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  • Bound

    Perhaps one that is the best way we know how much we like a lot is that we miss even the same, the degree of fault that makes for a certain period. And this month (more days, fewer days) that "Fringe" was stopped, I can say that never once remembered the series, its characters, its stories. Still, when I began to see the first few minutes of the latest episode, I found myself thinking that had actually missed some of Olivia (Anna Torv) and company.

    And I think that this belief is expressed in part for good reason: because the first 15 minutes of the episode were quite breathtaking. The other has not, but still managed to maintain a high pace of intrigue and, above all, managed to keep the plot interesting enough that I did not feel cheated in some way, something that several other episodes I had already been felt.

    And why the first 15 minutes? For this period we had Olivia arrested a kind of operating table but still with a sense of humor enough to make a joke, someone had masked and with a drop of white paint on the shoes you to inject a liquid in the spinal cord, one of raptors to be stupid enough to give you a glass of water (glass) and you loosen the hands, the show that was masked Mitchell Loeb (Chance Kelly), the escape from it; the search by the FBI, the return of someone from his past to investigate the ability of the team; his arrest without first having hidden evidence that brought the site where she had been captive, the appearance of his sister and niece, who knows for what purpose, and the strange death of a university professor who, chance of accidents, turns out to be related to the captors of Olivia and subsequently kidnapping her.

    From there, the episode cools a bit, with Olivia to go investigate the death of the professor (who is an epidemiologist at CDC invited to co-manage a team of investigators whose sole responsibility would be to respond promptly in case of epidemics), then shortly after leaving the hospital. This is because the one who is investigating the efficiency of the team, Sanford Harris (Michael Gaston), forbade trying to find out who kidnapped her. Luckily, the case turns out to be related to her abduction.

    Some conversation later, another death like the first and the discovery of what is killing epidemiologists is a single cell of influenza virus but giant, the episode back to show up tensely interesting when you notice that the Olivia Mitchel Loeb brings shod with shoes that have just drips of paint that she saw when she was kidnapped. This leads to a confrontation Olivia / Samantha Loeb (Trini Alvarado), with the first to kill the second. Shortly after, they can set a trap to Loeb, capture him and discover he is an Other. Of course, this statement is false, but let's look at his final statement: "do not understand the rules?", "What are the two sides?", "We had a plan, a chance and you blew it," "kidnap you? We saved you "," you have no idea what you did. " No, no. Recall that these phrases were not spoken by Benjamin Linus, but by Mitchel Loeb.

    Yes, the return of "Fringe" had mystery, pace, intensity, moments of fright sufficient to keep us stuck to the plot during the nearly fifty minutes, but clearly the series still continues to demonstrate need to iron out various aspects edges. And someone who arranges a cup of coffee with Anna Torv, as she spends the whole episode with the face of someone who just woke up.
  • When the writers' credit for a single episode contains no less than four names, you know you're in for a bit of a cluster ****.

    When the writers' credit for a single episode contains no less than four names, you know you're in for a bit of a cluster ****. 'Bound' feels like a decidedly disjointed effort, perhaps reflecting the method of its composition. It certainly isn't much of a stretch to determine that a couple of folks worked on the investigation, one handled the (somewhat unwelcome) character drama and the other, namely J.J. Abrams, focused on the elements pertaining to the show's on-going mythology which, it must be said, were frustratingly obtuse and maddeningly minuscule. Within the space of the first seven minutes, the episode puts to bed the highly dramatic cliffhanger that we ended 'Safe' on, and this feels rather like a cop out. After giving us a month's build, thirty days of pondering just what happened to Olivia and how she and her fellow Fringe Division compadres are going to handle it, she's out of her kidnappers' hands quicker than you can say 'postulated'? And with a trick as completely obvious as asking for a glass of water? Oh come on. Are you telling me these people have been living in a cave all their lives? That they aren't aware that it's Kidnapping 101 not to let your victim do or so anything? Jesus tap dancing Christ. So anyway, with this pesky cliffhanger out of the way, 'Bound' gets down to the apparently important stuff: introducing two utterly pointless, and thoroughly annoying, peripheral characters into the mix in an effort to create, ooo, 'conflict' and, aaah, 'emotional resonance'. Pah. The introduction of the FBI agent who just happened to be the guy that Olivia put away for sexual assault is completely and utterly contrived and, rather than create enticing tension, is simply going to royally piss viewers off. This tool? Hampering all of the investigations? Sticking his nose in where it really, really isn't wanted? It's not interesting guys, it's just annoying. And as for the sister... well, the jury's out I suppose as she didn't really do anything but then, that's possibly the point. It seems she is going to be used to give the writers an excuse to have Olivia reflect on the complex nature of her life every once in a while. Which would be fine if we actually cared. But frankly, what with all the crazy spinal taps, super size common colds and matter penetration that's going on around Ms Dunham, there are other things we'd rather spend our time with, thanks. The investigation narrative is actually quite entertaining, if only because the idea is a novel one, and at least we get to see the duplicitous Mitchell Loeb again and he gives a couple of intriguing lines, particularly relating to the idea that they are trying to 'save' Olivia rather than cause her any harm. Still, it would be nice if we could have a little more of this and a little less irritating character 'drama'. Reading this back, I have perhaps been a little unfair to 'Bound': it certainly isn't a bad episode; in fact, it's quite an enjoyable one. It's just, after the grandiose events of 'Safe', I was really expecting something more. I mean, we didn't even get to see Mr. Jones. Meh.
  • Best episode yet!

