Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 20, 2009 on FOX

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  • Bound

    Perhaps one that is the best way we know how much we like a lot is that we miss even the same, the degree of fault that makes for a certain period. And this month (more days, fewer days) that "Fringe" was stopped, I can say that never once remembered the series, its characters, its stories. Still, when I began to see the first few minutes of the latest episode, I found myself thinking that had actually missed some of Olivia (Anna Torv) and company.

    And I think that this belief is expressed in part for good reason: because the first 15 minutes of the episode were quite breathtaking. The other has not, but still managed to maintain a high pace of intrigue and, above all, managed to keep the plot interesting enough that I did not feel cheated in some way, something that several other episodes I had already been felt.

    And why the first 15 minutes? For this period we had Olivia arrested a kind of operating table but still with a sense of humor enough to make a joke, someone had masked and with a drop of white paint on the shoes you to inject a liquid in the spinal cord, one of raptors to be stupid enough to give you a glass of water (glass) and you loosen the hands, the show that was masked Mitchell Loeb (Chance Kelly), the escape from it; the search by the FBI, the return of someone from his past to investigate the ability of the team; his arrest without first having hidden evidence that brought the site where she had been captive, the appearance of his sister and niece, who knows for what purpose, and the strange death of a university professor who, chance of accidents, turns out to be related to the captors of Olivia and subsequently kidnapping her.

    From there, the episode cools a bit, with Olivia to go investigate the death of the professor (who is an epidemiologist at CDC invited to co-manage a team of investigators whose sole responsibility would be to respond promptly in case of epidemics), then shortly after leaving the hospital. This is because the one who is investigating the efficiency of the team, Sanford Harris (Michael Gaston), forbade trying to find out who kidnapped her. Luckily, the case turns out to be related to her abduction.

    Some conversation later, another death like the first and the discovery of what is killing epidemiologists is a single cell of influenza virus but giant, the episode back to show up tensely interesting when you notice that the Olivia Mitchel Loeb brings shod with shoes that have just drips of paint that she saw when she was kidnapped. This leads to a confrontation Olivia / Samantha Loeb (Trini Alvarado), with the first to kill the second. Shortly after, they can set a trap to Loeb, capture him and discover he is an Other. Of course, this statement is false, but let's look at his final statement: "do not understand the rules?", "What are the two sides?", "We had a plan, a chance and you blew it," "kidnap you? We saved you "," you have no idea what you did. " No, no. Recall that these phrases were not spoken by Benjamin Linus, but by Mitchel Loeb.

    Yes, the return of "Fringe" had mystery, pace, intensity, moments of fright sufficient to keep us stuck to the plot during the nearly fifty minutes, but clearly the series still continues to demonstrate need to iron out various aspects edges. And someone who arranges a cup of coffee with Anna Torv, as she spends the whole episode with the face of someone who just woke up.
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