick, context, personality. Where each begin to tilt to one side and others to another. Where the heart is love for a child by a woman. The moment of birth was proof that everything was back to work, now that we were sinking heart and shit was one of the most intense scenes of the season. "Bloodline" was an episode, which in particular had some flaws, but overall I loved it.

    The Best: The scene of childbirth.

    The worst: the main Henry, now!moreless
  • Confused

    Really confused where the writers are going with this, now we got a baby in the mist from the other side with Fauxlivia and I hate to say this but the writers are making her so important that I think I should call her the real Olivia. Quite frankly the other Olivia been dormant in her role and been mainly focus on Fauxlivia, when Peter knows he has a son everything will change. I wonder what the writers will do on that situation. Yea I didn't understand the kidnapping at all, the observer was there to see the event happen, but what the heck is going on with Walternate in the kidnapping to get blood? just like JKutcher said he could have put a scheme to get what he needed and I'm sure Fauxlivia would have went with she wasn't defiant more like obedient. The action was well played out but I think there was some steps missing behind the logic of the episode. I guess ill have to keep watching to what going on.moreless
  • It makes no sense for Walternate to be behind the kidnapping. He could have just offered to help Olvia.

    Overall I really liked the episode until I starting to think about it. There are some pretty glaring plot holes. For example, why didn't Walternate just tell Olvia, "hey we have this treatment that will acceleration the gestation period but allow you both to live." I mean, even if he was lying and the treatment put her life at risk, Olvia would have agreed.

    You could argue that Walternate thought Olvia would terminate the pregnancy but that doesn't make sense either because they kidnapped her before she even found out that she had the disease. Furthermore, we don't know what she would have said if Walternate would have just offered her the acceleration treatment option.

    Walternate would have known about the tracker so obviously abducting her would lead fringe division to look for her and complicate his plans. The whole set-up just makes no sense. And why does he need that blood card? He knows its his grandson already.moreless
  • Despite having noticeable shades of the X-Files and Lost this is a very decent episode with some tense scenes which nicely sets up the remaining episodes of this series

    I sighed a little when we got the red titles and it was clear this was going to be an alternate universe episode, I was hoping for some more and better Bellivia action, but Bloodline turned out to be one of the most gripping episodes of this season so far. The action centres around Fauxlivia and her impending pregnancy. Not only does she get kidnapped by a mysterious group but she also discovers that she might have VPE which could kill her and the baby if she goes into labour. While in the care of the mysterious group her pregnancy is accelerated which causes an obvious dilemma though at the end it turns out it was all part of Walternate's plan.

    While this little twist was a teensy bit obvious it didn't affect the drama of the plot which brought back memories of Claire being abducted by the others in 'Lost'. This was perhaps to do with the sterile environment and the creepy music (one of my favourite parts of this episode) which definitely was more Lost-like than usual. While I enjoyed the scenes with Olivia strapped down in the lab it did make me wonder how many times we're going to see Olivia strapped down in a lab(and then escape with the help of a conveniently placed scalpel).

    As well as Lostness of the episode the plot brought back memories of the X-Files William storyline that didn't really go anywhere. While there's still the odd occasion where Fringe can't help but draw comparisons to the X-Files the story with Fauxlivia and the unnamed child has promise though hopefully not a happy ending (as I can't imagine anyway that wouldn't ruin or end the show). It was also good to see Lincoln Lee in charge and the return of the taxi driver, Henry, was a welcome one and important too as it alerted Lee to the fact that they had been fooled into thinking Olivia was in fact Fauxlivia when she was in the alternate universe. This raises Lincoln Lee's suspicions but eventually Walternate tells him everything anyway. It turns out it was all part of his plan but it looks like it's going to backfire on him as Lincoln and Charlie's suspicions are well and truly raised which means there will plenty of conflicts within and against each side come the finale.

    As the story unfolds and it seems increasingly unlikely that Olivia is going to survive things get more tense and during the delivery of her baby it almost looks like it's the end of Fauxlivia. Of course that would be too easy and as this season draws towards its conclusion it sets future episodes up for some heart wrenching moments.

    The tone of the episode was nicely ominous though there were some lighter moments like the appearance of Henry and the successful birth of Fauxlivia's son which lightened the mood. Bloodline wasn't the most revelatory instalment but for an episode that centred around Fauxlivia's pregnacy it kept up a good pace and left me on the edge of my seat come the end. The appearance of the observer and his single line "It is happening" suggests things are about to really kick off.moreless
Andre Royo

Andre Royo

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Trivia: As Bolivia escapes from the scientists, she passes a sign with a red cartoon bird on it. This is a clue toward the next episode, "Lysergic Acid Diethylamide," when a stoned Broyles sees the same bird on Walter's shoulder.

    • Alternate Earth general differences:

      - In the Bloom County comic strip, Opus is a peahen rather than a penguin, and the strip is still being published as of 2011.
      - Francis Ford Coppola directed Taxi Driver instead of Martin Scorsese.
      - The metric system is used in the USA. Astrid says "They are going 50 km/h."

    • Trivia: The glyph code for this episode is FATED.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Marilyn: I just want you to have the support that you need.
      Bolivia: And I do. You and Lincoln should get together and commiserate. He's not happy about this either.

    • Charlie: Freeze, Fringe Division! Hands on the wheel!
      Lincoln: Get out of the car!
      Henry: Which one is it?
      Lincoln: Out of the car!

    • Lincoln: I wonder what she's going to end up naming him.
      Charlie: She didn't tell you?
      Lincoln: No.
      Charlie: I'll give you a hint. It's not Lincoln.
      Lincoln: You don't know anything, do you?
      Charlie: No, I don't, but I had you going.

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