    Well the episodes have continually gotten better as this season has gone along, and now this latest episode is the best in my opinion. It was full of tense and action packed moments along with nice less exciting side moments such as time with Olivia's sister and the conversations between Walter and Peter. While there was another individualized case involving a strange scientific cause, a larger plot continued to be developed and it added another dimension to the way the series works. This was the most well-written and exciting episode of Fringe yet, and I hope that the quality of this series can continues to hold up because it has become an awesome show.
  • Great Return.

    Picking up where we left off, Olivia is kidnapped off the streets. She taken and they attempt to run some sort of tests on her when she breaks free. Broyles and the team work towards finding her, she alerts them to the address to where she was held. But once there everything is empty. Olivia takes several vials with her and Walter discovers a connection to a past experiment and a Professor's suffocation due to a gigantic slimy slug. They are also dealing with being investigated by Harris, who has a vendetta against Olivia. It's revealed that one of the bad guys behind some of the recent "patterns" works with Olivia and the team at the FBI. Peter shows he definitely has his uses. They still have no idea why Olivia was taken with the exception of simply saving her. But from what?
  • This is how you return.

    Fringe may have had it's difficulties launching the plot, but ever since Loeb's introduction the show found it's own voice. An in general serialized story with episodic elements.

    It's what JJ and co are good at , and this is a much better formula for this kind of show. This episode was great, one of the best they've had so far. Loved Olivia's sister - even if she's just a "nothing special" character... bUt I have a feeling she's up to something.

    The first 16 minutes - until the cold opening - was the show's best part, it reminded me of the glory days of Alias. Lots of action, some mythology, good lab scenes... just what I want from Fringe.
  • A great episode to herald the return of Fringe.

    It was great to see Fringe back again after a really over-long break. Olivia Dunham was played extremely well by Anna Torv and Peter and Walter were every bit as entertaining as I come to expect. There was lots of tense exciting moments as well as quite a few of Walter's hilarious one liners. Olivia's sister Rachel arrived, probably to bring more plot twists in the future. The plot is definitely thickening. Who was Mitchell Loeb working for? What's happening with Massive Dynamic? Why was Olivia abducted? Hopefully these questions and many more will be answered in the forthcoming episodes.
  • A good episode, but not a great one

    Four people were involved in the script for this episode, and that's usually not a good sign. I'm still not sure whether or not it was a good thing for this episode. While everything came together by the end of the hour, I was a bit surprised at how disconnected it felt from the previous episode. The only thing that seemed to bridge the gap was Olivia's abduction.

    Olivia and Agent Broyles both find their methods and choices questioned in this episode. In this situation, it's treated as an unfair assessment of Olivia and her team. Objectively speaking, it's absolutely justified. Her team is unique, to say the least, and her own mental stability has been questionable. One can't even be sure her memories are her own. That's completely ignored, despite having been a major part of the previous episode.

    Olivia's abduction is ultimately related to an odd scheme to take out doctors working on a task force for the CDC using super-sized common cold virus cells. All well and good, but how is extracting fluid out of Olivia's spine saving her from anything? It doesn't quite make sense at this point. The only thing to get out of it is what was already suspected: at least two sides are fighting for control of the product of The Pattern.

    One side would logically be Massive Dynamic. Mr. Jones could represent the other side. As noted in the review for the previous episode, Olivia looks to be caught in the middle. Broyles looks to be in the tank for Nina Sharp at this point, so my suspicion is that Massive Dynamic is actually going to be the wrong side of this little war. Perhaps that explains why we haven't seen William Bell; maybe he's "disappeared from public view" because he's left the company and started working against them.

    But those connections were only made, or in actually merely suggested, at the very end of the episode. Almost nothing else felt connected to the previous episode. Considering the long winter hiatus, that's a dangerous proposition. While I understand that the producers want to avoid an overly serialized format, keeping things cohesive is an important consideration.
  • Olivia escapes from her captives but did she end up in even more danger?

    I'm glad to see that one of my new favorites happened to return at the same level that it had left off at. In this episode we see what happened to Olivia after the abduction, and her return leads to more questions. We're also introduced to another baddie who uses his power and influence to take his revenge out on Olivia and the Fringe department just because she put him in jail for what he terms "chasing tail", though the charges were actually 3 counts of rape. Makes you wonder how he got out let alone how he managed to gain enough power within Homeland Security to investigate and take over Fringe. There's also the weirdness surrounding Olivia's abduction. Were they taking samples of her spinal fluid or injecting her with something. Just when you think that they finally caught up with Mitchell and that he was going to get his, he hints at an even bigger conspiracy-although you have to wonder if what he said is true, especially after what happened at the house.
    Aside from the action and the mystery of the episode, once again I loved the interaction with the characters. I loved how Walter kept teasing Peter about how much he worried about Olivia, and Peter's and Olivia's reaction to it. I like how they're doing a slow build with these two and going heavy handed with the yearning looks or even worse having them hook up too soon. I truly enjoyed the episode and I can't wait to see where the rest of the season will take us.
  • This is a great combo of advancing the story while providing an adequate re-introduction to the series for new viewers.

    This episode is an example of how to re-introduce a series effectively for first-time viewers without making it annoyingly repetitive for viewers that have been with the show from the very start. I appreciated that the producers created an exciting storyline without getting bogged down in explaining a lot of what has previously happened. The flashbacks to previous events were appropriate in their selection and length. Olivia surprised me by showing her ability to create her own escape from her abductors. She really took those guys out quickly. I liked how Walter was doing his own part to spark romance between Peter and Olivia. He's observed that his son has feelings for Olivia, so he's doing his best to help Peter find happiness. The concluding interrogation scene has me wondering again if Olivia's FBI employers aren't what they appear to be.
  • Good, powerful comeback, well worth the wait. Fringe keeps getting better with each episode.

    I was waiting eagerly for the return episode and wasn't at all disappointed. It delivered as promised, with a lot of action, suspense and plot development. This was mostly a linking episode, trying to connect parts of the background mythology together and to give a general feel of how it will work in the future, and what the viewer is to expect. The idea that we got from the previous episodes, that perhaps Olivia's employer Broyles and the government aren't the good guys, and things aren't at all what they seem, is confirmed in this episode. We don't know who the bad guys are, who is behind the Pattern, and whose interests it finally serves.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the part where Olivia escapes the facility. It's nice to see the woman lead take in charge and be presented as a tough, self-sufficient and lethal agent rather than a sidekick to the male protagonist. Olivia is the head of the team in her own right, and it is she who does all the action and cleaning up, instead of the other way round. It's nice to see a girl protect two guys for a change.

    The character development is also advancing but in a slow manner, which is the wise and realistic thing to do. We can see that the three of them are more or less like family and trust eachother implicitly. Also, Olivia's and Peter's feelings are becoming more obvious, but not too obvious to the point where the script would rush things, or become cheesy. And there's Olivia's sister and niece, which gives us a useful insight into her personal life. Apart from her relationship with Scott we didn't really know that much about her personal life until now. There's just the right balance between emotion, action and plot. Also, we get introduced to Harris, the equivalent of the Cigarette - Smoking - Man, which adds more suspense and tension to the whole story, as the pressure from the government increases.

    One thing I would really like is an explanation on the machine that transferred Olivia to her abductor's place, how it works, who invented it, where it is, and so on. But I suspect we will get more of that in the next episodes. All in all this was a very good comeback, and it certainly builds up the suspense for the next one!
  • fantastic each episode gets more and more intense

    each episode from the pilot to now keeps revealing little pieces to the over all puzzle and they keep getting more and more intense,with the right amount of humor mixed in from walter and peter.I do wish that they would make olivias character lighten up just a little sometimes she can be way to serious all the time.Over all a great episode leading up to a killer climax for the season ending.Kinda reminds me of a cross between x-files,bones and house.Cant wait for new episodes and i very much hope that fox brings it back for many years to come....peace out
  • things are getting weirder, and Olivia getting more involved.

    Whats did they do with Olivia, what they injected her with?? these questions will be relieved i guess later in the following episodes.
    things getting really weirder, and some of the facts started to come to the surface.
    Olivia abduction, and the doctor murder, connected by the double agent Loeb, but what was the purpose?!? i mean his wife was involved, whose behind these events.
    and are they gonna cancel the fringe devision, cant wait to see whats gonna happened.
    i think later we gonna see more romantic scenes, as now Peter seems to like Olivia and she do the same too i guess, which will give a touch to the how.
    and i think her sister and specially her daughter will take more important parts in the show.
  • Fringe Returns With An Action-Filled Episode

    After undergoing a strange medical procedure, Olivia escapes her abductors only to discover she's the target of investigation by a vengeful Homeland Security consultant assigned to monitor the Fringe Division. Meanwhile, Olivia's sister Rachel comes to visit, and the team investigates the case of an epidemiologist who was killed by a giant cold virus.

    I really liked the return from the end of the last episode, with the only downside being that Mr. Jones took the episode off. I was hoping for some more scenes between him and Dunham. Either way - the mole inside of the FBI Headquarters is exposed and Dunham works the entire hour to capture him as he escapes from the FBI and tells his wife what needs to be done. I liked the Fringe Science in this episode - easy enough to understand. The germ was basically just a common cold bug, just on a massive scale instead of a small one. The middle of the episode kind of dragged on for a little bit but the beginning seven minutes was nothing but intense and once Dunham got over to the house the action filled episode picked up once again and didn't let go. Walter makes references about Peter being overly worried about Dunham while she was kidnapped, which could cause something to stir between them sometime in the next couple of episode. Either way - loved the episode and other then a breif stinct in the middle I thought the entire episode was great.
  • Amazing!!!

    Right off the bat we get a pretty intense episode, and even after Olivia manages to escape, we still get an "event" occurring as they do every episode. Pretty screwed up, but it seems like whoever took Olivia has people inside her own department. Overall this episode was just amazing! Really, this episode was by far the best so far, and I didn't want it to end. I wasn't sure if they could better the last one, but they totally did. The only thing that could have made this episode better, is making it longer, but there really is no need, as long as the next episode is as good.
  • Another great installment.

    Looks like business has really started to pick up with fringe now. Safe was fantastic with a great ending. Bound is a great follow up with some pretty good action and of course new questions.
    Good to see they brought that Harris character in. We know (from the pilot) he is the reason Broyles initially didn't like Olivia, didn't expect him to be introduced but it was a nice addition. The opening with Olivia was good and the best thing is that the guy with the mask turned out to be FBI. The development with Loeb is very interesting, especially what he said in his confession. Can`t wait to see what the bigger picture is here.
    We also had some funny lines like always involving Walter. Love how he is trying to build some kind of romance between Peter and Olivia.
    Dunno what to think of Olivia`s sis. Her only purpose so far is to show Olivia has a family but I guess she`ll have some more important role later.
  • One of the best fringe episodes so far.

    Action-filled episode!! Very cool!! Plot: This episode continues the episode, "Safe" and has Olivia still kidnapped by the mysterious men and going under a strange medical procedure. But, she soon escapes by doing cool moves on the bad guys. But then there's this guy who wants to stop the Fringe division and a teacher is killed by a big slug. So, Olivia is called back into action to solve the strange and deadly case and figure out who the mysterious captors are. There's a big twist in the episode that you might not expect and there's tons of action!!!! A great story and action!!! A great Fringe episode!
  • Olivia runs free

    Olivia escapes Loeb's pals, only to be captured again, this time by men working for Sanford Harris, who has been hired by Internal Affairs to investigate the Fringe division and Olivia's actions. This Episode was based on two scientists recently recruited by the CDC end up being killed by supersized cold virus cells. After some brilliant deduction, Olivia figures out that Mitch Loeb has a hand in all this, and when she goes to his house for evidence, she ends up in an epic, no-holds-barred battle with Mitch's wife. This was no cat fight it was as hard-hitting and brutal as any fight you'll see portrayed between men and Olivia wins with style. Then, after arresting her husband she uses his wife's death to get a confession out of him. The message is clear: you do not mess with Olivia Dunham. She will break you and damn right she did. I was wondering where Mr. Jones was? We have would though he might have popped up somewhere along the Episode after what happened during the Previous Episode.
  • Loved the first 20 minutes, Loved the last 20 minutes. OK in between.

    I swear I didn't blink for the first 15 minutes of airing. It felt like a Patterson novel. it flowed so well, almost too fast, but I understood pretty much everything. I don't get this guy that has to investigate the department though... seriously he was such a downer! I liked how they didn't make this episode the all too familiar - search the entire episode for Olivia. I loved how the keys she took led to a Lincoln. Can you tell the show is sponsored by Ford? Anyways, they found her, moved on, went on to figure out who did it and why. The slugs were kinda weird, but fit with the storyline. I loved how we get back to the genetists/biologists who made that virus creature - this was an interesting couple, and it certainly interesting at the end - there's more to this couple than meets the eye. Apparently they saved Olivia? Ok, well now we have to wait and see how/why. Acting was superb all round, directing, sound, cinematography - all good. Walter was more hilarious than usual. "Walter are you injecting LSD?" "... No?". It was almost over-done... I think one or two more jokes, I would have had enough of him. Nina Sharp was missed however, I would have liked her to have a word on what she's doing (re: memories inside Olivia). In terms of acting, I was mesmerized by the viciousness in Olivia's eyes when she showed the husband the picture of his dead wife. It sent chills down my spine! All around, this episode was the perfect return for the Fringe. We got some answers but there are still many questions unanswered and more that opened up. It will be interesting to watch the rest of the season. Definitely THE BEST new show of the year.
  • Welcome back Fringe. I missed you. A good return.

    Walter amusing as usual. Not so subtly exposing Peters attraction to Olivia that they are building on. Torv's acting was up a notch this episode, the best I've seen from her so far. Interesting and ironic scientific threat - gargantuan single cell of a common cold - used to kill the top epidemiologists.
    Although the cliffhanger from the previous episode had me cringing to see what happened next, this episode delivered. Olivia's captors where a little naive to untie her and give her water. And Loeb shouldn't have worn his real shoes. I assume he wouldn't have bothered wearing the mask/voice modifier if he had intended to kill her either. So that was verified at the end when Loeb said he was trying to save her. I believed him. His statement about the two sides and the battle that was going on built on my intrigue. I wonder if he means one side is Massive Dynamic? But who was Loeb working for? More questions courtesy of JJ's storytelling style. Was a pleasure not to have anymore "The ..." items introduced though. I was kind of hoping to see that creepy British guy who teleported out of the prison again but alas, other than him, Loeb so far has been the most interesting bad guy and ambiguous character. Along with his wife, since the episode he had that parasite attached to his heart. Happy to have Fringe back and looking forward to next week.
  • Just one word SUSPECT!

    So what's the deal with her being taken, and the seemingly over deflection of dialog for her to forget about it from Peter? I'm thinking for some strange reason it was the vaccine and not a bug. Also something tells me the last scene asleep on the couch with her niece might not just be to show the nurturing side of Olivia. Could they be setting the stage for another deception within close company, her sister? Probably just being paranoid. In spirit of keeping things interesting more questions are raised than answered, I suppose that's what a seasons end episode is for. What more can I say, this series has lived up to my last Summer's vote of most anticipated shows, and the only thing worthy to watch on a Tuesday. Loving it!
  • Another good show

    This is another good episode of Fringe. This episode was clearly designed to catch new viewers up to speed with the show or remind the rest of use what was happening before the hiatus. It was a very Olivia focused episode, which is good. I did miss having more Walter and Peter time, however. The science was also at a minimum making this episode more of a procedural then the show normally is. We kind of tie up some loose ends and Olivia's family is introduced and seem like they will play a pivotal role in next weeks episode, which should be interesting. However, I feel the episode did lack a bit of what makes fringe special its quirky humor and strange (but explained) science. I hope we get more of these in the next episode. Overall, still a fine episode.
  • Adrenaline-charged, action packed and very very good!

    This episode had so much action and so many twists and turns that it seemed like more than one (in a good way). Anna Torv was impressive - she covered a lot of different emotions and physically demanding action scenes. As well as being an adrenaline rush, the episode raised many questions about characters' agendas, especially the Loebs, so that it is impossible to know who the enemy really is and what they are up to. Other than Olivia, Peter and (for the most part) Walter, I don't trust anyone! Looks very promising for the next half of the season.
  • Olivia tries to figure out who kidnapped her.

    It's great to see Fringe back on television. One of the best dramas on TV and probably the best new show of the 2008-2009 season. This was on-par with the rest of the great first season we're experiencing, but for some reason the sloth coming out of the man just came off as really forced. This show often tries too hard to come up with Sci-Fi ideas when it should be a fun concept, not a difficult one.

    Toward the end of the episode things picked up when Mitchell's wife attacked Olivia. It was a good fight that reminded me of a live action version of the Peter vs. Chicken fight from Family Guy.

    Not the best episode, but still the best show on Tuesdays and it's great to have it back on.